‘Lagrange,’ Anime With Echoes of ‘Evangelion’

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Lol, no... just no.

The plot, that ended up faliing to shit anyway, wasn't the only draw of evangelion. Its astounding production values are a huge reasn it enjoys its popularity to this day. Also the uninspired robot and enemy robot designs can't hold a candle to the eva and angels. The ways in which they had to dispose of each angel is also a far cry from the crappy, brainless, fight scenes la grange has thrown at us so far. La grange is just another take on the kid with robot anime cliche with crap loads of fanservice. There's nothing notewrothy about it... thus far.
Someone's getting trolled.
off topic, but does Monster get any better? I'm about 14 episodes in and its extremely boring.
if you are 14 eps in and not enjoying it. then stop watching it. I remember i enjoyed the first few episodes, and then i forced myself to watch till the end, and yeh, it gets more and more stupid and boring.
I was sort of hoping it would be sort of a techno-Western story about a young boy from a small cow town in a sort of futuristic Texas setting..

This was the song I had in mind for the intro. Forget naked anime chicks. Give me speedy shots on a desert skimmer aircar and Las Vegas style lights.

ZZTop -Lagrange
I approve. If you are a person, you should watch this show. It's better than Eva in every way. The reign of Gainax's preposterously, pretentious work has come to an end.

The opening video is still the best part. Except for Wan Lan.
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