2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

May 25, 2007
This was the Honda/Toyota of game conferences. Solid, reliable and surely makes people who own it happy they have it. What I don't know if this is an Accord/Camry conference or an S2000/FR-S (a bit more exciting) until Sony goes tonight.

Fake Edit: I am an X1 owner so I didn't really care, I will buy all the good games.
Jun 23, 2013
Geoff: Hey Phil, why should gamers buy your system and not PS4?
Phil: We've got drivatars and cloud-computing in this 2016 game Crackdown and we're an amazing dev platform. Oh and thanks launch buyers for paying the extra $100 for that useless Kinect camera.
This interview is way harsher than I expected. Holy fuck, Spencer's pitch was embarrassing. He eventually just gave up and started saying experiences.
Aug 31, 2013
Knowing Sony will have that Souls game and probably some MGSV footage I don't think they can lose this to MS. But not necessarily saying they will do better either. Big megatons probably won't happen this year. Majority of games are either CGI or delayed to 2015. The bigger franchise like Fallout etc probably won't see the light of day until like 2017.
Oct 7, 2010
Besides Limbo 2 (Inside?), nothing of interest for me here.

Still, nice to see a stream of games, though I guess it's best they didn't talk too much about the business side of things.


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Jun 7, 2009
The CG complaints are super silly considering how many on-stage demos and gameplay segments they had. Not like most of those CG games would be ready to show gameplay anytime soon.

Also lol @ that non-answer to the Crackdown question.
I think the conference would have been received better if not for the hype beforehand. I actually believed they would have more big exclusives.

The actual new exclusive game announcements were mostly CG.

Q3 / Q4 looks great for X1 though, even if they're not really my cup of tea, Sony needs to announce at least one big new exclusive for this year tonight.
Apr 17, 2011
The Xbox loyals will be wow'd by Microsoft no matter what....

There was nothing great or amazing about this conference. Next...
When your child does something good and takes a step in the right direction, you should reinforce it to encourage future good behavior.

Yes, Microsoft, video games! More video games, yes!
Aug 16, 2013
Seems like so many of these E3 conference are graded on the surprise element the leaks defused some of the blindside factor.

So, no, there wasn't a FF megaton or Phil rolling up his sleeve to show a Shenmue tattoo, but as an Xbox guy, the briefing did everything and more to keep me excited about the platform (will it get more folks in on the platform? TBD). SO is bananas, the indie stuff looked great, that Halo collection is unreal and the upcoming slate of games, CGI or not, already demand attention because of their pedigree.

This was a conscious strategy from MS, to dispense with the suits, put developers front and center, thank fans and just carpet-bomb the place with games. Which, you know, is what everyone has claimed to want in these conferences!
Dec 5, 2012
As an XBO owner, it showed off some good stuff.

- Sunset Overdrive keeps piquing my interest since I don't know much about it. Might start following it more.
- New Assassin's Creed looked pretty cool. Seems like the rest of them but I've always enjoyed the series.
- Halo probably the biggest interest since I never really played any of them before. I played the Anniversary Edition for the original Halo on 360. Having all of them on one disc is perfect for someone like me who'd like to get into the series before the newest one.
- Crackdown was cool to see as well. Never got around to playing the original but this interests me.
- Fable was okay. I'd rather play it by myself than with a group of people.

Rest of it wasn't bad. Not a lot else interested me but that could change as more information comes out.
Mar 22, 2008
Microsoft have mastered the pacing of these things.

Content was fine overall bit much CG though.

I wonder if this will be the last conference where in the buildup people expect Microsoft to land every huge third party exclusively?? Once again it hasn't happened...
Feb 24, 2014
I think I might be getting too old for gaming.
Only racing sims and annual FIFA updates seem to do it for me now. Most of the MS conference just bored me to tears.
Same tbh, I'm just trying to think what actually would excite me.. Blizzard games, Naughty Dog games, Broken Sword games, a new Crash Bandicoot.. Can't think of much else.
Feb 3, 2012
I also cannot believe they really didn't have any 1st party new IP's to announce...

It was all remakes. Fan service but you won't expand your userbase doing this.
So the Platinum game doesn't count? Or is this another thing where we use "1st party" as a term to exclude games for no apparent reason?
Mar 4, 2007
Alright conference it didn't do much for me. Some games looked good like Sunset Overdrive and Ori but other than that meh. I guess if your into the usual Microsoft franchises like Fable, Halo and so on you'll have plenty to play.
May 2, 2014
Sony taking shots is pretty gross in the face of Phil Spencer opening the Xbox event with a show of respect for them.

Are you that guy from IGN who got legit hurt over an ad? Take the damn cheap shots man. :(

I won't be owning the X1 in a long while it seems. How are they not hoping the VR train yet?
Because it's an even more expensive and even more limited fad compared to motion controls.