2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

Mar 6, 2011
Los Angeles
Honestly, I can't believe some of the overly-negative reactions... but then again...

I think they did a good job delivering on what they promised. I like the fact that they divided the presentation into things we can, actually, play this year--whether full games or Betas; and then games for next year.

Of course, as a fan, the Halo Collection with Halo 2 Anniversary plus all the MP content, achievements, etc at $60; was enough to satisfy my crave for the Holidays and up to Halo 5... and we get to play Destiny on Xbox One as well.

I guess Sony and Nintendo will have to really, really deliver an impressive line-up of pure gameplay and mostly exclusives to cover our highest expectations.
Sep 9, 2013
The worst part of the confrence was Threes. I mean it might be a good game but it's a really bad showcase for indie games since it's pretty much a smartphone game and plays best there.

Microsoft's indie showcase didn't look impressive. Apart from the game from the Limbo guy and a couple other it was underwhelming. Especially since Sony released all those trailers a couple weeks ago that showed great looking games.

Also, poor Harmonix guy. He had to stand up there presenting a game that is sent to die since Microsoft completely rejected Kinect.
Oct 21, 2012
Knowing Sony will have that Souls game and probably some MGSV footage I don't think they can lose this to MS. But not necessarily saying they will do better either. Big megatons probably won't happen this year. Majority of games are either CGI or delayed to 2015. The bigger franchise like Fallout etc probably won't see the light of day until like 2017.
How would that win it? We know about MGSV and we know how it plays. Souls games was leaked. I hope they bring truly great games and not a terrible conference that's overhyped by fanboys.
Apr 15, 2007
That was a solid and entertaining conference. CG footage is to be expected with so many games being early in development. 8 of 10 from me. The only thing I find troubling is that co op and social is forced onto everything. I don't expect Sony to do better tonight and I expect MS to beat them in this holiday's lineup. That doesn't mean they'll beat them in sales though.


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Aug 1, 2012
Please no more CG trailers developers! This is not a launch year. So there should be no excuses.

If you do not have actual in engine rendering to show, you should not be showing your game yet!
I just had to do this...

I seriously hope this trend of CG trailers dies. I had hoped this generation would have been the end of CG trailers thanks to more powerful consoles. Guess we will continue to see them until the end of time.
Jun 21, 2006
Halo, forza, fable etc I don't see MS convincing anyone who wasn't already convinced. I guess I was expecting something bigger after the year they've had and their need to turn things around.
Feb 22, 2013
Much better conference than MS has had in past E3s, but there isn't a real title there to salivate over IMO. Maybe I'm biased, but I didn't see anything on the magnitude of a Project Beast. There are a few intriguing titles, but as of now they exist more as ideas with some CG around them.

It was not a bad conference by MS at all, but I can totally see Sony blowing them out of the water if they have a couple of big surprises.
Nov 13, 2013
Solid conference but nothing we already knew about tbf and not interested in any of the exclusives they did show apart from that ori and the blind forest game. Not enough to sway me to buy an Xbone though unfortunately!



Banstick Emeritus
Jun 6, 2004
Phantom Dust is a megaton, IMO.
In reality? It's as niche as it gets. A good IP to have, don't get me wrong, but if you're going to dig in the crates for old Xbox favourites to bring back, it wouldn't be in my top 5. The tepid applause afterwards from the crowd pretty much sums it up.

Killer Instinct was a megaton. Perfect Dark would be a megaton. Crackdown? We knew it was coming but still - a pretty big deal. Phantom Dust? Not in the same league.

The whole conference felt safe. Which is fine, but safe isn't going to capture the imagination...or the market.
Nov 26, 2009
Los Angeles
Is there another conference some guys are seeing?

I mean I think it was a solid B but..
They showed Phantom Dust, got a Platinum exclusive, Crackdown 3, Halo Collection, and showed indie games to rival what Sony has. What else could you ask for?

Some people were saying MS did awesome last year, this blows that out of the water.
Jun 27, 2011
Very solid 7/10. The thing that made this conference shine was the pacing. It was excellent, no overlong game demos, zero bullshit talk, ton of games. Humbe Phil at the beginning is nice, definately a good way to start the show. I also really liked the style they were going for. The few 2D games (Ori(?), Inside) looked very cool among the mass wave of AAA.

The bad side is definately the fact that there were pretty much no surprises with any impact. Almost everything was leaked. I think Master Chief collection for example would have been megaton potential if it could have been kept a secret while everyone was only expecting H2A. Also while I kinda appreciated that they went with showing games from 2014 first to the future it meant that the last part of the conference was absolutely full of CG. CG trailers can be cool but having them all come at you at once really made you appreciate stuff like Witcher 3 gameplay. Also seeing Platinum have an exclusive game would have been a big announcement but since we knew it was coming it didn't exactly help concidering the trailer was pretty meh.

I really feel like 2014 while the pacing was GOAT was kind of a bad year to make this kind of comeback conference since they didn't have much to show when it came to surprises and I expect Sony to probably be the same. BTW where the hell was Halo 5?

And lastly, I think depending how good it looks QB gameplay could really have elevated the conference, but I guess there is no point complaining since we know it's coming at GC.


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Feb 6, 2009
UK - Northampton
On the plus side I am happy Assassins Creed is done with so I don't see it in the Sony conference. Microsoft have failed to impress me so I am happy as I atleast do not feel too bad for not being a Xbox One owner and missing out on the exclusives.
Nov 12, 2013
I liked the Conference Sony really has to blow me out the water for me to buy a ps4 over an xb1 now.

I'm liking all the openworld/sandbox games shown (sunset, crackdown, dead rising 3, fable, etc plus I prefer the xb1 controller over the ds4 by a landslide

and I don't care much about linear cinematic tps like the order or uncharted . Sony has alot of work to do

Oct 23, 2013
I was really hoping we would get a glimpse of Gears.
While I'm usually not a big fan of obvious machismo male power fantasy stuff, I've always made an exception for that franchise. It's really fun to play, and I was ready to see the next installment running on Xbone.
Oh well.
Bit early to show Gears, they only started it recently.

I thought the conference was decent but I did expect MS to announce more stuff we haven't heard of. Sunset Overdrive still looks great.
Jun 5, 2013
New Jersey
I thought Microsoft's showing was exactly what they needed it to be. They focused completely on games and showed some really good stuff. It was a good way for them to build positive momentum without having anything mind blowing.
Apr 23, 2013
Cheltenham, UK
Pretty good conference. Not overly amazing but solid. A couple too many multiplats. Not bothered about the paid DLC first, both Microsoft and Sony are guilty of it, I wish it would stop.

Pretty much confirmed that I will be getting a One in the Autumn. Sunset Overdrive and Horizon 2 will be mine. The Halo collection looks sick as well. The Division looks really good, but my word, the voice chat in that section was so cringy. AC looked very good, not too bothered about the co-op, but I am pleased for the people who have wanted it for years.

Still don't like CG trailers, but a new Tomb Raider was announced so I am happy