2014 Microsoft E3 Conference

Mar 10, 2013
As a PS4/Wii U owner, the only games I'm hyped for are:
-Sunset Overdrive
-Quantum Break (Which was wasn't even showed lol)
-Halo Masterchief Collection (Never played a Halo Game)

and that's it... hmmm not sure this would be worth a $399 purchased.
Oct 21, 2013
That was boring.

Nothing exciting, and most new stuff was leaked months ago or recently. Meh, doesn't make me more excited to own an X1.

I am hard to please.
Totally agree and unless I am mistaken all new stuffbwas CG trailers ehich just fools the casuals but tells me thr games are ways off.at they Def did not live up to the hype they created this year around e3. Maybe they should have have had more executiveals on stage.
Dec 6, 2008
what new games?? most of the games shown were already announced..
now they are showing games not exclusive to their plattform, which is ok since Sony will do that too, but it's filler content.

So far, as a non-Xbox owner, the only real game that excited me is the Halo Collection.. and i'm saying this as a person who played only one over ten years ago.
I tend to stay away from this side so most of that conference was new to me. As someone who doesn't follow gaming news outside of big announcements, I was pretty impressed. Not to say I'm excited about everything and will go out and buy a ONE right now but it was cool to see some new things there.

I don't really care when a game is multi-plat so that doesn't really stick out to me during these conferences.
Mar 16, 2013
Call me old fashioned but I kind of like the huge announcements. This shows wasn't bad by any means as far as content goes. Lots of stuff but it was shown like one long preview of trailers. It's almost like Nintendo new approach to E3.

One common theme I did like is they kept saying dedicated servers which is a far cry from the old XBox Live.
I agree. They had a great show, with tons of games, but there weren't any megatons.
Aug 12, 2013
I kept thinking that the 3rd party games would look and run better on PS4 and PC.

Forza Horizons 2 trailer looked nice, but would've liked to have seen gameplay footage.

Didn't like the Sunset Overdrive trailer - looks fun but that douchy character would do my head in.

Halo Collection seems nice, wasn't sure what graphics engine H1, H3 and H4 are, assume they are 1080p versions of H1 360 anniversary edition, H3 original and H4 original, and a special upgrade of H2. Not much shown of Guardians was disappointing.

Project Spark seems interesting but probably spawn loads and loads of naff phone app type games.

Phantom Dust didn't tell me anything, assume it is a fighting game as don't know it from og xbox.

Loved original Crackdown, so will keep an eye on the new one. Would've liked to have seen gameplay.

Scalebound nice CG trailer but don't know what type of game it is.

Disappointed and confused in there being no Quantum Break gameplay.

Would've liked a Gears of War teaser.

Don't feel like I need to buy a XB1 this year.
May 20, 2009
i wasn't that angry watching the CG trailers, but now that i'm thinking about it, it does make me angry. seriously, WHY the fuck show CG stuff? who does that impress? who thinks "wow this game that they're not showing at all looks amazing, i gotta have it!" when watching a CG trailer?

Sony better not show CG trailers for Project Beast, Uncharted 4 or The Last Guardian (lol think about it)... i will flip the fuck out if they do that.
Jun 14, 2013
Well, I guess I'm getting an Xbox One now. Damn you Kamiya.

Here's the following games on my list:

Fable Legends
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Halo 5: Guardians
Phantom Dust
Quantum Break
Sunset Overdrive
Killer Instinct
Super Time Force

Anything else I need to get? Exclusives ONLY, I'd prefer to get any multiplatform games on PC first, and then PS4 if that's not available. But those 11 seem like the heavy hitters


Dec 15, 2008
Good conference, 90 minutes flew by, still not buying an X1.

Highlights: DR3 DLC, Ori, Limbo 2, Cuphead, Witcher.

Like i said before everyone wants leaks to build hype then get disappointed they already knew everything.
Sep 5, 2013
I just had to do this...

I seriously hope this trend of CG trailers dies. I had hoped this generation would have been the end of CG trailers thanks to more powerful consoles. Guess we will continue to see them until the end of time.
Yes, did not learn anything about platinum or crackdown other than the genre.

Division looked like a PC version.

Fable looked awful - not sure what the appeal is there....?

Sunset looked good.

I thought witcher 3 looked worse than I would expect - was it actually running on XB1 ?

Halo collection looks fun, although the gameplay Halo 2 is showing its age a little. It looked like an old game running on a PC...

Aug 10, 2011
I just got home from work and yeah, wish I didn't have work today

I'm freaking out right now, like every damn game I've wanted for a long time got announced and yeah, looks like I'll be a Xbox One owner soon

Solaire of Astora

Death by black JPN
May 10, 2014
Sony taking shots is pretty gross in the face of Phil Spencer opening the Xbox event with a show of respect for them.
The Housemarque thing? Come on... Housemarque are an independent developer (who have released games on Xbox, btw) who are currently talking up DLC for their latest game. Or do you think Kaz, Yosp, House, Boyes and Layden held guns to their heads and told them to say that?

Yep, and for staying away from the c-word

Yup. Although according to Jeff Gerstmann, Phil said the C-word on Spike TV after the show while discussing Crackdown.
Jul 11, 2013
How would that win it? We know about MGSV and we know how it plays. Souls games was leaked. I hope they bring truly great games and not a terrible conference that's overhyped by fanboys.
Considering Microsoft announced basically nothing of mega-scale. Even a leaked souls reveal would be pretty big at this point.
Jun 23, 2013
1. The Division (gameplay!), 2. The Witcher 3 (gameplay!) and 3. The Tomb Raider reveal (CG trailers are not exciting to me, but I can't wait for a new Tomb Raider).
This is why I am confused people are acting like this conference was anything other than average. The Xbone will have the absolute worst version of these 3 games.
Aug 5, 2011
What I got from this conference (which was solid) was that Microsoft really doesn't have a whole lot in the near future.
Yeah same. Spencer seems right guy for the job and the approach they took was perfect; the issue is it was mostly big multi-platform titles that wont help MS specifically in the market, some promising titles that are clearly a long way off and an unkown entity Platinum game plus a whole ton of expensive CGI and volume to cover the relative paucity of any big exclusives or big metatons. SO still looks like their best near term bet which is nice for Insomniac. But really there was nothing new that you felt would be a huge lure.

TBH the only big excusive i saw that i feel will help them shift units is Halo Collection which is cleArly a great deal and a clever way to get asmany Halo fans off 360 and onto XB1 as fast as possible (and MS need those people on XB1 badly).

Very curious to see how other shows pan out. For MS this was a positive show but really it was also more of a be patient and give us time affair too. They still feel like they're on the defensive overall and still recovering their strategy.
Oct 10, 2010
New York City
Over for them, sure.

I think the conference today, in a bubble, was a solid 8.5/10 with lots of amazing software being shown. Indies especially.

But when you looked at from the perspective of a PS4 owner, or PC owner or multiplatform owner.... It begins to fall apart.


More exclusive content and less cg would have easily bumped it up to a 9 for me.
Nailed it. As a PS4 owner, there really wasn't much that will compel me to consider a XB1 this year. Sunset Overdrive looks great (but I'm worried it'll be repetitive), and apart from that, the most of the other titles I'm interested in are multiplatform (and will likely play better on the PS4 anyway).

Still better than last year though.