Agents of Mayhem -66% on Steam


No bald cap? Lies!
Yes. It's a solid game. It's got some issues with recycled locations and the humor can be hit or miss, but the core gameplay is really fun and the full roster of characters is quite good.

I don't regret buying it at release. I'm sad there's pretty much no chance of a sequel as they could have developed it into something really great.
I can't help but think this would have sold way better if it had co-op. Having a game centered about playing as a team and being single player only just seemed like such a bizarre design decision.
If they had included co op like in their past games I would be buying a copy for my friend and myself... instead I sit here going oh it's to 66% off already... I can wait for 96%.
Stupidest thing they did was make this single player.
I keep thinking I'll get a bunch of my friends together for a LAN party or something and we'll grab this as one of the games, because it looks like a fun MP game. But then I remember this.

I still want to play it but 90% of the reason we played their other games was to dick around with each other online.
a game no one knew existed that was a spin off of a spin off is a bomb? I am SHOCKED.

I love that company but this one was mishandled in a big way (by advertising/management) and such. Its very very odd.
On a serious note, a benefit of the single-player-only design is that if you want to play, you're not worrying about how many others are out there.

I wasn't particularly pulled in :/
I can understand why this bombed, there's nothing here. I swear every game they've made since Saints Row 2 has gone farther away from what people liked about Saints Row.

For me Saints Row allowed me the fantasy of being an over the top gangbanger without the danger of getting killed.

They slowly stripped out or streamlined everything the made playing Saints Row awesome and whilst still great in there own right they weren't as awesome as one and two were.

Do they even know why people found Johnny Gat fun? It's because he never overstayed his welcome much like Wolverine in the early days before they started shoving him down our throats. A little Johnny went long way.

Yes I know this game isn't technically Saints Row game but it is tied to it being that It's taken from one of Johnny's Gat out of Hell ending so it counts as apart of the series.

In full disclosure while I have had the game since launch I haven't really progressed that far but that's actually indicative of how boring the Fucking game is because I played SR 2, 3, 4 and GooH(with my normal Saints Row character thanks to a mod) for months none stop with multiple created characters.

They lost the plot pure and simple. Oh well at least they got Rockstar to step their game up.
My friend was very excited about this and got it at launch, seems to be stuck at 7.5 hours played. He did say some good things about it though. But didn't exactly meet his hype.
Given that the DLC is more expensive than the base game I'll wait for a complete edition I think.
Or for the price to tumble further since I doubt anyone is making a complete edition.
From the get go the game looked like the poster child for "wait until deep discount" games. I Redboxed it twice with some free game nights. It's fun enough but not worth more than $15-20.

If anyone in America is interested in the console version check your Redboxes. They're selling copies for $20.

The game is actually pretty good too but given the monstrous competition and expectations these days, pretty good isn't going to cut it unfortunately. Especially for a single-player only game.
dont get the dlc cost posts, most of its meaningless skin packs you dont need. if you actually want the game, 30 bucks for the game and the two dlc agents still isnt the worst deal in the world

Now wait for the posts explaining to you how co-op makes no sense in this game because the developer wanted to make a different kind of game. The kind of game nobody wanted to buy, apparently.
i legitimately dont understand how anyone could still feel that way after playing the game (and i saw it a few times in the OT!). other than the solo agent missions everything about it feels like a co-op focused game that doesnt have co-op and i say this as someone who had fun with aom.