Arzest (ex-Artoon/Sega) expanded, worked on Time Travelers


Back on March 21st they FINALLY updated their website, informing us about what the hell they've been doing.

For one, they now house 50 people, much more than the dozen-odd folks who worked on Wii Play Motion.

They worked on the character models for Time Travelers, and finally made their own game on mobile devices called Slot Monsters.

The company was formed by the big folks and founders of Artoon, including Naoto Ohshima himself.

I collected the credits from Wii Play Motion in a previous thread, sticking in the MobyGames profiles in all the employees:

Up 'til now, they only worked with Nintendo on Wii Play Motion, and in StreetPass Mii Plaza (yeah, really).

Hopefully they're working with Nintendo on something big, they're definitely a nicely-sized team now to do something.
Now that Yoshi has been given to Good Feel...maybe
they're doing something else.

Note that they haven't just moved on to Smart Phones, they're hiring for both Smart Phone and 'Consumer Game' programmers.
I just checked their site

Isn't Time Travelers only for handheld systems? Why did it says "Mobage Smartphone" (ios / Android) on their site?