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Social Opinion As a Sony fan I can safely say Xbox have handled the marketing for this Gen so much better thus far.


Jun 27, 2013
Winston Salem, NC
I disagree. Neither company has adaquately promoted that their next-gen gaming console, supposedly releasing this holiday, has GAMES I NEED TO IMMEDIATELY PLAY. Holiday is 6 months away. So far, IMHO, it's going to be cross-gen fever and throwaway launch titles that do nothing, on both consoles. I know Sony fans are hoping for the nail-in-the-coffin 1st party announcements whever Sony hold their event next month, but with announcements this late after pandemic/riots delays I can already read the tea leaves and see further delays.


Oct 28, 2014
San Francisco
Marketing is about getting people to buy your stuff. Does anyone actually believe that there are any meaningful number of PS5 customers out there who've subsequently decided to buy an xbox because of Sony's supposedly poor marketing efforts?

How is OP even quantifiable when neither console is for sale?
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May 25, 2020
Major XSX titles not releasing until at least 1-1.5 years after the XSX launch and launch-titles possibly being delayed isn't that good PR, as well as a lackluster gameplay showing.

Especially with Sony supposedly about to show 38 games with actual gameplay at the PS5 event.

So it's basically XSX better specs vs PS5 UE5 tech-demo for now.
can you please stop with this FUD? There are already two games announced to be XSX only.
there is only a single game for PS5 announced.
and this 38 Games is also only a rumor. Maybe we can keep it to facts and not use FUD and rumors to make Xbox look bad and PS5 look good? It’s getting pretty obvious.
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Sep 17, 2019
I’m not sure I agree with this. I mean, to this date we don’t really know much about either console. Other than BC I don’t know what Microsoft has shown that has clearly outdone Sony? I think the one thing I’ve been most impressed with by either company is the new PS controller.


Apr 9, 2018
can you please stop with this FUD? There are already two games announced to be XSX only.
there is only a single game for PS5 announced.
and this 38 Games is also only a rumor. Maybe we can keep it to facts and not use FUD and rumors to make Xbox look bad and PS5 look good? It’s getting pretty obvious.
Don't worry, the mods deleted the post.

I was serious though and what I said are things MS themselves literally said.
So, I don't even see why it got deleted, but meh.


Dec 20, 2018
The PC game pass really is amazing. Also putting more focus back on PC games is exactly what I’ve wanted since early 2000s. Sony is improving though, finally allowing their games to be released on PC is a good start.


Jan 19, 2007
Barcelona, Spain
Unlike MS, Sony is still getting getting great PS4 sales and big exclusives being released this year (Dreams, FFVII, TLO2, GoT, etc). So it's understandable that Sony may want to wait to hype PS5 until these games are released to don't overshadow them with next gen hype.

Many of these games got delayed, then the covid fucked things up and now the current racism stuff. It's understandable. It doesn't mean they are doing a bad marketing.

Looking at social media numbers, the little PS5 stuff they shown broke records in gaming history even if just showing a logo or a pad, so Internet may explode once they show the console and its games. Meanwhile, PS4 is doing great. Not the case of MS.

Sony also may have learnt from his mistakes from the past (and MS too) and probably is waiting to show the real deal instead of showing too early cinematic stuff that may cause downgrade controversies etc. They seem to be pretty confident and the little we saw -like with the UE5 demo and related reactions- looks great and that they are in the right way. They just need some time.
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Delco Airsoft

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Jan 17, 2020
But everyone has basically forgot about XSX. The reveal came and went with no new games or anything. Just a look at the box. All you see anywhere now is people begging for the PS5 reveal. I think it's safe to say that there is more anticipation behind PS5 than XSX at this point.
Apr 11, 2009
Sony are fucking up.

They are continuing to fuck up, their lack of clear communication, piss poor clarification over features and functions of the platform, to their lack of urgency when you realise we're so close to the console's launch and we've seen next to nothing.

Clown on Xbox for their no Exclusives and that dreadful live event, god knows I have, but they are at least trying something and have outdone Sony in every way so far with their marketing.

It could be desperation on their part to get as ahead of Sony as possible, and Sony really only need to reveal a few select Exclusives and all their mistakes will be forgotten, but we can't deny how well Xbox have handled this promotion battle so far.

From influencer media open days, to many articles clarifying the most minute of features, they've done so much to show their fanbase what they're doing and how they're doing it.

Sony we've had a few so so Wired articles, a fucking logo reveal, a controller reveal (which was only due to fears of it leaking beforehand), and a long talk that was promoted for the completely wrong crowd when Sony should have done more beforehand to clarify it was a developer centric conference.

Now we've had their rightful (albeit deceitful) postponement of the first event where it felt like Sony were starting to do the right thing.

I'm not saying Postponing it was a bad decision as I fully believe in the riots and protests and stand for getting justice for George Floyd. But Sony don't care about that one bit, they're doing that to save face in the PR department and as they know they won't get as many views during this time. It's a selfish business decision wrapped up as a humane action for the better of society.

The problem with this? A lack of communication to the fans, who are quite rightly pissed and left wondering what is next, we're having to delve into the shit storm known as 4Chan to find any news of what's next and that shouldn't be the case.

I'm sure Sony can and probably will bounce back, but they shouldn't be excused for how poorly they've handled this so far.

Who do I blame? Jim Ryan.

Let me know if you agree or disagree below. And let's try and keep it civil!
Well, i don't agree at all. It looks like ps5 hype >> xsx hype without doing a lot.
Why would sony launch ps5 campaign when ps4 is doing so well ??
You're just too impatient.


Sep 17, 2005
I dont agree. I think MS has had some really poor execution

The console design and controller reveal. It literally came out of nowhere in the middle of a separate event. It really didn't gain a huge amount of traction

They unveiled the specs via digital foundry really out of nowhere again.

The only event they actuallh gave exposure to was the games reveal. Which was such a disaster they had to apologise for giving gamers the wrong expectation

Meanwhile Sony did similar things with the early going like the Wired article. But has more recently flipped to the more traditional video series with the Cerny talk for specs and the first games and console design reveal. Theyve given space for different moments to discuss the controller, the specs, the games and console now all of which garnered big media attention.

A lot of what MS have done seems like purely on the momentum of getting the news out before Sony, but not executing it efficiently


Mar 1, 2015
in my opinion, The only "bad" move from SONY was to invite people from the PlayStation-blog to the GDC presentation by Mark Cerny. That was not marketing. People started shitting on SONY from there onward. Remember everyone on the internet must get clicks to stay relevant.

Although, most of it is/was SONY's fault. They had a PS4 briefing in Feb 2013 and people assumed it will be the same for PS5.


Aug 20, 2019
Sony took a while to ramp up, but I think they're doing a lot better now. For all the issues I had with that presentation, it was really well done, flashy, and made the statement that Sony's next-gen has something to offer every kind of player, and even showed some games that look next-gen.

On the contrary, Microsoft started off amazingly, but absolutely face-planted with their presentation. Games that looked exactly the same. A lack of big names. A lack of variety. A lack of gameplay.

Whether it's the truth or not, one company looks like they largely have their shit together, and the other does not.

Microsoft needs to quickly recover, and shift the image back into that really good place it was prior to their event.
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Apr 9, 2018
All this marketing from MS and Sony created more hype with a logo and a controller reveal.
Now hype is even higher after the PS5 event.

I'd argue that Sony has done better with their marketing, even though they've done the bare minimum so far.