Battlefield 4: Official "Paracel Storm" Multiplayer Trailer

At this point I'm just going from trailer thread to trailer thread, posting how fucking amazing everything looks.

This game though, this game will ruin my life.


aka andydumi
indeed. the game usually ends up much much much better.
Indeed. This is really the realistic shooter game of the early next generation and PC for the foreseeable future. 1-2 years for all the packs to come out anyway.

And it looks like the levolution will actually dramatically alter maps. And I hope the major events are not map unique. As in allow 2 or 3 major events per map, so that its not always predictable which will happen and allows some tactical choice for players. I see there are already many small type events.
So I just heard that the big ass rifle the guy shot the other from the jet ski with isn't a standard loadout gun. There are weapon drops on the map and it's a semi-auto .50 cal rifle with a limited 22 bullets.

I didn't know there were like Scavenger mode drops on maps

Also The Second Assault DLC apparently has 4 BF3 maps redone but in the trailer I see 2 BF3 maps and 2 BF2 maps from Back to Karkand. Sorry for the crap quality, I saw the trailer on IGN which was not direct feed


Gulf of Oman?


Caspian Border

Gulf of Oman, yes! :) My favourite BF 3 map (even though it's technically BF 2). Glad Caspian is returning aswell but Firestorm, Metro are boring.

Although appears to be some form of levolution with the Metro ceiling coming down.
A guy on youtube named Vitalsyntax was talking about it in his trailer breakdown
He bases that assumption on the fact that the player holding it isn't using the Recon class, but the player could've easily just have picked up someone else's kit which had that sniper rifle. If they had weapon spawns I'm sure we would've heard about it at this point.
holy crap. Now that was beyond awesome. That was like good 'ole 1942 on ALOT of steroids. Can't bloody wait. I have to say this blew me away so much more than the titanfall gamescom trailer.

Also can anyone answer me was that a 3 side map? I know it's probably not, too good to be true. I'm just wondering cause I saw what look like US units in the opening scene with the Little Birds and the UH1-Y, but after that it was mainly Chinese units and soviet ones => The J-20 and PAK-FA gave that away for me. So I'm a little confused here?

Also what's the US Jet supposed to be? F-22 this time round?Just can't see the F-35 duking it out with those heavy weights.