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Battlefield 4 |OT| Prepare to Leave Beta... Nevermind

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Nov 8, 2011


Release dates
October 29 for 360/PS3/PC
November 12 for PS4 in North-America
November 19 for XBO in North-America
November 22 for XBO in Europe
November 29 for PS4 in Europe​

Buy now, upgrade later
With the ‘Buy now, upgrade later’ program you can buy Battlefield 4 for current-gen consoles and upgrade to next-gen for an extra 10 dollars. Doing this also
means that your stats, unlocks and Premium will be carried over. This offer only works when going from PS3 to PS4 or from 360 to XBO.

For more information click on the picture below:​

Installing on the Xbox 360
The Xbox 360 version of Battlefield 4 comes with two discs. When you first start up the game you will have to install 2GB worth of content regardless of which
disc you insert. This can only be done on the hard drive.​

PC system requirements
OS: 32-bit Vista SP2
CPU(AMD): 2,8 GHz Athlon X2
CPU(Intel): 2,4 GHz Core 2 Duo
HDD: 30 GB
GPU(AMD): Radeon 3870
GPU(Nvidia): GeForce 8800 GT
VRAM: 512 MB

OS: 64-bit Windows 8
CPU(AMD): 6-core
CPU(Intel): 4-core
HDD: 30 GB
GPU(AMD): Radeon 7870
GPU(Nvidia): GeForce GT660

For PC requirements and performance discussion please go to >this< thread!​

Large scale combat on next-gen consoles
Where on the current-gen consoles you’ll still be stuck with up to 24 players in a single match, next-gen consoles finally match up with the PC version in terms
of player count and scale of multiplayer maps. This means that up to 64 players can actively play in matches, vehicle spawns will mirror those of the PC version
and the amount of objective locations will be increased in certain gametypes. So if you are a console gamer and you feel like BF3 on consoles wasn’t
action-packed enough then getting Battlefield 4 on the next-gen is probably the best option for you.​

Dynamic maps
With the new Frostbite 3 engine come some new additions to how maps behave in Battlefield 4. No, you won’t be able to completely level an entire map like in
Bad Company 2, but you will be able to trigger scripted events like collapsing a skyscraper, flooding a map by destroying a dam or letting a ship crash onto a
beach. Alongside this there is still detailed destruction as well as being able to interact with certain elements on maps. This means that you can destroy walls,
blow away cover, cut down forests, but also turn off lights, activate street barriers, or lower gates and more.​

Simulated water
In previous Battlefield games the water was relatively calm and static. In Battlefield 4 this changes with the addition of simulated water. This means that on
certain maps instead of calm water you will see big waves which will also react to vehicles and infantry. To spice up the combat on the water DICE has added
new, powerful types of naval vehicles along with the ability to use you knife, pistol and certain types of equipment while you’re in the water.​

Weapon pick-ups
Similar to the Battlefield 3 mode Scavenger, Battlefield 4 will feature weapon pick-ups on specific locations on the map. These weapons are some of the most
powerful ones in the game, but will only spawn sparsely and with limited ammo, so use them wisely. These weapons can range from a one-shot-kill sniper
rifle to a powerful lock-on guided missile launcher. Keep in mind that while you’re holding these weapons you won’t be able to use any other weapons or
equipment without dropping it on the ground.​

Field upgrades
The perk system from Battlefield 3 is gone. To replace it DICE introduces a new system called field upgrades. With this system every player has to choose a
specific path of perks that will unlock one by one as their squad’s combined amount of points increases. This has been done to encourage and reward
teamwork because the squad with the most points will have unlocked more perks than squads with fewer points. Don’t always mindlessly follow your
squadmates into enemy fire though, because if your entire squad gets wiped out at the same time everyone will lose the perk that they unlocked last.​

Commander mode
Seeing its return from Battlefield 2, the popular Commander mode is back in Battlefield 4. With this mode one player on each team can get a good overview of
the map to assist and guide his team in the hopes of claiming victory. A commander can help his team in several ways. An example of this is the ability to give
orders to squad leaders to attack or defend certain areas on the map. Then the commander can make UAV drones scan the area and drop in extra armor to
help out those ground troops, but he can also take out armor of the enemy by the means of a missile or gunship strike.

Commander mode is available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, but you can also access it through tablet devices if you really, really want.​

Spectator mode
It’s been long requested by fans and it’s finally here: Spectator mode. In the next-gen and PC versions of Battlefield 4 up to four players will be able to check out
ongoing battles from every possible angle. You can follow players around in first or third person, you can switch to predetermined camera positions or you can
fly around using the free-cam option for those who want a bit more freedom. While doing this you can also switch between in-game footage and the map
overview where you can see exactly where all players and vehicles are from both teams.​

By playing Battlefield 4’s multiplayer and acquiring experience points you can earn Battlepacks. These packs contain random items like camos, weapon
attachments and exp boosts. These battlepacks come in four different colors: bronze, silver, gold and black. The first three give you standard items and go from
least rare to rarest respectively. The black packs give you weapon specific items and are earned by getting kills with specific weapons.​



The game will launch with 10 completely new maps which range all the way from massive, open and vehicle focused to more linear, close quarters and infantry based.
These maps also all have their own special destruction events to really make each and every map stand out. These events can drastically change how a map plays
and can turn the tide of the battle.

Battlefield 4 features 7 different gametypes including two entirely new ones. These can be played on every single map in the game, but keep in mind that maps will have
different objective locations and playable spaces depending on gametype. Official servers running these gametypes will limit the amount of players to what those
gametypes are designed for, but private servers can always change these settings if desired.

Capture and hold flag positions until the enemy runs out of tickets
24 players on 360/PS3, 64 players on XBO/PS4/PC
Commander is optional​

Destroy or defend M-COM stations until either all M-COMs are destroyed or the attacking team runs out of tickets
24 players on 360/PS3, 32 players on XBO/PS4/PC
Commander is optional​

Grab the neutral bomb and plant it at enemy objectives until all objectives are destroyed
24 players on 360/PS3, 32 players on XBO/PS4/PC
Commander is optional​

One life per round, eliminate the enemy team or detonate the objective to win
10 players on 360/XBO/PS3/PS4/PC
Commander is off​

Team Deathmatch
Kill enemy players until you reach the scoring limit
20 players on 360/XBO/PS3/PS4/PC
Commander is off​

Squad Deatmatch
Kill enemy players and reach the scoring limit before any of the other 3 squad do so
20 players on 360/XBO/PS3/PS4/PC
Commander is off​

Infantry-based gametype where you need to capture and hold flags until the enemy runs out of tickets
20 players
Commander is off​

The Assault class is the most all-round class in Battlefield 4. If you use this class it’s best to be on the offense helping your team actively complete objectives.
The primary weapons of the Assault class are assault rifles which are best used in close to medium range and are considered to be the jack-of-all-trades
weapons in the game. They’re good in most aspects, but don’t excel at anything.​

Use the defibrillator to revive teammates who have died. This piece of equipment now has regeneration ammo and you can charge it up to give players more
health as the get revived. Don’t be a dick who revives people in front of tanks.

There are small and big health packs. The small ones latch onto a player and will heal them as they move around. The big ones stick to the ground and can
heal a group of people at once.

The M320 Grenade Launcher can be used for several things. You can use the explosive round to blow stuff and people up or you can equip it with the smoke
grenade to obscure vision of the enemy team.

This class is most effective when it’s used to support friendly players. The main weapons for this class are light machine guns which are best used in
defensive positions. If used in combination with a bipod a machine gun can be used very effectively to suppress enemies and lock
down certain areas of the map.​

Similar to the health pack, the ammunition pack comes in a small and big variant. The small one latches onto a player and gives them up to two magazines of
extra standard ammo. The bigger ones can be placed on the ground and replenish the magazines, explosives and equipment of all the players around it.

C4 and Claymores both make their return for the Support class in Battlefield 4. The former is used against vehicles and structures and can be detonated on
request while the latter is placed and automatically detonates if an enemy player is nearby.

New to the Support class is the XM-25 Airbust Grenade Launcher. This weapon can be used to shoot at people behind small pieces of cover using
explosive rounds that detonate right above the target.

Another addition to this class is the MP-APS. This little device is used to prevent enemy rockets from hitting any targets within a certain radius. Keep in mind
though that this piece of equipment only remains where you planted it for a limited amount of time before it disappears.​

No, this is not the Sniper class as some might call it, it’s the Recon class. This kit’s purpose is primarily to give teammates extra intel about enemy
whereabouts. In some instances this may require keeping a distance from most of the action, but a lot of people agree that aggressive and offensive Recon
players will help out a lot more. Don’t be that guy who’s in the back of the map contributing nothing, please.​

There are two different types of laser designators in Battlefield 4. One is portable while the other is stationary. These can be used to designate vehicles,
stationary weapons, and even MAVs. After achieving a lock Engineers can lock onto those targets with their missile launchers even if they can’t directly see
their target. Aside from mobility the difference between the portable and stationary variants of the designators is that you need to constantly maintain the lock
with the former while the latter can be left unattended while it designated targets in view.

The spawn beacon can be placed anywhere on the map and allows your squad members to spawn on it instead of you. One thing to note is that if you place a
beacon outside players will spawn high up in the air with parachutes if the map allows air vehicles.

Three different types of motion sensors are available to the Recon class in Battlefield 4: the motion ball, the T-UGS and the MAV. The ball can be thrown and
will disappear after a short time, the T-UGS is stationary and will disappear when you’re killed and the MAV can be flown around and otherwise acts like a T-UGS.

Returning to the Recon class is C4 which can be used to destroy either enemy targets or structures.​

The Engineer’s job is to focus primarily on vehicles, both friendly and enemy. If there is enemy armor to be disposed of there are plenty of varying missile
launchers to get the job done. While you’re not busy with blowing anything up try fixing friendly vehicles nearby, they’ll appreciate it. The Engineer’s primary
weapons are PDWs which are mainly useful in close quarters combat.​

The blowtorch is mainly used to repair friendly vehicles, but is also surprisingly effective at taking out enemy armor. Using the blowtorch for an extended period
of time will cause it to overheat after which you’ll have to wait a couple of seconds for it to cool down.

AT mines are back, but a new variant has also been added; the M2 SLAM. This little device acts similar to the AT mine, but sticks to surfaces and can also
detect vehicles nearby and detonate when they are within range.

The EOD Bot is a little remote controlled robot which you can drive around. Using the torch attached to it you can arm M-COMs, destroy enemy vehicles or repair
friendly ones.

The Engineer in Battlefield 4 has two types of unguided missile launchers: the RPG and SMAW. These are both very lethal against vehicles, but are relatively
hard to use. The difference between the two is that the SMAW has a flatter trajectory than the RPG, but the RPG does slightly more damage.

There are also the anti-air guided missiles: the Stinger and the IGLA. These launchers can lock onto air vehicles and the missile with automatically follow the
target. The difference between the two is that when using the IGLA you need to maintain your lock after you’ve launched a missile while with the Stinger you can
fire and forget.

Lastly there are three kinds of anti-tank launchers: the LAW, Javelin and SRAW. First up is the LAW which is the easier to use and weakest of the three. You
simply point it vaguely in the direction of a vehicle and it will automatically target it. Second is the Javelin which acts similar to the variant in Battlefield 3
except that you need to maintain the lock. The last one which does the most damage is the SRAW. This launcher has to be manually guided through the air to
the target. All three of these can also lock onto designated targets.​

The Premium service introduced in Battlefield 3 is returning and will give you:
Five digital expansion packs featuring new maps and in-game content
Two-weeks early access to all expansion packs
Exclusive personalization options including camos, paints, emblems, dogtags and more
Priority position in server queues
Weekly updates with new content
Exclusive double XP events
12 Battlepacks
Seamlessly transfer Premium membership from Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4​

The five expansion packs planned for Battlefield 4 are:

China Rising
“Fight for dominance across the vast and majestic Chinese mainland in four massive maps, using all-new vehicles and high-tech military equipment.”

Second Assault
”This Premium expansion pack will feature four of the most fan-favorite maps [Metro, Firestorm, Caspian and Oman] from Battlefield 3, redesigned
to take advantage of our advanced Frostbite 3 engine and enhanced to include new multiplayer features from Battlefield 4.”

Naval Strike
”Experience dynamic ocean combat in Naval Strike as the Chinese Armada takes the fight to the sea.”

Dragon’s Teeth
”Experience all-out urban warfare in new multiplayer maps taking place in war-torn cities locked down by the Chinese army.”

Final Stand
”More information on this expansion pack will be available at a later date.”

What about the singleplayer?
It has explosions, scripted sequences, guns, and Omar.

Does Battlefield 4 PC still use Battlelog to launch the game?

How do the next-gen versions differ from current-gen?
The next-gen versions run at (slightly) higher resolution, 60fps as opposed to 30, and can have up to 64 players in a single match compared to 24 on current-gen.

What is Battlelog?
On Battlelog you can find news, statistics, recent matches and you can look up servers you want to play on. The PC version of the game has to be launched through the
Battlelog site.

Can I change the control scheme to be exactly like in BF3 on console?
This is not possible. Your best option is to change your button layout to ‘Veteran’ which changes most of the buttons back to how they used to be.

So what is Levelution?
A made up word.

Community ID lists: (Click on your platform and fill in the form)

GAF servers:

PC EU - http://tinyurl.com/pg4dgh9

PC US West - http://tinyurl.com/n9p78ee

PC US East - http://tinyurl.com/oxaw3gf

Mumble information: (quote to see)



Mar 15, 2011
Hmm....seem to forgot that the next-gen EA titles would be released a few days earlier than the consoles. My midnight launch plans just got a whole lot easier


Dec 18, 2008
Somewhere my PS4 is waiting for me and this game. Until then the PS3 will have to suffice.

Can't bloody wait!
Nov 10, 2010
Atlanta GA
This is technically the first 'next gen' game out right?

Will be there... well not day 1. Have experienced too many DICE launches... will wait a few months probably (and hopefully friends pick this up).


Jun 10, 2004
Milan, MI
360. :(

Ah well, myself and my buddies aren't making the leap to next gen so it'll have to do but still I'm pumped!


Jun 20, 2012
are they still offering the first expansion for free for pre ordering?

edit: took me 2 seconds to answer that myself. yep.


Jul 10, 2012
I bet you it has a bunch of shit to install when you start the game huh? i got like 7 gigs left on my 360 :(, might have to wait till next gen


Jun 2, 2013
Nice OT. And thanks for the link to the blog post about system upgrades. It's funny, when the game was announced, I didn't even care about it despite being a fan of the franchise. Come E3, seeing that tower fall changed everything. But over the past few months, Shadow Fall has gotten my interest. Now I don't know whether to get both or just Shadow Fall.

I went to one of the CoD world tour events for a free copy of that game, so I would technically have 3 FPS on the PS4. That's overkill. I like all three franchises but...cmon now. Anybody else in a similar predicament? You buying just one FPS game or multiple?


Apr 1, 2011
Do you keep getting Battlepacks after hitting max rank? Or do you have to pay real money to get the attachments you are missing?


Feb 8, 2008
SP might actually worth playing just because Omar Little.

Man, time fucking flies, wasn't it just the start of the month the beta dropped? I barely spent time getting to play it (got really sick). Not sure if I should day 1 this on PC or not.
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