Boxing Discussion

Couple of us will be moving to ResetEra once it launches, hope to see you guys there, I won't be posting here anymore, GAF already turning into an alt-right haven and I won't support it.

Once again, thanks for the memories, see you on the other side. And to those who choose to stay, no hard feelings, good luck and take care.
Ok I've sent out invites to a number of you. If anyone else needs an invite, just send me a PM

Is the Discord for the whole of Neogaf members or just for boxing discussion?
the one i'm sending out is for boxing discussion, all the other communities are doing the same, making chats for their respective groups. I think there is a general GAF discord out there somewhere
I watched the Cotto vs. Judah fight. O.M.G real awesome fight.

The commentators were spot on when they stated this was a return to form fight. Like something out of the 1940's 50's. Both of the fighters didn't dance around eachother (at least, Cotto didn't let Judah dance around him). It had to be the ring size (it was so small). Either way, awesome fight.

And my cousin was talking about how respectful Cotto was before the fight started...and he was stunned when Cotto punched Judah in the sack 2 times. Was that payback for the shit Judah pulled in the past? Don't know but that was crazzzzyyy


Also, also, Chavez Jr. ****ed up Wiley with just body shots. Holy shit :lol

This fight was an instant classic and different from your prototypical brawls. This was a SKILLED brawl with both fighters throwing punches but also slipping, parrying, bobbing, weaving from punches as well.

What a FIGHT!

I'm just speechless.