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May 28, 2008
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September 2017 Recommendation: Kuuki no Soko

Supernatural heavy short stories | 1 volume, Completed work, Licensed
Belonging to Tezuka's most mature period, it touches many genres: from pure science fiction to historical fiction to contemporary drama. We find stories of industrial espionage, animal testing, and racial animosity, as well as stories about the more complex dynamics of the human mind. (source)
A Huge Battleship: Collection of short stories with varied, unorthodox and often quite grisly premises.

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4. I don't know what manga to read. Can you guys help?
Obviously the best way is to ask in the thread so we can give you recommendations that fit your taste better, but if you don't want to do then there are two excellent threads to check out for a list of good manga. Some good advice: don't ask for recommendations late Tuesday and Wednesday.

If you are a shounenhead and want your manga filled with hot blooded action then read cosmicblizzard's nifty thread of awesome battle manga.

If you prefer seinen manga or non-mainstream manga then read flawfuls thread of awesome lesser known manga.

If you want fluffy romance manga, NeoSoma has a chart of sweet and/or fluffy romance manga from /a/.

Other possibilities collected from this thread and link to a list of recommendations/impressions will be found in the second post below.​

5. Reading manga on tablets.
If you are looking for manga-reading tech on tablets, Jintor suggests Mango and suko_32 has more details on his tablet setup.​

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The D is for doom, darkness, despair, and dakkumauji.
May 28, 2008
WARNING: There may be spoilers in some of these recs (rec), reviews (rev), impressions (imp). If you want to avoid that, just post a general question about the manga. Most recent at top. Links to previous recommendations at bottom.

  1. [Long rev] dani_dc | Stop! Hibari-kun: Stop! Hibari-kun premise and context had everything to go wrong, and while it doesn’t particularly succeeded as a gag manga, it does something far more important, it manages to tell the story of a young transgender girl.
  2. [Rev] Zweizer | Girls' Last Tour Anthology Comic: Final Tour: Anyways, it was a enjoyable short sort of what-if story, depicting how they'd live in a world that wasn't completely devastated and devoid of life.
  3. [Imp] Tripon | Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru: It's an okay read with some good art. I'll keep on reading.
  4. [Imp] zroid | Sword Art Online Progressive: This manga is... weird. I haven't read the Progressive novels yet, but I wonder how much the manga deviates.
  5. [Rev] Lain | Kamakura Diary: This manga is really good. Really, really good. It's also pretty draining to read.
  6. [Rev] Dedication Through Light | Kiyoudai Biyori: Cute fun happy manga of just brothers who were away coming back together again after one went off to college and got a job.
  7. Zweizer: Haha, yandere is a form of vanilla though! (list of reads for "vanilla" stuff)
  8. [Rev] Thud | Magi: At one point this was a 9 and it's a 6 now after finishing.
  9. [Imp] Lain | Don't Meddle With My Daughter: OK, the first volume was fun and way more lewd than I expected.
  10. [Imp] Monochromaticx | Saotome: randomly decided to start reading this and now I am hooked!
  11. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | The Duke of Death and his Black Maid: This opening chapter was too brief for me to form much of an impression beyond 'hurrah for maids', but that's enough to keep me following it for now.
  12. [Imp] Zweizer | Futari Monologue: Two old friends are reunited together, though both have dramatically changed.
  13. [Imp] Lain | Drifting Classroom: Pretty interesting read so far, grim and depressing, even claustrophobic at times.
  14. [Rev] upandaway | Slam Dunk: It's really really good. Such a satisfying way of conveying sports in a manga that I never saw done this well before.
  15. [Rev] Zweizer | Yuri Mekuru Oshigoto: Anyways, it was fun little spin-off/sequel, and these two definitely fit any role well, despite senpai's frequent oddities.
  16. [Imp] Lain | The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars: Pretty nice art all throughout the volume and the story set up isn't half bad.
  17. [Short imp] zroid | Demi-cahn wa Kataritai: I thought I was done with the "monster girl" sub-genre and then I came across this one.
  18. [Imp] TacticalHotdog | Moon Gundam: A new manga series from the writer of Unicorn featuring the mechanical designer of IBO and G-Reco set in UC 0092.
  19. [Rev] A Huge Battleship | Puella Magi Homura Tamura: 4-komedy spinoff in which the titular heroine, Akemi Tamura, travels through a succession of bizarre alternate timelines.
  20. [Rev] BassForever | Golem Hearts (one shot): This is a really strong one shot that I can see having a lot of potential as a full Jump series.
  21. [Rev] CielTynave | Goodnight Punpun: Well, god damn. That was certainly one hell of a ride...
  22. [Short rev] Zweizer | Tonari no Robot: Thus concludes another great short series.
  23. [Rev] 4 is a cutie | SOIL: SOIL is weird and eerie, made enjoyable because of the eccentric characters that try to figure out why the setting is the way it is.
  24. [Imp] striferser | Dark Widow: A manga for man of culture, especially those who like butts and sexy monster musume.
  25. [Rev] Shouta | The Violinist of Hameln Continued: What really strikes me about this series is that it's not simply just another adventure for the cast. There's a lot of thought put into the direction being taken and what it means for everyone.
  26. [Imp + Rev] Donniewahlberg | 21st Century Boys and Nijigahara Holograph: Picked up and read my first manga this week, it was a pretty great experience.
  27. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | Hone No Nazuki Made Aisu: An uncute girl confesses to a cute girl and is rejected for being uncute.
  28. [Imp] Dedication Through Light | Am I in Love or Just Hungry?: I loved the college age setting along with the club (sweets/desserts) setting.
  29. [Imp] Dedication Through Light | Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Glory of the Losers: Manga mecha always looks so good because of how detailed they can make it seem. I loved all the action scenes.
  30. [Imp] Lain | I Hear the Sunspot: Another beautiful shonen ai story that was both nicely drawn and very delicate.
  31. [Short rec] Trojita | You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead: For anyone that likes horror anthology like material, I'd recommend You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead.
  32. [Rev] Peco | Rinjin 13-gou: Loved the art and the artistic composition, great sense of action and the story is decently held together by Juuzou's split personality bloodthirst.
  33. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | Touhou - Ikaregami (SFW doujin): This was essentially a 60 page advertisement for anger management therapy, featuring Mrs.Revengeance and her newfound froggy companion.
  34. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | Madoka - Nagisa and the Cheesecake of Love (SFW doujin): Still, even without having much recollection of the story, this was worth reading for the art alone.
  35. [Imp] 4 is a cutie | The World of Machida-kun: A story about a poker-faced kid who "loves people"!
  36. [Imp] Zweizer | A school's short distance romantic ghost story (oneshot): Pretty fun concept, and now we need a continuation featuring the five other mysteries.
  37. [Rev] Fbh | Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer: Great characters and humor and a really entertaining story. The art does also continue to improve and it's pretty great in the later chapters.
  38. Chase17 chatting about Rurouni Kenshin's Jinchu Arc.
  39. [Imp] Numb | School Shock: If you can't handle casual murder then skip this. The action is good and art decent.
  40. [Imp] Angry Grimace | The Hero Suddenly Proposed to Me, But: What they don't realize is that the Hero literally has no emotions at all because he is a full-blown sociopath who is completley empty inside.
  41. [Rev] Dedication Through Light | Ai o Kudasai: Good BL manga collection.
  42. [Imp] Usobuko | Sensen Spike Hills: A kid with a unique pickpocket ability get caught up with a Maths prodigy in their plan to steal something from the Yakuza.
  43. [Imp] Black Bishop | Crest of the Stars: I loved everything, from the initial set-up of interplanetary/race conquest and the after-effects of it.
  44. [Imp] Dedication Through Light | Hana Rai: Using the grandfathers firework making occupation and his retirement for a rationale for the story gave us an interesting start to this manga.
  45. [Long rev] Turin Turambar | Thermae Romae: Here the author wanted to do a silly comedic manga of a ancient Roman bath engineer that time travels to Japan to learn new bathing techniques... and she does a damn good job with this silly of a premise!
  46. [Long rev] upandaway | Straighten Up!: I liked this a lot. My favorite part was definitely the first couple of arcs (and specifically the main duo in them) until they were able to dance properly.
  47. [Rev] A Huge Battleship | Touhou - Magic of Isolation (SFW doujin): Finally a decent helping of Hecatia.
  48. [Rev] A Huge Battleship | Cooperative Life (SFW doujin): A heartwarming tale about the symbiotic relationship between an abused girl and her resident carnivorous monster.
  49. [Long rev] Turin Turambar | Abandon the Old in Tokyo: But it hasn't aged well. This volume 's a collection of short stories with clear themes criticizing the modern society, but I don't think they are very good.
  50. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | The Witch's House: The Diary of Ellen: I've said repeatedly that even the most pitiable backstory won't make me feel sorry for Ellen, but jesus fuck this is pushing the limits of my resolve.
  51. [Rev] Turin Turambar | Alien 9: This story basically works as an example of a cool genre and tone shift.
  52. [Rev] isaacnukem | Freesia: One of the better short, mature manga I've read.
  53. [Long rev] Turin Turambar | 3AM Dangerous Zone: A 3-volume office SoL/romance josei. Which said that way, it doesn't sound very original in the josei world but execution is what matters, and it's good here.
  54. [Negative rev] Turin Turambar | 51 Ways to save my girlfriend: Overall I can't recommend it.
  55. [Short rev] A Huge Battleship | KanColle - Kongou of the Carribbean (SFW doujin): Well, this is gloriously stupid. It's KanColle meets PotC with time travel, mecha and apparently now dinosaurs.
  56. [Imp] striferser | A Meal with Hokusai is All I Need: So, she did what creative poor student do. Make a rice using coke can.
  57. [Rev] Turin Turambar | A Zoo in the Winter and Hanaotoko: And from that list the only one worth something were, unsurprisingly, A zoo in the Winter and Hanaotoko.
  58. [Imp] Lain | Dosei Jidai: One of the things I appreciate most about this and other works by Kamimura is definitely the art.
  59. [Imp] CielTynave | The Other Side of Secret: The monsters and such are a lot more detailed and grotesque looking than you'd expect looking at the art style for the main characters.
  60. [Rev] Aizo | I am a Hero: It's sad that it was so good before, but ultimately, it really is not a good manga. A more positive review from Turin Turambar here.
  61. [Imp] nabe_shogun | Yume de mita ano ko no tame ni: Could be interesting, but not too sure what kind of manga this is going to be at this point.
  62. [Imp] FlowersisBritish | The Niohonmatsu Siblings and the Adventure of Wooden Alley: With that in mind, you can already see some subtle framework being built for what will hopefully be a fun and forward moving story.
  63. [Imp] A Huge Battleship | Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea: Briefly it's an RPG Maker game about a sea witch, her aquatic companions and some pretty twisted underwater warring shenanigans.
  64. [Imp] Zweizer | Yuki to Sumi: Yukino is a young calligraphy prodigy, who is renowned for the beauty of her writing.
  65. [Imp] Ascheroth | Souboutei Must Be Destroyed: It's a ...modern action/horror story about a cursed mansion and people trying to destroy it.
  66. [Long imp] DNABro | Blue Flag: I haven't fell in love with a manga this quickly in quite a long time.
  67. [Imp] ArclightBorealis | Biohazard the Toon: Something I discovered in the past week is that apparently Capcom's Japanese website has had a 4Koma going for more than a year that is based on Resident Evil.
  68. Link to second storage post for this thread.
  69. Link to first storage post for this thread.
  70. Link to recommendations and impressions from threads OTL(8) to OTC(17).
Jul 5, 2013
Yeah, you know me!
Fucking thank you.

Grand Blue 25 + 25.5

I think the "friends" chapters are my least favorite of this manga; not to say they don't make me laugh, but for a manga that generally does a good job avoiding tropes or having unique set-ups into resolutions, it plays the "all his friends are shit" straight like every other manga that does it and it's never actually funny because it always gets in the way of progress or better jokes, meaning it's at best frustrating and at worst insufferable.

I hate the fucking friends and find Iori's interactions with literally every other character in the manga much more redeeming. I do like them building Kouhei and the Seiyuu's stuff soon and I'm still eternally miffed that Iori's like "Yo Imma go flirt with these girls" in front of Azusa when he should really just go for her with serious intent instead of the random hook-up he was almost provided. Much as I love Chiori and much as that's totally the canon pairing, his relationship with Azusa is so great (also cause Azusa is far and away the best character).

Also, the little sister chapter was awesome. That's gonna come back to haunt him.

Toaru Ossan no VRMMO Katsudouki 27

Nothing happened. Like, seriously. Introduce two elves and still most of the chapter was just the MMO guys saying a bunch of cryptic nonsense. Boring.

Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai. 13

Dude's starting to recognize that he's constantly spending alone time with a hot widow. At least since he always thinks about baseball it'll help him later in this story's development.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 26

Her wanting to become a scientist is a really good development. I really like how she figured that out.

Gantz: G 16

Why do I read this?

You Will Hear the Voice of the Dead 7

Man, this manga really is like reading Drifting Classroom or some old 70s horror manga. I love the style and the "there is no resolution, shit happens" style of storytelling that's reminiscent of Junji Ito's storytelling. The twist was really nice and I love the tone of this series. It's really good. I might do a bigger write-up for this and draw the comparisons out with it's influences. It's just nice to see a horror manga that isn't the current style cause I'm not a huge fan of most horror manga nowadays.

Fudatsuki no Kyoko-chan 18

Enjoyed the differing usage of the title between the different characters and I really am liking Iwahara more than I did before mainly because she doesn't react like a normal character in a romcom; she didn't blink at Kenji saying people thought they were dating and she immediately goes to Hibino and tells her straight out to clear up the misunderstanding. More people in manga need to act like that.

...even if it did cause more misunderstandings. At least they cleared it up in a couple pages. Ughh is right, Kyoko-chan.

Kako and the False Detective 1a

This series is pretty good! I enjoyed Princess Resurrection even with it's problems so it's nice to see a series by the same dude. We'll never have a girl as good as Riza again but Kako is a nice replacement. I do enjoy that he's actually not super smart or anything, he just has a huge cheat guide which gave him his boy detective name.


fleurs n'est pas britannique
May 13, 2014
OPM We the real Keijo now

Helk 88 This was a pretty slow chapter but HOLY FUCKING SHIT THAT STINGER!

Sesuji wo Pin! 78 As this continues, I actually think Sakamoto might be my favorite manga antagonist of all time. He just oozes such damn charisma and he's so god damn good at what he does but not in an obnoxious way. And all the time he's throwing everyone off with his antics because that's just the kind of dude he is.
Jun 8, 2004
Yesterday I bought Satoshi Kon's Opus. Looking forward to sitting down with it later today. I forget the name of his other one I have, about a seaside town, but I really enjoyed the laid-back pace of it. I hope this is like that as well.
Jul 5, 2013
I like Ballroom e Youkoso a lot but if I'm honest, I really do like Sesuji wo Pin more. Sakamoto makes for such a great antagonist because this is a manga about ballroom dancing; he's not a jerk or some evil, "NO FUN IN DANCING" idiot, he's just REALLY good and wants everyone to love ballroom dancing and do the best they can do. So he constantly draws people into his own pace, gets them to do better...and then beats them completely because he's just that good. That's what makes him so great.

Why would you touch anything Gantz related after well, Gantz
Look, the first step is admitting I have a problem, okay?
Apr 20, 2011
Answering to this post :
Ha! I'd be all for that if I wasn't for some dumb reason infatuated with designs that are basically a brown paper bag over the head.
Well that would at least make an interesting situation but I can't trust any Japanese mangaka to tackle the subject in a thoughtful fashion.
Also, brown paper bags as masks are always funny.

I say that but there's got to be at least a couple Arabic novels/movies where the MC is infatuated with a girl like this.

Also, as always, thanks dramatis for the huge recs/imps posts.


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Nov 23, 2015
New Jersey
One Punch Man (Murata) 71

Seems a lot of my predictions are coming true for the end of the tourney arc. The MA is trying to turn powerful but corruptible humans into even more powerful and fucked up monsters. Saitama is just fucking around with Shoiryu who is indeed pretty powerful all things considered but nothing against a hip check from Saitama. Now I'm guessing Saitama stands off to the side while all the remaining martial artists take on the Crow monsters and the Dragon Class who just showed up. Maybe they even win and impress Saitama with their martial arts.


Junior Member
Nov 9, 2006
One Punch Man (Murata) 71

Seems a lot of my predictions are coming true for the end of the tourney arc. The MA is trying to turn powerful but corruptible humans into even more powerful and fucked up monsters. Saitama is just fucking around with Shoiryu who is indeed pretty powerful all things considered but nothing against a hip check from Saitama. Now I'm guessing Saitama stands off to the side while all the remaining martial artists take on the Crow monsters and the Dragon Class who just showed up. Maybe they even win and impress Saitama with their martial arts.
Watch them all get fucked and crying for charanko to help them LMAO
Sep 16, 2006
One Punch Man

as expected,
even the disqualification too

Now lets see what they do in this situation.
Hmm, I suppose the one thing I don't get is...Saitama could have kept his wig on and won the prize...just by beating down on Shiryu...I know in ONE's version
he takes a lot of attacks from Tatsumaki and doesnn't respond
But usually if a guy is coming at him, he will just smack him upside the head. Especially after Shiryu going at him as much as he did. Still I am fine with how it played out, and Shiryu got what was coming to him, even if what came to him was the prize money and all the plaudits...haha


Now what's the next step in your master plan?
Nov 23, 2015
New Jersey
Hmm, I suppose the one thing I don't get is...Saitama could have kept his wig on and won the prize...just by beating down on Shiryu...I know in ONE's version
he takes a lot of attacks from Tatsumaki and doesnn't respond
But usually if a guy is coming at him, he will just smack him upside the head. Especially after Shiryu going at him as much as he did. Still I am fine with how it played out, and Shiryu got what was coming to him, even if what came to him was the prize money and all the plaudits...haha
Saitama doesn't really seem to hurt human's even when they deserve it in many cases. Even when he beat the Tank Top Brothers up it seemed like he thought he pushed it a bit far since he thought they'd be a lot stronger.
Nov 6, 2016
All Out: Caught the beginning of the anime and decided to pick up the manga as a scanlation site had picked it up. While the art style is not for everyone it does have a certain charm. Love the action and motion of the Rugby games as well as how well it manages to convey the rules and tactics behind the game. It often reminds me of a grittier, more realistic, rugby version of Eyeshield 21.
Not saying that it's as good as that but if you enjoyed Eyeshield 21 you may enjoy this.

Ippo: I'm liking the fact we seem to be getting some actual progress back into this manga. Not much mind you.. but it's there. Though I feel the first new fight Ippo has could be over in a single panel.

Red Raven: "When the Raven starts to sing, people die." In an unstable world, a weak government, uses contracted 'lawful' killers in order to reduce unpunished crimes committed by the mafia. It's a nice little title with interesting characters and weapons, similar to Trigun in that respect. We also have super powered weapons made by the mad 'Scaggs' clan who have delved into human experimentation more than once to spice it up. It's an action shounen so don't expect it to be too deep but nevertheless it's a fun read.

Ubel Blatt: I guess this will tide me over till Berserk resumes (whenever that is...)
Sep 20, 2012
Danberu nan kiro moteru? / How Many Kilos are the Dumbbells You Lift?
/ How Much u Lift, Brah?

Honestly I SHOULD love this manga. Lifting weights? Delicous brown girl? Slight chub?

Problem is its just not that funny. And its filled with so much fitness and nutrition pseudoscience. Most egregiously an intermittent fasting type diet (which has been proven to increase many health factors and is a great way to lose weight) is called "the kind of diet sumo wrestlers use to gain weight"

No? EDIT: Apparently this is actually true?