Bruce Straley Leaves Naughty Dog

Where do you think Bruce Straley will end up next?

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If he was not involved with Lost Legacy or TLoU2, what has he been working on since U4 shipped last year?
He hasnt being doing anything at ND.

Last year it was announced he was taking a year long sabbatical after Uncharted 4 which was a kind of obvious red flag.

Anyway judging from the write up I assume he is still gonna work in the industry. Probably somwhere with less crunch.

Also kind of insane that Uncharted 4 has wiped out all the directors of NDs PS3 games bar Duckmann.
After reading Blood, Sweat, and Pixels I can't say I'm surprised. It sounds like going from full TLoU into full production on UC4 (skipping preproduction) on that was excruciating.

Threads moving fast so I don't know if it's been mentioned but the guy rented a second apartment during UC4's development just so he could be closer to the office.
God speed my friend. You are one of the greats.

...Now, that younger guy/ gal who's been waiting can get his/ her shot. That's what's really exciting about this. Where will the future take us?

Damn! Shame to have lost him as a driving force for Naughty Dog, he was exceptional in the Game Director role and I had every faith that he would be leading a smaller team on the PS5 IP whilst the bulk of the studio finished TLOU Pt II. Still, I'd rather he got out now like a few have said. I would hate for this constant work to lead to a hatred for the industry.

Good luck for the future, Bruce.


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Noooo :( he was the Best game director ND ever had huge loss for ND. Hennig,lemarchand,Straley and Minkoff all left ND hope new blood is talented
They expanded on a lot of gameplay ideas from UC4 and improved them across the board.

You could swing on ropes in UC4 but there is a lot more to it in TLL and its a lot more fun. Same with the large non-linear expanse - plenty of driving, swimming and worthwhile exploration that UC4 lacked. Even the puzzles are actually interesting and somewhat difficult, and there's more of them.

And of course the pacing.

Its a solid piece of work that imho improves on UC4 in almost every way. Not a rehash at all.

Straley always said the right things in interviews I've watched, but I think ND is still top tier if TLL is any indication.
They're surely talented but expanding on a game and adding a few elements here and there is not even close to someone who co-created one of the best new ips of all time. Once they create a new ip
That's a bummer, but he deserves the rest. I'm not worried about Naughty Dog after having played The Lost Legacy, as it's apparent that they aren't short on talent.
Wow. Dude was responsible for 4/10 of my favorite games ever made. Wish him well in his future endeavors.

Even though he's gone, I still trust Naughty Dog to continue making 10/10 games, and I can only say that for 5-7 (maybe less) other companies
This isn't a problem for just ND. Its a problem for the entire industry.
True, but in a sense maybe high profile departures at one of the biggest console studios could make someone think twice. It won't..because it sounds like part of the culture at ND, which is a shame. Kinda makes those 10 Year Trophies they used to give people who stayed there that long feel a little more like a corporate "I O U" card :p
I don't know a lot about ND (despite liking all the Uncharted games bar the first and TLOU being my 3rd GOAT lol) but if this guy was the director of ND's best modern games he has my respect.

Good luck Mr Straley for the future!
A huge loss of talent that's for sure although if burnout is the contributing factor then good for him I hope he finds a healthier work environment.

If Lost Legacy didn't just come out I'd be worried about the loss and responsibility falling squarely onto Druckmann but LL was great so I'm glad ND have some emerging talent.
Very talented man. Have enjoyed much of the work he's put his name to. Good luck to him.

Bums me out that he's gone for good, but it sounds like the Naughty Dog work ethic is pretty merciless, so I don't blame him for wanting out.
Boy does he deserve time to relax and hopefully find something much less stressful and demanding. I haven't read Blood, Sweat, and Pixels yet, but I can only imagine, based on past comments by Amy, on how intense working at Naughty Dog is. The fact he took a year long sabbatical after Uncharted 4 is telling.

I hope he stays in the industry. He's so extremely talented that I want to see more of his work, whether he heads to another big studio (Unlikely I think) or an indie.

I'm worried about how this will affect games helmed by Druckmann because it sounds like Straley was good at reining him in a bit. Naughty Dog games are becoming more and more like movie experiences, and while I don't dislike that per se, I would prefer a move back towards Uncharted 1-3 in terms of ratio from gameplay to story rather than Uncharted 4.

Anyways, I wish him the best and I'm interested to see who is going to fill his position at Naughty Dog.

Oh, and I low-key really like that they call it The Kennel. I've never heard any other Naughty Dog employee call it that before.