Call of Duty Ghosts Next-Gen Gameplay



Riley Dog gameplay -

Full gameplay reveal event -

E3 2013 Activision Booth widescreen presentation trailer -

New screens:

They've gotten away with it so far, but this game is going to look ugly as fuck come the end of the year compared to next gen.
First of all 360p? Second of all even a higher resolutions I'm sure that didn't look great. 3rd of all yay for more set piece nonsense of scripted gameplay.


benevolent sexism
Nice environment work, but it's still "follow a guy in a straight line, shoot a guy when he tells you" which ain't all that encouraging.

@_@ is this your 1st time watching a YT vid. Just click the little gear icon to see more resolutions, highest is 720

Not for the one I'm watching.
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