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Party Standings in the 42nd Parliament

(image from beginning of Parliamentary session)

Liberal 180 seats (6.93 million votes/39.5% of votes)
Conservative 97 seats (5.6 million votes/31.9% of votes)
New Democratic 44 (3.46 million votes/19.7% of votes)
Bloc Québécois 10 (818K votes/4.7% of votes)
Green 1 (605K votes/3.4%)
Independent 2

There are also currently four vacancies in the House: 1 in Alberta, 1 in Newfoundland and Labrador, 1 in Ontario, and 1 in Quebec.

All figures taken from and


Who's Who?

Prime Minister: Justin Trudeau

The Right Honourable Justin Trudeau is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, the tenth Liberal to hold the position (the first since 2006) and the first son of a former Prime Minister. He has been Liberal leader since April 14, 2013, and the Member of Parliament for Papineau since October 2008.

Leader of the Opposition: Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer is the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, chosen at the May 27, 2017 leadership vote. He's been the Member of Parliament for Regina--Qu'appelle since 2004. He served as Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015.

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Leader of the New Democratic Party: Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh is the leader of the NDP, and was chosen on October 1, 2017. He does not currently hold a seat in the House of Commons, and represents Bramalea-Gore-Malton in the Ontaio legislature.

Leader of the Bloc Quebecois: Martine Ouellet

Martine Ouellet was acclaimed as leader of the Bloc Quebecois March 18, 2017. She does not currently have a seat in the House of Commons. She formerly served as the Quebec Minister of Natural Resources and Wildlife with the Parti Quebecois.

Leader of the Green Party: Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May is the Green Party's sole MP in the House of Commons, representing Saanich-Gulf Islands. She has been an MP since May 2011, and the Green leader since August 2006.

Cabinet Ministers:
Ralph Goodale - Public Safety
Chrystia Freeland - Foreign Affairs
Ahmed Hussen - Citizenship and Immigration.
Carolyn Bennett - Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs
Scott Brison - Treasury Board President
Bill Morneau - Finance Minister
Jody Wilson-Raybould - Justice
Harjit Sajjan - National Defence
F-P Champagne - International Trade
Jane Philpott - Indigenous Services
Ginette Pettipas-Taylor - Health
Maryam Monsef - Status of Women
Jean-Yves Duclos - Families, Children and Social Development
Marc Garneau - Transport
James Carr - Natural Resources
Mélanie Jolie - Heritage
Kent Hehr - Sport and Persons with Disabilities
Catherine McKenna - Environment and Climate Change
Karina Gould - Democratic Institutions
Carla Qualtrough - Public Services and Procurement
Kirsty Duncan - Science
Lawrence MacAulay - Agriculture
Navdeep Bains - Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Seamus O'Regan - Veterans Affairs
Dominic Leblanc - Fisheries and Oceans, and Canadian Coastguard
Marie-Claude Bibeau - International Development and La francophonie
Dianne Lebouthillier - National Revenue
Patty Hadju - Employment Workforce Development and Labour
Amarjeet Sohi - Infrastructure and Communities
Bardish Chagger - Small Business and Tourism/Government House Leader


What Else?

Information on the Swearing In (which will only be relevant for the first few hours after this OP is posted) is available at

Several people asked that the TrudeauMetre be included in the OP, so here it is, misspelling and all:

Lastly, enjoy this GIF of Thomas Mulcair dancing to Drake, via This Hour Has 22 Minutes:



Black Canada Mafia
Old white men dancing put me at ease.

Today is the day, let's hope for something magical everyone. Or at least a better Canada than we had for the last 10 years.

I think one of the interesting challenges will be dealing with an economic climate that seems to increasingly have more of it's pie be tech/software, with Canada being such a resource heavy economy. Are we doing enough to pursue tech, and is there anything politically we can do to expedite that?
The Harper years were so shitty and there's so many low hanging fruit for Trudeau that it's not even funny.

"We're going to stop threatening government scientists with unemployment if they share their findings" --> OMG BEST PM EVER!

Because of that I think the honeymoon period will be decently long but, man, with oil prices staying in the basement, global economy being crap, the world being unstable and generally shitty, Trudeau's got a lot of challenges heading this way.

Oh and this will be the last election with FPTP he promised.
nice job with the OP

Trudeau has a super charged budy schedual internationaly this month.

G-20 Summit in Turkey, meets Obama face to face,
APEC Summit in Manila,
Commonwaelth Heads of Government meeting in Malta,
and the Paris UN Climate Change conference

i predict Marc Garneau as Foreign Affairs Minister, Stephane Dion on Environment
We need someone to gif Tom dancing to Drake.
Check the end of the OP! No way I wasn't going to include that.

Best tweet ever!

Cabinet gossip: So apparently, Freeland and Mckenna are in, but Leslie and Vaughan are put to the side. That's huge, if true. Anti-quota crowd gonna come out in full force.
The anti-quota crowd are whiny babies. Anyone who thinks there haven't been quotas before now is an idiot.
Azih for Minister Responsible for Electoral Reform. Bish for Whip, for sure.

I've never seen a swearing in before, so I don't know what to expect from this.
This is a pretty unprecedented ceremony. Usually it's much more low-key.

Leblanc, Morneau, McKenna, Philpott all up front with him.
thank you CBC for the Live Stream

as someone who dislikes all Provincial parties in Quebec and I usually ignore swearing ins locally,

I find myself totally pumped Federally for today's swearing in and cabinet forming. My interest level is high and Trudeau gives off a sense of optimism that I completely do not feel at all on a Provincial level.
Jason Fekete is tweeting a bunch of names:

Dion - FM
Wilson-Raybould - Justice
Morneau - finance
Sajjam - defence
Carr - natural resources
Sohi - infrastructure
Qualtrough - sport and disabilities
Freeland - trade

So do we get a new Governor General or do we keep the same one? Because I have no idea how that works
Johnston is GG until at least 2018 -- his term was extended last year, I believe.
Jason Fekete is tweeting a bunch of names:

Dion - FM
Wilson-Raybould - Justice
Morneau - finance
Sajjam - defence
Carr - natural resources
Sohi - infrastructure
Qualtrough - sport and disabilities
Freeland - trade

Johnston is GG until at least 2018 -- his term was extended last year, I believe.
I thought Cabinet list was still embargo'd? Is he breaking it?
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