Dark Souls series tops 8 million copies shipped (940K Japan, 7M+ abroad)

Aug 14, 2013
it hasn't even hit a million in Japan total? ouch, that's brutal.....is it too hard for them? I remember that survey for FFXV and they said that the Duscae Demo was too hard....would loved it, if they had released a similar survey for this game in Japan haha.
Jan 20, 2013

PC is nearly 50% of their market for the two DS games. Amazing. The community has really embraced the game.

Let's be real, From/Namco should cut Durante a huge, HUGE check for letting the game gain traction back when the first one released. I seriously wonder if it would have caught fire with the way it was released, but perhaps I overstate how much the average PC gamer cares about this stuff.
Jan 10, 2013
It's unfortunate for them that they can't release Demon's and Bloodborne on PC considering the sales of the series there.
Why those games are pure profit with dark souls they had to use their own funds. Really demons and bloodborne are more like dev games that help them develop new engines.
Nov 3, 2014
Kinda disappointed by Dark Souls 2: SOTFS performance, looks like it didn't sell very well for a remaster, or am I just expecting too high for it?
Oct 2, 2007
DSFix undoubtedly had a huge impact on the reception of the game on PC. There are few mods that I can think of that are so widely used, at least, when it comes to people discussing the game online. Without it, the poor port situation could have tanked the series with the first game on the PC platform.

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Considering we are getting dark souls type game yearly now how isnt it being milked like cod ?

Ok so im guessing many will say yea but dark souls 3 has had over 2 year dev time ? So has the new call of duty
Mar 11, 2012
Madrid, Spain
Undeserved, imo.
Threadshitting on GAF's most beloved franchise during your first month here, what could possibly go wrong? :D

Kind of absurd how little it sold in Japan proper. Less than a million for the whole franchise? o_O
The Japanese lifestyle doesn't lend itself well to generating as many hardcore gamers as the west, paradoxically enough. Most of Japan's gamers have moved on to mobile, sadly. :/
Kind of absurd how little it sold in Japan proper. Less than a million for the whole franchise? o_O
You gotta remember how few people play on consoles now a days.

No joke Dark Souls would have made more money, only in Japan mind you, as an arcade or mobile game.

Oh God imagine a Dark Souls arcade game, haha.

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