[Destructoid] Leaked photo of NX controller?

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I don't see why Nintendo would think the free-form display (at least in the picture/patent configuration) is something adequate.
You'd be covering part of the screen with your hands, so it would be a waste...
Reminds me of the Steam Controller. The leaks..reveal..and how people gradually changed stances.

Well, at least the most vocal ones.
So, the guy who leaked it
if it's real
said he might show more tomorrow.I guess if he does it could be real.
Whats he going to do, sneak back into r&d after the shit storm this will cause at Nintendo if real, with his iphone?. He claims to be a game developer I believe.
If its real, the screen would be the place for the front screen buttons? Thats pretty cool if it works with no hitches, I could imagine being able to set up button placements anywhere on the touch screen similar to how emulators on phones do. Perhaps even have more than standard 8 front buttons or even have QTE prompts directly on the touchscreen. It basically is like an evolution of the wii u controller.
You realize Nintendo consoles have had their controllers forward compatible for 3 generations now... it wouldn't be too surprising it it was 4.
50% of the reason that I'm excited for the NX has to do with the portable experience we've been teased with so far. Being able to use an old controller with it in console mode does little to nothing to quell my fears.
It could be a concept model? Like maybe the final version will be a screen like that but in a nicer form factor? Anyways, taken with a giant block of salt, but pretty exciting none the less.
I don't know I feel like it's easier to mock things up especially since 3D printers are accessible to the public.

It may be fake but very interested on how it functions.
Forget 3D printers, with the physically-based renderers nowadays, you can make very convincing mockups like this quite easily, without it ever leaving your computer screen.

I'm laughing less at the design now and a lot more at the fact that people seem to be actually taking this seriously.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Surprised to see this open for so long. Looks so obviously fake with nothing casting shadows.
I think the secret sauce for Nintendo is they will make a fortune selling Nintendo branded handi wipes from all the fingerprints that screen will accrue within 5 minutes of playtime.


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Haptic buttons on screen, joystick force feedback, 2 buttons in top analog "roll" like a computer mouse... she's pretty cool and new.
Guy just took a bunch of rumors and other patents and slapped them together.
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