Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition |OT| Two girls, one motivated Vergil

Devil May Cry 5 to be revealed PSX at earliest, E3 2018 at latest.

Fiscal 2019 release.

Takes place after DMC5 story wise, Dante and Nero to return.

UE4 for now. 60FPS.

Itsuno at helm, Yuji Shimomura to return as cutscene action director.

Some sort of Sony exclusivity deal is in play.

And the game is progressing harmo- I mean smoothly.

This may or may not be a dream.
Hope its true
Dahbomb, LHK, GuardianE, gunbo, and the rest of DMC-GAF are on the Discord. PM me, Dahbomb, Jawmuncher, Son of Sparda or Onibaka for link.

Edit: Heads-up, the DMC-GAF community has now mostly moved on to Discord and Reset-Era. On the latter we have a brand new spanking OT. Hope to see you there.

It's true. Believe me. Hit the discord, folks. It's still up, and we want you there.

I was always right about DMC1.
I pray one day you will see the folly of your words.