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do you think you could fuck up a chimpanzee?


Jan 5, 2010
Denver, USA
Right? So my answer is no. I don't think I could fuck up a chimpanzee. I'm almost 100% certain I would get fucked up and my body parts would be strewn throughout the yard.

That is unless I had a rifle, I knew that the chimp had ill will towards me, I had 100 yards, and clear aim lines the entire time.

Most of ya'll couldn't handle a squirrel if it was ready to throw down
I'm certain my cat almost killed me last night. When I shift to sleeping on my back, she likes to crawl onto my chest, curl up, and fall asleep. I wake up when she does this, but her purring puts me back to sleep immediately. However, last night she decided that my neck was better and laid across it. In my half asleep daze, I was seeing black spots and they got bigger before I managed to get out of the sleep paralysis and shake her off.
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Gold Member
Oct 27, 2017
Moore Park Beach
I think I've got a good chance.

Grapplers haven't historically done well against me. If the chimp keeps his distance, it's fireballs all day. If he jumps in, it's DP city. I'm trying to bait the dash because I'm gonna feed him the st axe kick > st. lk > ex Tatsu when he does, and that's his ass.
Bro, I will just stare him down, rise the demon penis (fugs), and ask, you really want to do this?
If the chimp won't back down facing the demon penis, well chimp will lose.
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