DOTA2 |OT15| anime only please

I gotta wait for the weekend to lug my PC into the living room to try this. When you're spectating is it just a bunch of silent, disembodied heads zooming around or are people actually talking?
People are talking. It's like if you were in a sports bar. :D

The floating heads looks fucking annoying.
Other than that looks legit.

You know the next step is VR Dota porn though.
nah they're cool. you don't really notice them when the action is going and you can move around as needed. You can also make your own lobby if you don't want to be around others.
TI actually means I watch less Dota as the games are mostly in the evening (where I play or do something else) or at night and every worthwhile streamer is there too. Shit. Attacker! stream is awful and most other streamers are either not english speaking or music-only.