DOTA2 |OT15| anime only please


One day I realized that sadness is just another word for not enough coffee.
Is every team playing tomorrow?

NVM found the matchups.
I mean, it's not that Nahaz and gang were talking forever. It's that last year and the year before I was actually at KeyArena for TI. Doors opened at 8, pre-show started at 9, and matches only started at 10. Which meant that I had to wake up at 6 or some ungodly hour to get to the stadium in time for good seats, then had to wait 2 hours before the matches actually started.


I can swap ditaya ra for a silver trash daddy...but i believe he is going to be carried by miracle like always

Edit i replaced febby with akke as he is only playing one seriesd today
ha this is interesting... does that mean other regions should be picking off what teams are playing off their timezone? for example secret is playing 3 games for me on thursday, but only 1 today...
obvious how? like i said team secret is playing 3 on thursday for me, if its not penetrating i can screen cap my schedule for you.


because day 1 of matches doesnt care about any timezone, same for day2/3 etc.

day 1 has
game a
game b
game c
game d
for example, those matches are on day 1 even if day 1 is 2 days for you