DOTA2 |OT16| The Last Thread🛈

notail's logic

scythe anti mage near full hp with no follow up stuns or damage

don't scythe qop at half hp with allies beside me

edit: how the fuck is notail third on the fucking networth chart what in the actual fuck
Atos still insane stat value for cost, but I think the utility of the active is too weak to go for as a core. It's better in the hands of a support, where the stats will also be felt even more.
Damn, did not expect Optic to sign the Dire. Cool.^

Watching OG play like they do makes me sad. It's like there's no cohesion anymore.
I feel Jerax is being held down by his teammates.

N0Tail has been especially lackluster, with downright questionable plays.
Can't say I am all too impressed by Reso either.

I hope my boys will bounce back, because this is just embarrassing to watch


Bull on a Donut
icefrog will surprise us with early 7.07, the strat is obviously to say 1 month to kill everyone's expectations and then EXCEED THEM

absolutely genius
i feel bad for newbee after they'd lost and in that dark room
next year is china year so i'm going to be rooting for them to win, but i think both lgd teams are probably stronger than newbee currently
Some really good games today, Dota involving Envy is always fun.
Oh wow they're still playing huh. It's like 1am in Malaysia now isn't it?

Loved watching that True Sight episode. ALL OF THOSE FEELS. SCCC shot is sooooo good. I wanted him to grab the camera at the end and say "Next year I'm going to win this".
heresy, that's not phoenix!

buff phoenix

damn that atos + pudge hook combo is crazy strong. I seem to forget how loong that atos range actually is