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DC.Demon said:
Economy Updates

Treasure of the Emerald Revival - UNRELEASED

Store banner strings have been added for this treasure. The treasure itself does not seem to have been released yet.

Contains item sets for Naga Siren, Necrophos, Monkey King, Enigma, Rubick, Shadow Fiend, Abaddon, and Clockwerk, as well as escalating odds to unlock a Very Rare Terrorblade item set.
tblade ultra rare

also adapt or lose es gg
It's not just a matter of asking the players to adapt mid-tournament being massively unfair. There's also the potential of huge game-breaking bugs: remember Dire ancients auto-stacking?

That's not even counting delays that would be needed while every computer downloads the patch etc.

For a plethora of reasons releasing patches only after tournaments are not ongoing is the only way to do it.
Speculation on the items in the new chest said:
this is probably what's inside
Naga Siren - ?
Monkey King
Rubick - ?
Shadow Fiend - ?
Abaddon ? - dunno but its probably THIS or THIS is unlikely cus of the epic deets but i honestly want THIS

Very Rare Terrorblade

the Terrorblade set is 100% SURE it is that one

and why is naga getting another set ? wtf valve

its a crazy chest if they do give those and this could be the best chest

If it's that crazy illidan one said:
Treasure of the Emerald Revival

This treasure contains the following items:
Allure of the Deep | Naga Siren
The Plaguemonger | Necrophos
Havoc of Dragon Palace | Monkey King
Exponent of the Endless Stars | Enigma
Rambling Fatebender | Rubick
Fathomless Ravager | Shadow Fiend
The Brinebred Cavalier | Abaddon
The Keen Commander | Clockwerk
Foulfell Corruptor | Terrorblade | Ultra Rare | Escalating Odds