E3 2010 gif/photoshop thread

RTS83 said:
Also, off topic...am I the only one who thinks Kudo Tsunoda is a joke? Is he Japanese? Did he change his name to sound Japanese? I don't get it...
Yup, I think the same from the first time I saw him. Maybe it's a "commercial move" of Microsoft game division in order to hide the real identity of this common man, and to get more audience with players. But LOL what silly name! :lol
You know, I didn't realize the white robe deal at the conference. I thought it was just Itagaki and some friends of his who wore them, making some kind of statement. :lol
Why would you want to cut someone in half in mid-air, then do it again and again? That seems unusually cruel, even for someone who cuts people in half.