Early TRICO test footage (year+ old) -- READ FIRST POST

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holy crap :O

and confirmation

Alpha_eX said:
So they finally showed this video, it's over a year old, can't wait to see what it looks like now, from what I hear, it's amazing. Wanted to post about this for so long but was asked kindly by my source not to say anything because at the time, few people had been shown the trailer.

This is old footage, very old.

Amir0x said:
This is early test footage from well over a year ago that was shown internally. This is not a trailer that would be shown at E3. This is not an indication that the game will be shown at this year's E3, or even this year's TGS.

This is just that test footage. All it confirms is that the game exists (duh!), and that it features a boy and a birdrat colossus that aids him.

The Music is from MILLER'S CROSSING, a 1990's Coen Brothers movie. Just a placeholder.


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The art style on TRICO looks just like what ICO looked like. I mean the actual characters.

Great animation....this looks so good omg
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