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Final Fantasy XV Pro Patch Live Early?


I just went to boot up the game just now and it started downloading 1.05, which is apparently the "Booster Pack" patch that also includes the infamous I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it Pro Patch that we've been waiting for. Wasn't supposed to be released until Tuesday from what I see on the 'net.

My download's going to take another half hour or so. Anyone else had a look at it yet?
I haven't turned on my PS4 for a week and haven't touched XV since it came out. If this is the pro patch, I might fire it back up and start over.


Omg on my way home from work now, can anyone confirm pro support?

My download's almost done. I'm terrible at perceiving frame rates but I'll give it a go.

Thanks! It might help if you switch back and forth between hq and 60fps modes to get a feel for it.


Dude, isn't the Booster Pack just DLC? Or did they say for a fact the Booster Pack DLC comes with a Pro Patch?


If I dont have a PS4 Pro - would this still be installed?

Edit: Wait, I see that 1.05 also includes increasing the level cap and adding portable music on chocobo rides.

Dayum sons , perfect time to continue from where I left off lol.


Hm. Lite mode feels smoother, but I haven't played the game recently enough to really tell the difference.

Framepacing in High mode is NOT fixed.

Ray Down

So I wasn't the only one that noticed this, lol.

Still downloading at the moment and won't have any impressions since I'm doing the puzzle dungeon.


Shouldn't be a photo limit, period. I have to delete really good screenshots just to take more.

So i just open them up and use screenshot then delete them so i still have them.


Hm. Lite mode feels smoother, but I haven't played the game recently enough to really tell the difference.

Framepacing in High mode is NOT fixed.

That's what it says in the notes:

Lite mode maximizes performance for the Pro
High mode maximizes graphics but does not improve the performance.

edit: There's a new Timed Event category in the main menu but it's currently empty.



Patch notes:

Version 1.05
- PlayStation 4 Pro console Lite Mode compatibility with a maximum of 60 FPS
- New Timed Quests (limited-time hunts and contests)
- Higher level cap (up to 120)
- Increased camera roll capacity (store up to 200 photos)
- Portable music player for chocobo rides
- Conclusion of the Moogle Chocobo Carnival
- Various bug fixes

Edit: beaten >.<


Not included in the notes: The Nier soundtrack clips. They are already in your inventory. No sign of the booster weapons though.


I feel like i've made it this far. I might as well wait til whatever dlc for ffxv will come out and then play it all at once with my PS4Pro with hopefully the best stability patch by then.
I don't have a pro, but the level cap was raised, I need over a million XP to level up lol.

There's an option for timed quests in the menu, but there's nothing there yet. I'm just happy that I can listen to my radio on the chocobo now.

Edit: Holy shit, they added NieR music? Or is that old.
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