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Playing Forspoken on the PlayStation 5 console provides a uniquely immersive gameplay experience found nowhere else.
Pre-order the Digital Deluxe or Digital Standard edition of Forspoken on PS5 to receive in-game items that will allow you to equip Frey head-to-toe in stunning PlayStation-themed gear:
• Symbol Combo Necklace
• No Limits Cloak
• Trigger Happy Nails

Forspoken arrives January 24, 2023.


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thinking of buying dual shock controller for pc. Hows is the native support on PC?
It only works well with steam i think, and not every game has the complete support for the shitty gimmicks.

For the other stores you need to use xinput or some shit like that.

The xone/sex controller is the only one that work on every store by default.
If someone asked me for the prime example of a generic and average game I would let him play this game.
Had hopes after they announced this but after the demo I just can't understand why developers don't learn from the ideas and faults of other devs.


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Start with next gen graphics then we can worry about immersion.

Arguably the ugliest next gen game ive seen and i had the displeasure of watching 56 Deathloop and Ghostwire tokyo State of Plays.
They both look much better than forspoken tbh.
I felt like I was trying to force myself to like this game during the demo. I couldn't get the gameplay to really click with me. I kept trying cause some people said once it clicks it's great blah blah blah. I think I'm a pass.


thinking of buying dual shock controller for pc. Hows is the native support on PC?
Dual Shock (PS4 pad) works great on PC. Steam has native support. As for both Steam games and non Steam games you can use DS4Windows ( It even works well with Bluetooth. If your PC doesn't have it you can buy the ASUS dongle (usb-bt500 or usb-bt400). DS4Windows makes the PS4 controller look like a 360 to Windows, so you'll miss out on the Playstation button prompts but otherwise DS4Windoes is great, you can customize a lot of things. Add gyro aiming, remap any button to what ever key or button sequence/macro you want.

As for Dual Sense (PS5) that is another story, it too works pretty well with both Steam and DS4Windows but you'll lose out on proper haptic vibrations unless the game supports it AND you have to use it wired for it to work. Also, the haptic feedback doesn't feel right when a game sends vibrations meant for rumble. I would only use the pad with a game that support the DS5 pad. Which some apparently do on PC.

Personally, I'm sticking to DS4 pads for most games, but if there is good support for proper haptic feedback in Forespoken I'll at least try it out as I already have a PS5 pad and really liked it when I tried the PS5 demo.
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Sorry to say it but it needs a 5 year delay. It doesn't look good, play well or have anything interesting.

It's also got fairly poor voice acting. It's like a budget version of Kena!
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The real problem of this game is how it plays.
But it has others problems:
- The game is aimed at adults (17+), not children, but features a (annoyingly chatty) teen for its main protagonist. This could be OK in a mainstream Final Fantasy game but it's not for a new franchise.
- All style, no substance (again there is no Final Fantasy franchise to save it)
- That little touch of woke, because why not we weren't sure the game was going to fail.


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I think Square needs to like...

Sell a Blu-Ray with three hours of ultra high def footage of them absolutely destroying anything that even touched the development of FFXV.

That's how you recoup and put your engine to good use.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
im still 50/50 on this game.
Magic looks interesting, but the world is bland as fuck


I think this will be a stinker and crash and burn Square, prepare yourselves. (although Sony bucks probs paid for a fair chunk of the dev I'd guess)
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