"FREE to a good home" thread |20XX Edition| No begging, requests, or taking advantage

May 12, 2009
Vice City
Master Ninja's much-beloved thread needed a new installment, so here it is! first up:

Rules/Suggestions for participation:
  1. Do not come in here begging for random stuff no one's offering, kinda goes against the spirit of the thread. besides, there's all kinds of jewels to be found on the cheap in the buy/sell thread.
  2. If you're giving away digital codes, embed them in email tags so lurkers don't steal them! this is done by (thanks to the steamgifts thread):

    do not put code here [ /email]

    any member quoting said post will see the hidden code. likewise, if you redeem said code, say thanks - also so others know it's been used! If there's multiple codes, please indicate which one you took.

    [*]Spamming F5 when someone's posting multiple items successively to yell "ME" even before seeing what the current one is is weak (you guys know who you are, it's even more embarrassing when you edit the post after realizing you don't want it, by the way).
    however if Master Ninja is doing his thing where he blurs out the next thing and it's suikoden 2 and you snipe me i swear to god ill find you man

    [*]Don't be greedy, and remember, no one owes you anything! Also, Elton John reminds you that you should never take more than you give, so if you've got old carts, unused codes, gaming swag or anything else about, why not post it up here? trust me, gamestop's gonna give you less than a quarter for MGS2, Metroid Prime, and your copy of Madden '03 anyway, and you never know who's been wanting to play those ones.

Much love to Master Ninja again for an awesome idea (and tremendous support), as well as the awesome days of Zedmas holiday giveaways & everyone else who shared in the original thread!


To start things off right - ive got steam codes for Gish and Serious Sam: Double D on my work pc, first to name which defense force my normal avatar represents gets em! Might have a few more indie bundle ones & physical games to add later as well.
May 12, 2009
Vice City
I kinda liked how huge the old thread was. It was a monument to GAF's generosity.
i know man, i wanted it to go on forever too but if i didn't do it it'dve been one of red shoe paul's alt accounts here to swindle generous gamers out of their stuff!

you can plat both souls games.
you can BBE run MGS4.
you can even beat 450 something games in your lifetime.
but use a Game Genie to beat Kid Icarus one freaking time the summer of '87, and you get that title for life. (;_;)


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Jan 11, 2005
I've got a 10% off games code for FutureShop.ca from tsilon.ca if any Canadian who isn't a part of that site wants it. Send me a PM.
May 6, 2007
I have this left over from the Steam Sale that anyone can grab if they like:

World Basketball Manager 2010
-25% Valve
-33% Valve
-25% Batman: Arkham City
-50% Introversion Complete Pack
-50% Rockstar Games


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Aug 4, 2011
pick what you want (steam)
33% OFF Valve
50% OFF The Binding Of Isaac
50% OFF Monday Night Combat
50% OFF Shadowgrounds Survivor
50% OFF Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retribution
Can I get the Warhammer coupon?

Deleted member 13876

Unconfirmed Member

10% Zavvi Voucher, only valid till midnight GMT Today (Tuesday) so use it immediately if you're gonna take it.

Quote to reveal.


Fools are always so certain of themselves, but wiser men so full of doubts.
Aug 4, 2011
Got a Starhawk beta key from my Uncharted 3 copy. Not really all that interested in the game.

First quote gets it.


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Feb 14, 2009
I've got an Starhawk Uncharted 3 code to give away along with a UK Mass Effect 2 PS3 Cerebus Network code that is no use to me because EA is full of morons. :|

PM me if you want them.