"FREE to a good home" thread |20XX Edition| No begging, requests, or taking advantage

Sure, I think they are in a bundle though so you'd have to take both :p
PM me your steam emailaddress.
You sir are awesome! PM coming your way!

Mayor props to Negaiido for the gift. Have been wanting to play it for the longest time, but Steam wouldn´t take any of my cards in Mexico. Thanks a lot!


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I have battlefield 1943 code that I think is still valid, and a us mass effect 2 cerberus network, both for ps3, if anyone wants either of them.
US Mass Effect 2, plz.

In fact, I'll trade you the UK code to give away if you give me that one since I need it for my copy of ME2 since EA are morons and didn't give me a proper region code.

Plz. :(
Free to a good home, I have Steam coupons:

-33% Valve
-25% Valve
-25% Valve
-25% Valve
-10% Valve
-50% Arcania: Gothic 4
-50% S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
-50% APOX
-50% Sol Survivor

Send a PM if anything catches your fancy.
PM your Steam ID and the code you want if you want any of the following:

- 50% off Blood Bowl
- 50% off Droplitz
- 50% off Portal 2

Also a copy of Half Life 2 up for grabs.
I thought there was a thread already for Steam Swaps and Giveaways?
This thread is a sequel to one that goes well beyond just Steam. New games, consoles, controllers and a ton of other stuff gets given away for free in the "Free to a good home" Threads. I gave away Call of Duty Pink Ops here and I was given several great games like Metal Gear Solid 2 just to name one.

Its a big fat home for big fat goodwill from us big fat gamers. My stretchmarks are smiling right now at the love in this thread. Big purple love filled smile.
O_O ...da hell brought that metaphor on????

Also -25% off Valve coupon is up from me First to quote that stretchmark thing can have it. <3


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When they're free and you can use them now, yes.
I guess people with them realize how worthless they are since the deals were on par or better during the Winter Sale where we got them.

EDIT: If you guys really want them:

-50% Trine
-50% Valve
-33% Valve
Steam Mobile App invitation.

PM me.
I thought there was a thread already for Steam Swaps and Giveaways?
Swaps are in the Steam Trade thread. ANY giveaways are in this thread.

Also, still haven't gotten a PM for the Steam Mobile Beta. Come on GAF. I want this outta my inventory! First to PM me gets it!

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^^Man, I'd love the Silent Hill one but the game isn't available in my region.

Knock ya selves out. Any of them up for grabs.

33% off Valve = Gone

Please post your Steam ID with voucher preference. :)