PS4 Neo to be announced on September 7 in New York


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While all indications pointed to an announcement of the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in September, our sources tell us an announcement on 7 September in New York.


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Hell yes. Can't wait to see how this runs and looks.

Really hoping to see some nice NEO Mode patches for older titles at launch.

Bets on the actual name?
I'm hoping I can buy one before or as FFXV hits, so that date works out for me. Soon after is fine so ideally less that a month after reveal.
not surprising. i thought all the rumors pointed to it being announced in september since the very start?

release a patch for bloodborne to use the full power of Neo and i'll be there day one.

Please no release in 2016...
I just bought a ps4...
return it then if it matters so much to you. your PS4 won't all of a sudden stop working. the rumors for neo have been around months now so maybe should've done a bit more research.


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how reliable is on these kind of rumors?
Here is a recap all of Gameblog's scoops over the years:

Don't be fooled by haters who have no idea what they're talking about.

Usually crap. But when it's this close to happen, kinda reliable.
I guess when it's this specific, we should know soon. And if it's wrong again, maybe it'll be time for Neogaf to ban Gameblog from here.
Oh please, cut the crap.

You can't trust them, really. Their website is a clickbait shit
You keep telling yourself that. The record speaks for itself.
Going to make the date official today ?
Sony has a game of balance to play, if they announce this today that means a month [or more] of slower PS4 sales, but if they announce date too late they risk damaging marketing of Neo.

But if this news is true and leak spreads across the web, they will be forced to say something soon.
Most of the time, Gameblog is a shitty clickbaity website, but when it comes to rumours (talking about their own rumours, not rumours found on internet), they are fairly accurate.