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Games that disappointed you this generation


Oct 19, 2019
MK11 is trash. I knew it wouldn't be that combo heavy, but man the characters can't do shit as far as variety. Here is your one launcher. Find your one string that connects.


Oct 18, 2018
Until Dawn
(if you play this after Detroit Become Human, you can only be disappointed by the lack of choice possible in this narrative adventure game)

Persona 5
(The most boring and tedious jrpg that I've played this generation. And easily the worst Persona game, for me. Overrated and just too boring)

Ghost of a Tale
(probably one of the most disappointing Indi game that I've ever played.
Over the numerous technical problems, the game has just a pointless plot, in the end)
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Feb 1, 2014
It's kind of a long list so I'm just gonna name ones that I've actually played for more then a few hours.

Dishonored 2 - A small disappointment. The game-play was perfectly solid, but it also felt like more of the same. I couldn't bring myself to play it a second time. Also the villains were kind of disappointing as well. I could've sworn I already dealt with Delilah in the previous game. How did she even come back? It was never explained in the game's story so the writers couldn't even be consistent in their own continuity.

Evil Within 2 - A mild disappointment. Basic game-play mechanics are still just as clunky as the first game with none of the charm of it actually taking place in an abstract setting determined by the shared hive-mind of the first game's denizens. It feels like they tried way too hard to explain the lore upfront instead of letting players figure it out for themselves.

Final Fantasy XV - A small disappointment in terms of the story being hacked apart and pieced together through DLC episodes and Patched in cut-scenes. The basic combat system also felt like a step down from the Platinum Demo which had pretty in-depth combat mechanics compared to the final game.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - A mild disappointment. For a game about robot dinosaurs and primitive tribes, this game takes itself way too seriously. This should've been a AAA Blood Dragon. The combat system's execution is a bit clunky but I otherwise enjoyed fighting the enemies themselves. But the story is just plain boring. It doesn't really get good at all until the last few chapters and before you know it, the game's over.

Just Cause 3 - A small disappointment. It wasn't as good as JC2 and suffers nasty performance issues on PS4, but is otherwise still a pretty solid game. I really did not like the fact they inserted a skill unlock system that's tied to bullshit challenges that used to be optional.

Mass Effect Andromeda - I expected nothing and was still disappointed. The cast just plain sucks and it feels like a chore just talking to them and doing side quests. The main story I couldn't even finish. I got bored of just playing the game normally several hours in.

Resident Evil REmake3 - Major disappointment. This one stung pretty hard. Ignoring comparisons to the original RE3, it was a step down compared to REmake2. Combat feedback, physics, AI, Level Design and so on got thrown out the window, which left us with a soulless husk of a game that was clearly rushed out the door in a hurry so they could start on REmake4. Factoring in comparisons to the original RE3, a game made in 1999 with a much lower budget, just makes the sting even worse.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 - A small disappointment. If the combat system was more refined and had actual feedback when you shoot enemies, this game would've been almost perfect.

Star Ocean 5 - Small disappointment. The basic gameplay loop gets old pretty fast and the story takes awhile to get moving.

TL DR; REmake 3 stung the hardest with disappointment. Everything else was just kinda meh in terms of expectations.
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Nov 20, 2018
I can't deny that the first hour of Gravity rush 2 can be heavy, but when you advance the scenario of gravity rush 2 jirga para lhao, the game improves a lot, in story mode and in every aspect.

I finished it, and I can say that it is one of the best games of all time, and the best game I have ever played in my life.

On the extras, give thanks to the stupidity of Sony, composed of Shawn Layden and the nefarious Jim Ryan among others ... I Just going to tell you, Gravity rush 2, is the Zelda Breath of the wild competition as best game 2017. I have both consoles and titles to say these words.

Listen to me, the game is awesome, dont be like Gaming journalist that they dont complete the game give their opinion.
I honestly don't think I'll ever play it again or even finish it. I believe in everything you point out, but it was and would be too exhausting to force me to play it until I like it. I don't say it's a bad game, I'm just disappointed I didnt like it as much as I liked to.
I repeat myself when I say that the game belongs on the Vita and in my jacket pocket. I would probably find the time and the desire to play the game there.


Golden Boy
Jun 2, 2013
Pokémon Sword and Shield
What a sorry excuse for a mainline game running on potent hardware while looking like N64 at times, with lazy and repurposed animations.
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Jul 24, 2012
What Remains of Edith Finch

Many people talked favorably about this walking sim game, but I just found it frustrating. Other than that I think most games were great last generation.
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Aug 11, 2019
FF7 Remake - artificially bloated. A 30-40 hour game with about 15 hours worth of good content. Story changes are also embarrassingly bad

The Evil Within - started off great and then quickly felt like a chore to play

Far Cry 4 - Played the shit out of FC3 on the 360 (bad framerate and all) and just about 100% it. FC4 was worse in every aspect. Pagan Min was a bootleg Vaas, the supporting characters were all boring, the map sucked, the missions were lame and the game just felt like paint by numbers. Thankfully FC5 is an infinitely better game.

Octopath Traveler - top notch visuals and music and one of the best turn based fighting systems (Bravely Default, meets Grandia) can't prevent this from turning into the eventual snooze fest that it became. The fact that the game requires you to play through each characters stories, but they somehow don't really intertwine or interact with each other is just stupid. The game feels like a series of side quests for 8 different characters. I put in about 60 or so hours before ditching the game


Apr 10, 2018
  • Wolfenstein the new colossus - So disappointing following the new order, the pacing was shit and the story couldn't settle on the direction it wanted to go in. The level design was so awful. Felt like it was by a completely different developer
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - It just feels so hollow, pretty much nothing that was promised is missing in the end product
  • Uncharted 4 - Very badly paced and the environments all seemed the same. Felt too long as well, just wanted it to end
  • Battlefield V - For every 1 thing they did right, they did 10 things wrong. Clearly rushed and not ready with sloppy overall direction
  • Fallout 4 - Absolutely destroyed my faith in Bethesda, shitty quest design that always ended up with "shoot the bandits". Not an rpg at all.
  • Deus Ex mankind divided - It still had parts and systems that I enjoyed, but it just felt like half a game
I'm torn whether to put tlou2 on here or not. It's very well made in so many ways, but the pacing and overall story impact just didn't quite hit what I was expecting.


Sep 2, 2014
Essex, UK
Final Fantasy VII Remake

I’d like to first prefix with that I did enjoy the game, for what it was. But it wasn’t what I wanted it or expected it to be.


I loved the combat
Music was great
Character models were stunning
I actually really liked the narrative bending

Completely linear
The way side quests were handled
Unchartedesque set pieces

The game really didn’t feel like a Final Fantasy to me. It barely felt like an RPG. It just felt like what the Midgar section of the game would be like if Naughty Dog gave it a go.

I liked it, it just wasn’t at all what I wanted it to be. Perhaps I had my expectations set way too high, or just completely off track.

Evil Calvin

Aug 23, 2017
Division 2. Unplayable solo. The first one was doable solo but they doubled down on the difficulty. Bullshit.


Todd Howard's Secret GAF Account
Feb 10, 2011
Halo 5 all but killed my interest for the series.(Thank god for MCC)

The story was abysmal compared to all other halo narratives. (Even the audio drama that hyped up Halo 5 was better)

And the graphics, even on X were just bad. Shadow pop in, and other compromises to hit 60 just took too much away.


Mass Effect was my favorite new IP since Halo. Loved the trilogy. Even 3.

Andromeda came out, I played for a bit, stopped until patches improved it, BioWare bailed on the game early, haven’t went back. Maybe one day.


May 1, 2020
Death Stranding biggest disappointment - Boring Delivery Simulator.
Control - Inferior to Quantum Break
Life is Strange 2 - Much weaker than first one.
Walking Dead Final season - Same reason
Mass Effect Andromeda - Inferior to other Mass Effects
Destiny 2 - Grindfest
AC Origins - Other than the beautiful world, everything else sucked.


Nov 30, 2012
Haven't played it yet cause i don't have the right PC hardware but i'm disappointed by how bad the open world mechanics are in Cyberpunk, judging from all the videos and (actual) reviews i saw.


May 30, 2020
Cyberprank 2077. Great story and looks but the rest of the systems were absolutely undermined by the a.i.

Timeless One

Oct 25, 2017
Mass Effect Andromeda (by far)
I just did not like any single aspect of the game. Everything was on a lower level in compare to original trilogy. And characters ? The worst I have ever seen.

Mafia 3
As a matter of fact, it wasn't even Mafia at all imo !

Battlefield V
Its not fun anymore ! And the quick movement like battlefront removed all the tactical mechanism
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Mar 7, 2020
Oh too many to name. There are far more disappointments these days than games that meet or exceed expectations. That's partly my fault for getting excited for things. I'm always trying to remind myself to be prepared for disappointment!


Jul 16, 2008
  • Breath of the Wild
  • Cyberpunk 2077 - Need I explain?
  • Project Cars 2 and 3 - Just gets worse and worse as the series goes on, at least we have Automobilista 2 to save us
  • Forza Horizon 4 - Can be summed up with one GIF:

Step down from FH3, stuffed to the brim with shite that has nothing to do with racing and overall it's your A-Z "trying to appeal to millennials who may or may not give a shit about cars/racing. Everyone's a winner and I hope you like clothing. FM7 only narrowly doesn't make this list as well, step down from FM6 for me, in general the series is trending in a direction that's really not for me.
  • Mirrors Edge Catalyst - How to fuck up a cult franchise 101
  • Uncharted 4 - Boring
  • Fallout 4 - Stop calling this abomination an RPG
  • Wolfenstein Youngblood - pandering trash
  • Rage 2 - Takes great gunplay and then throws it all into a monotonous open world game.
  • Batman Arkham Knight (PC) - What a joke
  • Just Cause 3 - Just Cause 2 was one of my games of the previous gen and they ruined it with this entry. Nowhere near as fun or imaginative.
  • Sunset Overdrive - Sorry, just not for me.
  • Thief (2014) - You ruined it.
I'm sure there are other games I'm forgetting but those spring to mind.
Why do you play games if you hate them so much? It's a waste of your time and money.


Nov 9, 2006
Why do you play games if you hate them so much? It's a waste of your time and money.

This is a thread to post about the games we didn't like this gen.

What do you want me to do? List the games I did enjoy? Let me guess... you like some of the games that I listed so it hurt your feelings?
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Feb 24, 2012
United Kingdom
While I only really have Resident Evil 3 remake to nominate for not living up to the potential afforded by being a remake of one of the best games in the series and following a solid reimagining, there’s lots of sequels I didn’t even bother picking up for one reason or another and they’d likely be on my list.


Apr 25, 2013
Until Dawn
(if you play this after Detroit Become Human, you can only be disappointed by the lack of choice possible in this narrative adventure game)
imo it's more that in the end the choices are too often hidden behind reading clues and finding them than real action
I still like this game a lot for the ambiance
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Jun 22, 2011
Why do you play games if you hate them so much? It's a waste of your time and money.

I think his list is legit though.

I love FH4 but its the only one I played. I heard from a friend 3 was better. And I dislike the clothing stuff, who the fuck cares how a driver looks.

For rest, Arkham PC was one of the worst releases of the decade. Cyberpunk is also one of these. Thief and Catalyst were a few of the worst comebacks. There is lots of disappointment on there.
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We ain't outta here in ten minutes, we won't need no rocket to fly through space
May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
Planet Zoo and Planet Coaster both had so many little things wrong with them that they completely soured my experience, it's such a shame. I'm never buying another Frontier game again.

Two Point Hospital is an example of how you redo those games in the modern era, but even that suffered from a major design flaw that completely ruined the endgame. Might be fixed now, or maybe someone modded it, will have to revisit.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Aug 18, 2017
Mount Olympus
Call of Duty is huge military shooter than all of a sudden they make it a nerf future jet pack game so for me it’s black ops 3, 4, advanced warfare I’m not sorry those games suck and need to be torched from the COD timeline.


Jan 18, 2017
SFV hate this game, SF4 was really fun, it felt better, had much better combos and hype.

MVCI, horrible looking game, and recycle characters, looks like a budget mobile game.

KH3, didn’t like the game at all,KH2 is still
much more fun.

Pokémon S&S, could look better, just doesn’t feel fun, maybe I’m tired of the Pokémon formula.

Last of us 2, listen the game looks amazing, possibly the best looking of last gen, but if they wanted to make a LGBTQ game instead of a post-apocalypse style game, they could’ve just made a new IP. The story/game was horrible, I rather play Superman 64.

FF15, it seems good after all the DLC and changes, but to me it’s about first impressions and I wasn’t impressed.
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Barry Burton

Aug 4, 2011
Most of these aren't what I'd call "bad games" (actually, most of them are at least pretty good) but were disappointing in light of the expectations I had for them.

10. Super Mario Odyssey - This is more about expectations than the quality of the game, which is very high. I had a lot of fun with this game, but it's probably my least-favorite 3D Mario game. Which means it's still a 9/10-type game, but it just wasn't what I'm looking for from a 3D Mario game. It's a much lesser platformer than the Galaxy and 3D Land/World games, and it also fails to capture what was so special about Mario 64. It's a lot of fun, bite-sized challenges and there are far worse things in the world than that, but I was hoping for something a lot more ambitious.

9. Devil May Cry 5 - With DMC5, it's about personal preference and where I find myself respective to the game's target audience. I like character-action games, but I'm not exactly the best at them; if I get a "B" rank on a mission, I'm generally satisfied with that. It was the adventure game element of the early titles that really drew me to the series, and that's pretty much gone completely from DMC5. Instead, the campaign is essentially a series of linear levels that are entirely combat encounters, with same-y, ultra-bland environments. And with all of the frequent switching between characters, I never really got into a groove with any of them. It's clear that the point of DMC5 is to replay the missions over and over and get the highest possible rankings, and I totally get that it's what the core fanbase wants. I just wasn't interested in revisiting those missions at all. In the end, I actually liked DmC more.

However, unlike all the people who complain about FromSoftware games and how "they should cater their games FOR MEEEEEEEEEEE" with difficulty levels and whatnot, I'm fine with acknowledging that I'm not part of the DMC target audience (the fanbase appears to be very happy with this game), and that this series just isn't for me anymore. There are plenty of games out there for me to play instead, and I'll always have the original trilogy to go back to.

(Okay, just DMC1 and 3!)

8. The Outer Worlds - The creators of Fallout teaming with the developers of New Vegas to make, essentially, a "Fallout killer" that reestablishes the role-playing element that has been diminished more and more in recent Bethesda games? Sign me up! So in hindsight, it's really strange that I ended up enjoying Fallout 4 more than this. But there's just something missing here. There's a lot missing, actually. It's a fine enough video game, but after a very promising start, the bulk of the game is largely unremarkable. Aside from a few notable companions, the characters and the dialogue were very forgettable, and the quality of the worldbuilding left a lot to be desired. It's a good enough game that I'd like to see a sequel that fulfills a lot of that promise, as this just felt like a game with a blatantly reduced scope so that they could release it when they did.

7. The Evil Within - Similarly, I expected a whole lot more from the director of two of my all-time favorite games - REmake and Resident Evil 4 - than a pretty good game. After nearly a decade of work in action games, this was the "Father of Survival Horror" returning to the genre he popularized at what felt like low tide for horror games, and certainly the low point for Resident Evil. But at no point did this game ever really decide what it wanted to be. It's a largely unfocused, inconsistent jumble of ideas cobbled together, which resulted in some incredibly high highs and some very low lows, on a moment-to-moment basis. For purportedly being "the game to save survival horror", it didn't come anywhere close, and the fact that the brilliant Alien Isolation released the same month didn't help matters. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this game overall, but to call it a mess wouldn't be overstating things. I preferred the second game which, while also flawed, offered a much more consistent experience.

6. Yoshi's Crafted World - Yoshi's Woolly World is surprisingly one of the best 2D platformers on a Wii U console that had a number of great ones, highlighted by a charming art-style and delightful soundtrack. Good-Feel had gone from Wario to Kirby to Yoshi and had been 3-for-3 in my eyes, and remained one of the most underrated developers on the planet. Perhaps going back to the well with another Yoshi game was a mistake, then, because none of the charm and creativity of Woolly World made it into Crafted World. This is a soulless, forgettable product.

5. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - What happened here? This wouldn't have been a disappointment had The New Order not been one of the best surprises of the generation, but my expectations were raised coming into the sequel. The drop-off in quality from the first game to the second game was stunning, especially in terms of level design. The New Order stood out for having levels designed for stealth and non-linear exploration, and the sequel tries to do the same but with a series of corridors and combat arenas instead. The New Order was also enjoyable and unique as a stealth/FPS hybrid, as instead of feeling the urge to reload your checkpoint if you were caught, it was fun to let the game devolve into a firefight. However, combat isn't fun at all in Wolfenstein II, with bullet-sponge enemies and a playable character that is anything but that. There are a few very memorable and shocking story moments that salvage the overall experience somewhat, but this is still a huge disappointment. This was eerily similar to the steep decline from Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay to Assault on Dark Athena, developed by MachineGames' predecessor.

4. Deadly Premonition 2 - Many people have called Deadly Premonition "so bad it's good", but I've always pushed back on that. It's one of my favorite games of all time, but it's because the great things about Deadly Premonition were legitimately great. The bad aspects of Deadly Premonition (especially the combat) were legitimately bad and for the most part didn't help the game's cause. Unfortunately, Swery seems to have bought into the idea that people liked the original game because it was so bad it's good, and so he made a blatantly bad game that's "so bad it's bad". And beyond this just being poorly designed, the technical issues are unforgivable. I've never played a game with a worse framerate, which is hard to fathom considering how ugly the game's visuals are. Aspects of this game would have looked unimpressive on the PS2 (my goodness, look at the trees!), and the combination of that, the ridiculous amount of pop-in, all of the visual artifacts and the god-awful framerate, it's one of the worst-looking games of all time considering the release year and platform. Playing this game literally gave me headaches. While patches improved it somewhat, you still can't polish a turd. Regardless, DP2 is missing a lot of the charm that the first game had, and Le Carre has only a fraction of the character that Greenvale had.

A sequel to Deadly Premonition is a game I never thought would happen; it was a true "game of my dreams". But now I wish it never got made. This game sucks and has really soured me on Swery as a game designer.

3. Batman: Arkham Knight - When the stop-gap game Arkham Origins released, all we kept hearing over and over was that Rocksteady was the Batman "A-team" and this was the big next-gen experience that they'd been working on. Well, that stop-gap game was better than this. I absolutely hate this game with every fiber of my being. Their Joker obsession went well beyond the point of parody. Scarecrow was completely wasted as a main villain. The hype and subsequent reveal of the titular "Arkham Knight" was stupid. The whole story sucked, really, with a lot of cheap moments that initially pack an emotional punch, only for the game to yell "gotcha sucker!" afterward. The side quests are the worst in the series. The Batmobile sucked. There are like 7 thousand Riddler trophies clogging the map, and you have to find them all to see the game's final ending, which also sucked. The tried-and-true core gameplay (combat, traversal, stealth) is still solid as ever, but that's all I can really say about this game. Everything that was new for Arkham Knight, either gameplay or content-wise, was bad. Rocksteady still hasn't put out a new game since, and I'm not expecting good things from it. This studio feels like it peaked with Arkham Asylum or City (depending on which style of world design you prefer; I lean towards the Metroidvania-inspired design of Asylum).

2. Resident Evil 3 (remake) - Capcom had been on a roll. The RE series hit rock-bottom in 2012 with RE6, but they followed that up with a solid effort in Revelations 2, a major return to form with RE7, and the brilliant Resident Evil 2 remake. The RE3 remake had a number of things working in its favor: remakes of both Resident Evil 1 and 2 were excellent, Capcom was riding high again, and RE3 is a game that really stood to benefit greatly from a remake. While RE1, RE2 and RE4 are all considered classics, RE3 is sort of the "forgotten" numbered entry among the early RE games. In terms of its development at the time, it was sort of an afterthought. A remake was a great opportunity to elevate the game's reputation to be at the same level of the series' most highly-regarded games. 20 years later, two obvious areas where a remake could do great things were the city setting, and Nemesis as a stalker enemy. It was not hard to envision a larger scaled, more open Raccoon City, and to expect great things from Nemesis after seeing some amazing stalker enemies in recent years (Alien, Mr. X). On-paper, an RE3 remake should be the ultimate Resident Evil game.

Instead, much like the original game, the remake was also clearly an afterthought. This felt more like an RE3 story expansion to the RE2 remake, rather than an actual remake of RE3. They didn't improve the design of Raccoon City streets at all, they kinda just moved some things around. It's not really better or worse. Nemesis was a huge disappointment. I never would have believed that Mr. X in the RE2 remake would be much more of an effective threat than Nemesis in an RE3 remake. The challenging puzzles that the original game featured? Gone. Unique areas such as the Clock Tower, Park, and Factory? Gone, replaced by more generic sewers and labs. Live selection? Gone. Certain notable enemies and boss fights? Gone. One character's iconic death? Gone. The graphics and presentation (including Jill and Carlos' redesigns) are better in the remake, as is the Hospital level; everything else is worse than in the original.

Stripped of all context of this being a remake and the follow-up to the RE2 remake, this is a fine game on its own. It looks and plays fine, and is competently made. But given its status as a remake, considering the quality of prior RE remakes and the quality of the most recent RE games, this was an enormous disappointment.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 - I loved Red Dead Redemption, and it remains my favorite Rockstar game. RDR2 was my most-wanted game (by far) going into 2018. It ended up as one of my all-time Top 5 biggest disappointments, and is probably the last Rockstar game I'll play. GTAV was a mild disappointment for me back in 2013, because of how outdated it felt to play, and how rigid the mission design was. "If only their games would feel like other modern games do." "If only they would allow me some degree of freedom in how I complete a mission." However, Rockstar lives in a bubble where if it isn't something they themselves came up with, it simply doesn't exist. Five years later, and RDR2 doubles down on all of this, feeling even more outdated mechanically given the passage of time, and offering zero player freedom while in a mission. Why make open-world games when these are the missions you want to design? Why design missions like this when you've constructed such a beautiful, detailed open-world? It is oil & water. There are some great moments outside of missions, where you're allowed to be your own Arthur Morgan, but once a mission starts you are the Houser Brothers' Arthur Morgan and the game never hesitates to punish you for stepping out of line.

For most of the game, I didn't have a positive experience playing this. During Chapters 3 and 4 (the real meat of the game) I can honestly say I was enjoying my time with the game, but everything before and after was a slog. I stuck with the game in the hope that the story would pay off, but it doesn't. I genuinely don't think the story is very good, either. It's incredibly repetitive and takes much longer to reach its destination than it needed to, and even the game's climactic moment was ruined by dragging things out even further. And as someone who played as a villainous outlaw Arthur, the major late-game story development didn't land for me at all. None of it felt earned.

There are too many impressive elements of Red Dead Redemption 2 for me to call it a bad game. The visuals and presentation are top-of-the-line, and some of the NPC interactions (especially at camp) led to some really magical moments that you can't find anywhere else. But generally speaking, I didn't like this game. Every new Rockstar release has always felt like a huge event that I've wanted to be a part of. But if future Rockstar games continue in the direction of GTAV and RDR2 - as I expect them to - then I'm out. It was a good run, but I'm just not going to bother with something that I know I'm going to find frustrating.


Gold Member
Jan 31, 2018
I was an Anthem cheerleader. That's probably the biggest one for me. Mass Effect Andromeda and honestly, CyberPunk were also big letdowns and I played Cyberpunk on PC. the world was ambitious but, I guess I expected more out of the game in terms of things to do that wasn't the main story. The sidequests did not stand up to what The Witcher 3 had to offer. The graphics were nice, but that can only get you so far and when it comes down to it, games like TLOU2 look far superior. I know it's open world vs a more linear game but I don't think that matters when it comes to character models and animation.

This gen has seen probably the worst of games that were hyped to oblivion only to end up never living up to that hype. Developers smelling ripe with scandal and greed from publishers ruining creative vision. Last gen...kinda sucked honestly looking back.
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Sep 29, 2020
The only game I purchased and regretted this gen was No Mans Sky. I thought the game looked like a great space exploration game.....It was trash.

Games I thought I was hyped for, but once release got close I let my better judgment win:
Borderlands 3
Kojima Delivery game....whose name I can't remember.
Yoshi's crafted world
Mass Effect Andromeda

All I can think of for now.


Nov 22, 2018
BF1 and 5... Please make Battlefield 6 great DICE

Animal Crossing new horizons.I bought into the hype for the game and I just don't see the appeal.

Destiny 2...What a piece of shit game

Cyberpunk..Thank god amazon let me return it

Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member
Call of Duty is huge military shooter than all of a sudden they make it a nerf future jet pack game so for me it’s black ops 3, 4, advanced warfare I’m not sorry those games suck and need to be torched from the COD timeline.
Yeah, I hated when Call of Duty was in the middle of a futuristic jetpack phase. I actually thought Advanced Warfare was a decent campaign, the multiplayer was not fun though and it introduced lootboxes/stat changing weapons. Big no no.

At the same time, people got on their case for not changing the series enough and everyone hated it when they did. Now some people are back to saying the franchise never changes.


Jul 18, 2019
Wrote earlier but forget about one more game, Divinity Original Sin 2, played few hours and just couldn't get it, beginning of story is just uninteresting and turn base combat system just feel like waste of time. Maybe 20 years ago I would be amazed by this game but now... nah Also sad that Larian Studio made bg3 couse what I saw from gameplay it looks just like do3, not interested and bg2 is my one of favorite games.

Sidney Prescott

Unconfirmed Member
I was an Anthem cheerleader. That's probably the biggest one for me. Mass Effect Andromeda and honestly, CyberPunk were also big letdowns and I played Cyberpunk on PC. the world was ambitious but, I guess I expected more out of the game in terms of things to do that wasn't the main story. The sidequests did not stand up to what The Witcher 3 had to offer. The graphics were nice, but that can only get you so far and when it comes down to it, games like TLOU2 look far superior. I know it's open world vs a more linear game but I don't think that matters when it comes to character models and animation.

This gen has seen probably the worst of games that were hyped to oblivion only to end up never living up to that hype. Developers smelling ripe with scandal and greed from publishers ruining creative vision. Last gen...kinda sucked honestly looking back.
Anthem was a real shame. It would have been nice to have a good alternative to Destiny, but it just fell short at pretty much everything. The visuals were nice, but that was about it.

I think hype is a problem. I have tried to calm my expectations down, especially after Cyberpunk. I thought the game was decent but not the revolutionary game it was being hyped up to be.


Aug 30, 2019
Uncharted 4 is probably the biggest bummer for me.

Breath of the Wild/Mario Odyssey are probably runners up.


Aug 29, 2014
Digimon world was a weird disappointment. My biggest disappointment was how they made that world. Final Fantasy 7 and 15 would have to be my biggest disappointment this year. Honestly for 15 I was kinda expecting to be disappointed since they had the whole bro trip going on but the towns in that world was so bare almost felt like they were just props for scenery. I quit halfway through. FF7 after that first trailer I had much higher hopes for it but I guess the change in developers really messed that game up. The world honestly felt like a ps2 game with the whole go down one of these branching paths. Now getting a glimpse of the world of cyber punk and just comparing it to FF7 it just hurts a lot worse.


May 21, 2020
Mass Effect Andromeda

To think Bioware once made games like Kotor, Jade Empire, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 1/2. What a fall from grace.

Warcraft 3 Reforged

This went beyond messing something up. This was Blizzard taking one of the best RTS games ever made and fucking it up, not only the remake, but the original too. They show nothing but absolute contempt for their fans.

Borderlands 3

The story reads like a massive spitfic towards fans of the first two games (4 counting Tales and Pre-Sequel.)
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Alan Wake

Aug 28, 2020
TLOU2. What a shit show of a story. Gameplay was solid tho.

AssCreed Origins and Odyssey. I never learn. Same with WD1 and 2. Both trash.

Need to stop buying Ubi games thats for sure.

Try Valhalla, though. I've never liked AC but I really enjoy Valhalla, which was a big surprise to me.


Mar 4, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio
The arcade racing genre. Compared to previous generations, this gen has been the absolute worst. VERY few really good arcade racers this gen, and NONE that meet the levels of awesome that was Motorstorm or Split Second. Hope next-gen fixes that, though I doubt it, probably just more boring sim racers......YAWN.
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