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Halo 3 ODST codes are currently being sent out


I just got mine in an Xbox Live message.



I have faith that the game is coming out this month. No delays to announce, Stinkles sounded super optimistic and we got this. If it were to be delayed, wouldn't we hear something, anything? Because at this point we have two days and nothing. It isn't happening.

It doesn't matter what you think, this is the reality that we are in.

Pretty happy to know for a fact that we will be playing ODST in a couple days at the latest.

Like always, have a little faith.

Evo X

Damn, they made good on their word of May release.

Didn't we have a huge thread bitching about a delay over an innocuous comment about them testing?


Checked GAF for an official announcement, but I guess they went stealth. I'm guessing the Relic map is what has been holding them back?
Bought or try to play online, because I bought it and got nothing of it.

I'm pretty sure if you played the game while connected to the internet at any point before Dec. 19th, you'll get an ODST code. You didn't have to play any MP. In fact, if you bought the game during its first month, you probably couldn't lol
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