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Jun 7, 2004

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News & Updates
03/05/12 | Halo 4 has finally been revealed. Hit this link for the youtube behind the scenes video, which has the first-in game footage, and here for Forward Unto Dawn's reveal roundup of media links.

03/03/12 | Come work at 343 Industries, bros.

03/03/12 | Halo 4's big reveal will be at 6:00 AM Pacific time this coming Monday, when the media embargo for the recent Microsoft showcase passes.

02/28/12 | Duncan is taking clip submissions for a HaloGAF montage to bid farewell to Reach's video rendering on b.net. Head here for details.

02/02/12 | Support for Halo stats on Bungie.net rides into the sunset on March 31st. It is the end of a magnificent, world-class era.

01/17/12 | New thread time (again)! The Reach OT has now evolved into broader discussion thread. This does not replace ongoing or future Halo threads, but rather acknowledges what has already happened: the HaloGAF community uses these threads as a gathering place to discuss all things Halo. Reach, CEA, past Halo games, books and other fiction, AR vs. BR, the works.

About the thread header: they are on rotation, every time you refresh, a new one is selected. If you want to contribute a banner, just make one (approximately 900x400) and post it. I'll add it to the rotation folder.​

Halo Data Drops

343 has been dribbling a series of cryptic 'data drops' each Friday, graduall building out some backstory. Is it leading up to Glasslands? Primordium? CEA? Halo 4? The answer is probably, yes.

Data Drop 1 | Data Drop 2 | Data Drop 3 | Data Drop 4 | Data Drop 5 | Data Drop 6

Halo Community Sites | The Halo community is vast. Here are a few highlights.

HaloGAF! Yes, we're our own webzone now. Thread archives, .gifs, and more. Duncan goes above and beyond.

The oldest and biggest Halo fan site on the web, run by one of the nicest (and oldest) people on the internet. If there's news about Halo, HBO will cover it.

Bungie.net forums
A vast community of upstanding and thoughtful commentators.

Tied The Leader
A community, clan and site dedicated to fair play and thoughtful commentary on Halo.

Another long time Halo fan site, dedicated to unusually in-depth commentary and analysis of the series, as well as news and community creations.

Forward Unto Dawn
In the spirit of Ascendant Justice, FUD is devoted to analysis and commentary on various aspects of the Halo games and universe.

Major League Gaming
An organized league of professional gamers, in which Halo plays a starring role. Forums, league schedules, rules and live streams are available from their site.

Forge Hub
A large community devoted to creating custom maps in Forge. Tutorials, guides and an active forum to provide feedback and testing, as well as an excellent resource for well crafted maps.​

Special Thanks to Louis Wu for web hosting.
Jun 7, 2004
Just to repeat from the last thread:

I'll mention this again when we get to the new thread, but Wu lovingly set us up with a script to rotate images. We have folders for both headers and footers. Right now I've tossed in four of the ones from the past few pages for the headers.

My thought is, everyone can contribute their own, and everything appropriate (ahem) will go into the rotation.

We should agree on some kind of standard for dimensions. I have to go to a meeting for the next two hours, but I have the new OT ready and will hit post in a few minutes, and I'll work in updates later today.
Oct 6, 2009
Agreed. A cut-down version, with a nice title (and maybe a NeoGAF logo - I couldn't find one to use quickly) would work just fine.

Here's a possible start, for example:

That could make an awesome banner.

Right, here's something simple of mine:

Two versions, because that's how I roll.
Oh I like this also, the second one particularly.
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