Halo: Reach |OT7| What are They to Say Now?

Should I have read Primordium to get this joke, because I don't get it :p
Oh no its not a 'joke' thats come from Primordium, I just meant that in terms of the fact that I dont really care.

But it just struck me that the whole Forerunner thing cant have happened, considering we came a long time after the dinosaurs.

Unless... The Dinosaurs WHERE the forerunners. OMG
I mostly played 2v2 games in Halo CE. Once or twice a month we would hook two Xboxes together for 4v4, maybe once a year we would manage 6v6. I don't know if I ever played Halo CE in an 8v8 setup.

If I had to guess how much time we spent on each map it would look like this:
40% - Blood Gulch
20% - Sidewinder
10% - Hang 'em High
8% - Battle Creek
5% - Boarding Action
3% - Prisoner
3% - Wizard
3% - Damnation
2% - Longest
2% - Derelict
2% - Chill Out
1.5% - Rat Race
0.5% - Chiron
Its pretty much commonly understood that after the Halo firings the forerunners re-seeded the galaxy with life. Right?

Where the hell do dinosaurs fit into all of this!??

Frankie, I demand answers. If Halo 4 isnt about a dinosaur forerunner conspiracy I will be dissapoint, I just cant handle any other storyline because of how broken the fiction is. Theres still time to change the storyline, set things right.
Dude. The story of the Forerunners happened 100,000 Years ago. And not 65,000,000 years.

"Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of the clade and superorder Dinosauria. They were the dominant terrestrial vertebrates for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) until the end of the Cretaceous (about 65 million years ago), when the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event led to the extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs at the close of the Mesozoic era."


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I wanna know how the disappearance of the unicorns fits into all this. The unicorn emblem pretty much makes them canon. Frankie, we demand answers.


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If 343 isn't going to give as Halo 4 info, they could at least give us an ARG. We clearly need something to do.
Helmet and torso looks retarded :/
Torso is different but not a bad different and the helmet looks fine, the only real change is the mouth area and that no better or worse its just different.

Each to their own but alot of people jumping on 343 for various things (like chiefs new look for instance) and honestly they have had no room to prove themselves, if they do a bad job ill call them out on it but so far i think they have do alot for halo.

Even if some (myself included) don't appreciate every change they made the fact they did something while bungie to a degree just sat back, is worth taking note of. They didnt have to do any of the reach update stuff at all CE:A could of shipped just bundled with the halo reach multiplayer but they decided to try and improve upon the flawed formula of reach which im glad for.

The Studio has talent in abundance hopefully the team will gel well and Halo 4 will return Halo to at least some of its former glory.

give him some penis protection and then I'm fine with it
Joke post? frankie confirmed that he has a cod piece its just black now (didnt he?)
Is this the same helmet that was in the teaser?? That one looked fine to me but this one just looks super weird, dunno if it's the angle or what.

I don't like the angular chest/abdomen area of the suit either. Seems random and ugly.
Where were your motocross biker comments for past games? All of the helmets have some resemblance to a bike helmet.
Yeah, id have to agree with ram here, its not really a valid complaint when you look across all the past armours in the series.

Small unrelated note, My spell check makes me type Armour and not Armor. Deal with it yanks

The CryENGINE 10 engine dream on


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Yeah, it's the pose. Makes Chief look weird. The armor looks effing awesome in the trailer.

Edit: Except for the glaring lack of codpiece. That needs to be fixed.
i wonder if the Chief will have the typical Call of Duty/every other shooter known to man these days pose for Halo 4's boxart.
It's got the blue, all it needs is some orange.

Embrace your Halo 4 MJOLNIR overlord and I'll take it back.
Only if the canon permits it! :'(

Seriously though, I'm growing used to it. Nothing's going to top Halo 3 MJOLNIR, but it could be worse...

I want to be fucking blown away by Halo 4 campaign graphics akin to the first time I saw Gears 5 years ago.

Also, errbody should be excited about the update tonight detailing Evades ignominious dismissal from all gametypes bar Invasion. It's gunna be a good one folks!
Should be good, epic really should of announced number 4 first.

Comma's are great!