HBO GO confirmed for PS3 and PS4

Fucking finally. Too bad they couldn't get it out before True Detective starts though. Been using chromecast a lot since the app was updated but using it is kind of a pain, and my dish feed usually looks terrible
Can't wait to get this on the PS3 or PS4. I've been using my HTPC and using a PC on the couch is just plain bad, even for the 60 seconds it takes me to log in and find the correct episode for the show I want.

Still better than paying a Live subscription to access it though, I will NEVER agree to that.
Do you still need a cable sub or just PS+ how does it work on Xbox?
For Xbox you need an HBO cable subscription, or friends/family who have it and will give you their login password + Live sub.

You won't need PS+ on the PS3/4, but you still need to have access to an account that subscribes to HBO on cable.

I was considering re-upping my XBL Gold subscription for another year just so I could watch HBO Go on my TV, but if I can watch it on PS3 then that won't be necessary.
Assuming that's your primary reason to get Gold, isn't it more economical to just buy a Chromecast for $30-$35 vs an annual subscription for Gold? Though maybe it'll be on PS3 soon which would be the cheapest option.
I think it's a safe bet that HBO Go is coming to PS4. According to the comments sections on the PlayStation blog when Sony announced the PS4 launch apps lineup on Nov 7th:

There was a section on the web page that showed apps that were coming soon after launch and HBO Go was 1 of them:

That's ME!!! If you look at the source code of the page, you will still find HBO Go in it.

<meta name="description" content="Explore PlayStation®4 Apps like Amazon Instant Video, Crackle, Crunchyroll, EPIX®, Hulu Plus, Netflix, NBA Game Time, NHL GameCenter LIVE&#8482;, Redbox Instant&#8482; by Verizon and more. Check out various PS4&#8482; Entertainment Apps from here at PlayStation®."/>
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Plus if you change the URL of one of the images on that page and change it to HBO GO you get the HBO Go logo.
It's always been you need a sub to HBO for HBO GO on all the devices, the apps actually better in many ways since they offer lots of stuff not free on demand with your cable sub, just like Cinemax and Epix apps. I am really not sure why people think something like HBO would offer a la carte, people would just get it for one series like game of thrones and not pay anymore, also the digital and retail sales would would likely die off. Why MS still makes you pay for a Gold sub in addition to having a HBO sub is really bad, kind of suprised they are still trying to get away with that.
You guys without a cable sub could simply ask a family member or friend with one to make you a sub account that allows access to digital streaming services. Totally legit way to get it I think.
Sidenote: my PS4 has all these apps displayed that I have no desire to install, like crunchyroll. How can I get rid of those?
They're probably not actually installed if they have the little download icon on the tile.

Edit - oh, you don't even want the option to download them...? Not sure what to tell you
Microsoft is likely the one that's keeping HBO away from PS3. Their sister service HBO Nordic launched an app on Xbox 360 only even though the PS3 is heavily dominant in all countries it's operating in. That Microsoft money.
YEP!!! With install-base & name value of PlayStation, the PS3 & PS4 should be getingt all the big media/entertainment apps before AppleTV, Roku, GoogleTV, Chromecast, & etc.


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Good, love that HBO is now widely available outside the states. The app keeps crashing all the time on my iPad2, works fine on Firefox with Silverlight on the laptop tho, been watching The Wire for the 100th time, worth it just for that
I will be so happy when this is finally offered for the ps3 or ps4. I stopped paying for Live and most older shows aren't available to watch OnDemand.
Don't hold your breath.
Pretty sure you can get HBO subscription with Comcast Internet without a premium cable subscription nowadays. It's not directly through HBO, but it is probably as close as we are going to get for the foreseeable future, and it really isn't that bad of an alternative.
Pretty sure you can get HBO subscription with Comcast Internet without a premium cable subscription nowadays. It's not directly through HBO, but it is probably as close as we are going to get for the foreseeable future, and it really isn't that bad of an alternative.
Yeah, they offered it to me for $10 a month for hbo go access.
Well, it's finally arrived for PS3. But it's unusable for Comcast users.

Once installed, the app allows most cable customers to stream their favorite HBO shows and a wide selection of movies. We say most because there's one major provider that isn't yet on board with HBO Go for PlayStation, and that's Comcast. Comcast subscribers are currently unable to stream any content using the app. The company's absence is especially glaring since most other cable companies have signed on &#8212; including Time Warner Cable, which Comcast hopes to buy if all goes according to plan.