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Hot Take: Tetris Should Not Be On Any Top 10 ALL TIME BEST Games List


It's the most objectively perfect game ever made, however, having said that, I agree with OP. I could never, despite how perfect, put something that conceptually basic as a top 10 gaming experience.


What time is it?
It is the best game ever made. OP just made the top 10 of humans I'm killing first.



The New Tetris on Nintendo 64 is one of the best games ever.

Try it and enjoy creating golden and silver cubes with Tetris pieces. Ive played this game for years.


Speaking as someone who has no nostalgia for it as I only fell down the absolute rabbit hole that is Tetris just three years ago, no, Tetris definitely deserves to be on every all-time best list.
You fell down the rabbit hole of Gameboy Tetris three years ago? Or some modern version?
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By OP's standard many game would face similar problem.

But these list by professional are pointless anyways, every player have their own list
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Yeah, I think neither Tetris or Super Mario Bros should be in that list. Both are astoundingly important games that have a place in history forever, but "best games"? I guess it depends on what you mean by "best", and it also comes down to personal preference and taste. To me, Tetris has always been repetitive and boring.

Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World however... :messenger_relieved::messenger_ok:
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Tetris is valid for cultural impact.

But for all time best games ever made = no.

I believe we have approached a time when we need to let go of this boomer mentality that Tetris is the top 10 best game of all time.

I agree in terms of cultural impact but not gameplay.

Only boomers enjoy Tetris.

Modern gaming is very opposed to games like Tetris.
That's twice within just the first few posts you defeat your own argument with discrimination rather than fact.

What is it about Tetris that factually nullifies it from being in a Top 10's list?


Its one of the most playable games of all time and arguably the best Puzzle game ever made so it definitely should be up there

Best games lists are kinda pointless though as its too subjective before you even consider different genres


We need to find whoever started the trend of calling people in their 30's and 40's boomers and lock them up before they ruin anymore discourse through their vapid vernacular.

We should grab whoever did yikes, this ain't it chief, and "Imagine .....", And toss them in there as well. I'd say grab the guy that did "Sad!" too, but it seems he may be getting tossed in soon for other shit so he's off the list.


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Revising history disregarding context huh.. oh well, that's going to be a pretty damn huge slippery and messy slope. What's the new expiration date for games now then, a year or so..?
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...The VR tetris was pretty sublime though, music and all. You can zone out and go into a zen like state.

I came in here to say this. Lately since I got my PSVR2 I've realized how Tetris really is one of the best purest videogames ever. Just straight gameplay with great music to keep you going even more.

Tetris is top 10 worthy for all kinds of gamers


Boomers created everything great in this world......including Tetris......and it still lives.Where will your live service MMO's be in 40 years.By the way,as someone who will soon be 50 every time I hear the word boomer I consider it a compliment not an insult.....given the absolute mental health crisis young people in the west seem to be going through right now it feels pretty great to not have to worry about all that pointless silly shit that is driving them all mad,like knowing which pronouns to use on someone.
The problem I have is that the sheeple making these lists use Tetris to validate their otherwise cookie cutter choices, full of flavor of the week shit like Witcher 3 and TLoU. Pretending to have thought deeply about timelessness or whatever. Bitch, if you really wanted to go all into that, the rest of your list wouldn't be exclusively from PS4 and Switch. In these lists, Tetris looks pretentious, so from this perspective I agree with the OP.
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50 years from now, people will say modern games are boring since their future games are way more complex.

50 years from now people will say Tetris gameplay is still top notch.

True, 50 years from now no one - literally no one - will be playing the current biggest sellers FIFA 23 or COD 22. Why would they.

I'd be willing to bet someone will still be playing Tetris though!
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