Infamous SS Photo Mode |OT| If it's not bokeh, don't fix it

Dec 15, 2013
This new photo mode has made it easier to zoom in on things and see some of the humor hidden throughout the game.

For example:

The hand drawn sign. Apparently some kid lost his pet, "Pepe, My Burrito Slug Pal."

And who could resist tasty soda flavors like these:

Aug 19, 2007
I sold the game after getting the platinum and 100%ing it twice in the process, but even after all that playtime some of these shots are blowing me away. Amazing work. SP knocked the visuals in this game out of the park.

Eppy Thatcher

God's had his chance.
Jun 18, 2011
Can we confidently say spoilers are a no brainer here? Cause if so someone needs to jump into their end game and show me dat final power sprint from the front with all the bells and whistles.. I need to know what he looks like in that form.

What a fantastic idea for a thread/update. Best way to get legs out of sales on this bad boy is to find more and more ways to just show off how FUCKIN pretty it is. Wow.

some of you guys have a serious handle on composition. Well played.
Aug 4, 2013
1.70 with USB export can't come soon enough.
No shit. Pains me to have to see the game looking so glorious on my TV and then watching twitter just annihilate the photo with compression.

I just love the art style of this game, which flows into everything. The way the neon effects have a spray paint streak going through them, the sides of the screen getting a painted border, etc.