Infamous SS Photo Mode |OT| If it's not bokeh, don't fix it

I merged these two posts so I could use my initial post as a hub for all of my photos:

Tried to mix it up in terms of focus and composition.

Missions take soooo much longer. I'm pausing every three seconds to search for a good shot. Got a few more which I'll post in a bit.

3 more

I am genuinely jaw dropped after seeing the results here as to what you guys have shown. Might now have to put the ISS disc back in and take the GZ disc back out...
Are you fucking kidding me with this thread? Jesus Christ this is the most amazing thing ever; SP are truly gods. Never been so hyped for a third play through. You guys take incredible shots. Just, wow.
The PS4 display settings has a screen size tool.
Yes, that was the option i was looking for. Thanks for the reminder! Anyway, one last photo before going to bed.

The only problem with Photo mode is that now, any mission takes like 3 times more to complete 'cause i'm entering photo mode all the time :p
Oh my god, the fidelity in this game is just off the charts, this shot with the perfect DoF is mind blowing, great job dude", this is realtime in the game not even a cutscene with added LOD etc.

The Bokeh in this shot is just great work!

Sucker Punch did really set the benchmark very high, if anyone gets jaded with the quality of Graphics this gen, all they need to do is look in this thread..amazing.

I am going to get in on this I think at the weekend and get some shots up..this thread has inspired me!
Sweet baby jesus they look all nice. Also like the three of Mike Works.
You guys better start twittering to sony's first party studios about that feature in all of their up coming games.
Yea, I think Sucker Punch just added a feature that's going to be requested in every PS4 game from now on.

These shots make me glad tomorrow is Friday. I am definitely going to play a ton in appreciation now.
great work guys. keep them coming.

i bet SPs content creators love this thread celebrating all the little details and work that went into making the gameworld.

now we need a photomode for KZSF.
Since I don't know how to do this 2nd PSN account and upload to 4minus or whatever trick, facebook will have to do. Just took some silly shots.

The feature is awesome, but I think the camera control is gonna take some getting used to with there being like 3 or 4 settings that alter how the controls move the camera. I gotta figure out the depth of field thing better, too.