Injustice 2 |OT| Grodd's Among Us

You look at the movesets to some extent. I don't go crazy with frame data or anything, not that guy. I'd say do the initial tutorial, do the character tutorial and then do the initial multiverse tutorial until you unlock the AI Battle Simulator in multiplayer. Create a team of 3 characters you'd like to play and send them out against an enemy team. Watch the fights as the AI battle it out. You'll start to see how they function and what they link or meter burn etc.

Bottom line you just gotta get in there and play. If you find someone that interests you pop back in here and ask for help.

Been playing the game all day. The production quality for the story and game in general is amazing.

NetherRealm has really knocked it out of the park with Injustice 2. I'm glad I went with the Ultimate Edition.

Also, Black Canary is awesome.
Just pre-ordered about an hour ago. I miiight be able to get some game time in later tonight, but if not I've still got all day tomorrow. I'm really really interested to see how Darkseid plays.
I wonder why they have the review up embargo not lift till late?

So far I'm hearing nothing but good things. I'm guessing is sleepy ass WB always having that extra safety net
Story question spoilers!
I heard that the story in this game is...disappointing. Is that true? I rarely play online so it's usually single player content for me.
I saw a bit of certain people saying that. I have my review going up shortly, it's the best story they have made since MK9. The moments, the little twists an turns. Lot's of cool character moments mixed in with huge set-pieces. Really fun story mode.
This baby is already preloaded and just waiting to midnight to become available. Sadly, I'm a wuss who is equally hyped and tired so I guess I'll hit the sack and play the shit outta this bad boy tomorrow. Also, #6 will be out (and Taylor said that there's a character reveal that will make people talk and/which is one of the biggest twist of them all).