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I've compiled a complete FFVII OST compilation with the best covers & remasters


Dec 13, 2015
The Definitive Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack Playlist; Faithfully Orchestrated, Covered & Remixed.

We all know how great Uematsu’s work was for FFVII, and through the years we all saw countless artists, pro and amateur alike, cover rearrange and reproduce these iconic tracks. I have tried to compile a cohesive YouTube playlist which follows the OST’s 85 tracks – each with one cover, symphonic rearrangement, remaster from a different game… etc. Obviously, it’s restrictive and very subjective – How does one pick between 2 or 3 great rearrangements of the same piece to put on such a list?

Well, this was my list and I’ve followed simple rules:
It’s on YouTube, (SoundCloud and Spotify covers are out, to keep it whole and in one place)
It must sound good, but also remain as close to the source style, so unfortunately, your awesome reggae covers for One Winged Angel (awesome as they are) probably won’t make it to the list. (In fact, I might do a list with alternative takes as well) I’m a sucker for invoking that same nostalgia feel of the original, so metal covers for example might make sense for a boss theme but not for a sad song…
Obviously, it’s not a set-in stone list, and it could be updated and revised! Know a great rearrangement that I might’ve missed? Post about it here and I might add it!

Enjoy! PS – If you are a musician, by all means, please keep doing this magic! Consider remaking the least represented tracks while you’re at it! (Fort Condor, Don of the Slums, Countdown for example)


  1. "The Prelude" (プレリュード Pureryūdo) – official orchestral rearrangement
  2. "Opening - Bombing Mission" (オープニング~爆破ミッション Ōpuningu ~ Bakuha Misshon) – official orchestral rearrangement from Distant Worlds
  3. "Mako Reactor" (魔晄炉 Makō Ro) – by Pontus Hultgren
  4. "Anxiety" (不安な心 Fuan na Kokoro) – by Pontus Hultgren
  5. "Tifa's Theme" (ティファのテーマ Tifa no Tēma) – by TPR
  6. "Barret's Theme" (バレットのテーマ Baretto no Tēma) – by Kaneorm
  7. "Hurry!" (急げ! Isoge!) – by ArtificialFear
  8. "Lurking in the Darkness" (闇に潜む Yami ni Hisomu) – by Songe
  9. "Shinra, Inc" (神羅カンパニー Shinra Kanpanī) – by Ace Waters ft. Boku No Eruption
  10. "Let the Battles Begin!" (闘う者達 Tatakau Monotachi, lit. "Those Who Fight") – from FFVII Crisis Core
  11. "Fanfare" (ファンファーレ Fanfāre) – by Brian N
  12. "Flowers Blooming in the Church" (教会に咲く花 Kyōkai ni Saku Hana) – by Soundole VGM Covers ft. Robert Oetomo
  13. "Turks' Theme" (タークスのテーマ Tākusu no Tēma) – by Kaneorm
  14. "Under the Rotting Pizza" (腐ったピザの下で Kusatta Piza no Shita de) – by DonutDrums
  15. "The Oppressed" (虐げられた民衆 Shiitagerareta Minshū) – by The Dano Kablamo Clone Band
  16. "Honeybee Inn" (蜜蜂の館 Mitsubachi no Yakata) – by symphonicremasters
  17. "Who...Are You?" (お前は…誰だ Omae wa... Dare da) – by BitSymphony
  18. "Don of the Slums" (スラムのドン Suramu no Don) – by VirtualHarmonies
  19. "Infiltrating Shinra" (神羅ビル潜入 Shinra Biru Sennyū) – by Rob Power
  20. "Fight On!" (更に闘う者達 Sarani Tatakau Monotachi, lit. "Those Who Fight Further") – by The Black Mages
  21. "Red XIII's Theme" (レッドXIIIのテーマ Reddo XIII no Tēma) – by andersongs87
  22. "The Chase" (クレイジーモーターサイクル Kureijī Mōtāsaikuru, lit. "Crazy Motorcycle") – by Lord Bif Music
  23. "Dear to the Heart" (想いを胸に Omoi o Mune ni) – by Pontus Hultgren
  24. "Main Theme of Final Fantasy VII" (F.F.VIIメインテーマ F. F. VII Mein Tēma) – official orchestral rearrangement from Distant Worlds
  25. "On Our Way" (旅の途中で Tabi no Tochū de) – by Pontus Hultgren
  26. "Good Night, Until Tomorrow" (お休み,また明日 Oyasumi, Mata Ashita) – by mogatta
  27. "On That Day, Five Years Ago" (5年前のあの日 Gonen Mae no Ano Hi) – by Russell Cox (from OCRemix)
  28. "Farm Boy" (牧場の少年 Bokujō no Shōnen) – by Green Noize
  29. "Waltz de Chocobo" (ワルツ・デ・チョコボ Warutsu de Chokobo) – by Allen Pearson
  30. "Electric de Chocobo" (エレキ・デ・チョコボ Ereki de Chokobo) – by The Dano Kablamo Clone Band
  31. "Cinco de Chocobo" (シンコ・デ・チョコボ Shinko de Chokobo) – from the official piano collection
  32. "In Search of the Man in Black" (黒マントの男を追え Kuro Manto no Otoko o Oe) – by Chris | Amaterasu
  33. "Fort Condor" (鷲の砦 Washi no Toride) – by Ian Patterson
  34. "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony" (ルーファウス歓迎式典 Rūfausu Kangei Shikiten) – by L'Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo - OJV
  35. "It's Hard to Stand on Both Feet!" (二本足で立つのも難しいものだな Nihon Ashi de Tatsu no mo Muzukashī Mono da na) – by Sean Razavi
  36. "Trail of Blood" (血の跡 Chi no Ato) – by Steven Morris
  37. "J-E-N-O-V-A" (J-E-N-O-V-A) – by The Black Mages
  38. "Continue" (つづきから Tsuzuki Kara) – by Amy Turk
  39. "Costa del Sol" (太陽の海岸 Taiyō no Kaigan) – by Lord Bif Music
  40. "Mark of a Traitor" (裏切り者の烙印 Uragirimono no Rakuin) – by BitSymphony
  41. "Mining Town" (炭坑の街 Tankō no Machi) – by Vuchs
  42. "Gold Saucer" (ゴールドソーサー Gōrudo Sōsā) – from the FF XIV OST
  43. "Cait Sith's Theme" (ケット・シーのテーマ Ketto Shī no Tēma) – by Songe
  44. "Desert Wasteland" (砂の流刑地 Suna no Ryūkeichi) – by Songe
  45. "Cosmo Canyon" (星降る峡谷 Hoshi Furu Kyōkoku) – by sschafi1
  46. "Lifestream" (生命の流れ Seimei no Nagare) – by Songe
  47. "The Great Warrior" (偉大なる戦士 Idai naru Senshi) – by Lonel650
  48. "Descendant of Shinobi" (忍びの末裔 Shinobi no Matsuei) - Songe
  49. "Those Chosen by the Planet" (星に選ばれし者 Hoshi ni Erabareshi Mono) – by Pontus Hultgren (starts at 1:30)
  50. "The Nightmare Begins" (悪夢の始まり Akumu no Hajimari) – by sschafi1
  51. "Cid's Theme" (シドのテーマ Shido no Tēma) – by Pontus Hultgren
  52. "Steal the Tiny Bronco!" (タイニーブロンコを奪え! Tainī Buronko o Ubae!) – by Vuchs
  53. "Wutai" (ウータイ Ūtai) – by symphonicremasters
  54. "Stolen Materia" (マテリアいただき Materia Itadaki) – by symphonicremasters
  55. "Win / Place / Show Chocobo!" (本命穴チョコボ Honmei Ana Chokobo) – by symphonicremasters
  56. "Fiddle de Chocobo" (フィドル・デ・チョコボ Fidoru de Chokobo) – by moonbowmusicmovie
  57. "Jackpot!" (大当たりぃ~ Ōatarī~) – by chisa chisato
  58. "Tango of Tears" (涙のタンゴ Namida no Tango) – by daigoro789
  59. "Debut" (初舞台 Hatsubutai) – by daigoro789
  60. "Words Drowned by Fireworks" (花火に消された言葉 Hanabi ni Kesareta Kotoba) – by London Symphony Orchestra
  61. "Forested Temple" (樹海の神殿 Jukai no Shinden) – by Kevin Won (Resonaga)
  62. "Listen to the Cries of the Planet" (星の声が聞こえる Hoshi no Koe ga Kikoeru) – by Czethros11
  63. "Aerith's Theme" (エアリスのテーマ Earisu no Tēma) - official orchestral rearrangement from Distant Worlds
  64. "Buried in Snow" (雪に閉ざされて Yuki ni Tozasarete) – by Steven Morris
  65. "The North Cave" (北の大空洞 Kita no Daikūdō) – by Steven Morris
  66. "Reunion" (リユニオン Riyunion) – by Patti Rudisill ft. Kristin Naigus & Paula Bressman
  67. "Who... Am I?" (俺は...誰だ Ore wa... Dare da) – by symphonicremasters
  68. "Shinra's Full-Scale Assault" (神羅軍総攻撃 Shinra Gun Sōkōgeki) – by symphonicremasters
  69. "Attack of the Weapon" (ウェポン襲来 Wepon Shūrai) – by Paul Farrer Music
  70. "The Highwind Takes to the Skies" (空駆けるハイウィンド Sora Kakeru Haiwindo) - esoundsignal
  71. "Secret of the Deep Sea" (深海に眠る秘密 Shinkai ni Nemuru Himitsu) – by TPR
  72. "Provincial Town" (偏狭の村 Henkyō no Mura) – by Outblue
  73. "From the Edge of Despair" (絶望の淵から Zetsubō no Fuchi Kara) - by TPR
  74. "Other Side of the Mountain" (山の向こうに Yama no Mukō ni) – by Akane
  75. "Hurry Up!" (もっと急げ! Motto Isoge!) – by Brent Shredz
  76. "Launching a Dream into Space" (宇宙への夢 Uchū e no Yume) – by Stéphane Albanese
  77. "Countdown" (秒読み開始 Byōyomi Kaishi) – by lohweo
  78. "Open Your Heart" (心開けば Kokoro Akeba) – by TPR
  79. "Mako Cannon - The Destruction of Shinra" (魔晄キャノン発射~神羅爆発 Makō Kyanon Hassha ~ Shinra Bakuhatsu) – by Dracula9AntiChapel
  80. "Judgment Day" (最期の日 Saigo no Hi) – by Dracula9AntiChapel
  81. "Jenova Complete" (完全なるジェノヴァ Kanzen naru Jenova) – official orchestral rearrangement from Distant Worlds
  82. "Birth of a God" (神の誕生 Kami no Tanjō) – by Ferdk
  83. "One-Winged Angel" (片翼の天使 Katayoku no Tenshi) – official orchestral rearrangement from Distant Worlds
  84. "The Planet's Crisis" (星の危機 Hoshi no Kiki) – by Marc Papeghin
  85. "Ending Credits" (スタッフロール Sutaffu Rōru) - by London Music Works


Aug 27, 2014
Love the OC Remix Albums but don’t see any tracks there that remind me of them. The tracks there are supposed to be more ‘inspired’ by the original with some unique take to it so I guess it doesnt fit your criteria.

Good shit though!


Neo Member
Sep 29, 2015
Listening at work, today is rough so I needed somehting special.

Looks like a great collection, I've just started listening now - strong start.


Dec 13, 2015
I'm glad you guys are enjoying it! It took me a while do make.

I might do it for IX as well, however I don't know if it has as huge a following to do a complete list like with VII.

Also, I am a big fan of OC remix and all, but keeping it close to the original tracks was a big factor in compiling this list.