January US Playstation+ games leaked (Don't Starve, Bioshock Infinite, DmC, Brothers)

Well I won't be buying DmC or brothers on steam like I planned, free beats PC perks any day of the week. According to Giant Bomb's Brad Shoemaker and his annoying persistence you would be hard pressed to find 10 games better.
Don't starve? Guess I'll be leaving my ps4 unhooked for january.

As for the other stuff it's nothing I'm very interested in but I'll play for trophies like usual I guess. It's going to be a chore to play bioshock on ps3 after experiencing it on PC though.
What's wrong with it? I'm curious, it looks interesting and I've been very very close to buying it on steam a few times.
I just bought DmC two days ago. Eh, it was just $7.50. Still, Infinite, Brothers, and Don't Starve? I have literally no reason to complain. Sony just knows how to give away free things.
January will be a great month for PS3+PS4. I really regret buying DmC on sale though..could've waited, lol. Plus is bringing tons of the games I've wanted lately.
I beat Bioshock Infinite for the fourth time yesterday, so I'm not interested in that. Don't Starve and Brothers on the other hand, I'll be happy to play those. They both look fun.


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Hoping DmC will hit the first week of January. Otherwise, I'm SOL in beating it due to school. :(
The unfortunate reality of this is that my backlog of great PS+ games installed on my hard drive has become impossible to tackle. Not that I'll complain.

Hey guys, remember the past two years every month when people kept saying there was no way Sony could maintain this kind of value? Yeah.
US PS+ is getting better than EU PS+ lately, since it has more games per month.

EU got DMC, Borderlands 2 and Soul Sacrifice (Vita) but no Bioshock Infinite and Brothers.
Bioshock Infinite will definitely be in the February line up, but don’t count with Brothers, since it is on sale on EU store right now..