Kaz Hirai: "PS4 hardware is already profitable"


Is Kaz Hirai saying that PS4 hardware is profitable already?
Yes, and that it differs in that regard to the business model of previous platforms.
Does he mean the platform or the hardware itself, because that was a really short amount of time to cut ~$60 cost on each unit made.
With how fast its been selling I was wondering. It took 4 years for the George Foreman to make profit

Next e3 will probably be revision and price cut time. I still think they will have a price cut out by the time uncharted 4 drops


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Well It's was the logical to drop the loss leader hardware. But even still makes me more apprehensive in comparison to simply building a new pc next year.
CECH-1106A doing work already!

PS4 is has an amazing design. The loss in the previous quarter was probably related to higher cost of assembly because of over capacity and residual air shipment costs spilling over into Jan/Feb.

The strategy outline is quite poor though. Will make a thread on it later...
Good for them, bad for gamers if this gen goes on for more than a couple years. I hope Nintendo realizes the hilarity of the design choices by Sony/MS and releases a Wii U successor in 2 years that is notably more powerful. Maybe then console users will see the uselessness in console cycles.