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LTTP: Death Stranding DC on PS5


I'm really excited to start it finally, this helps, cheers pal.

Last year was like the most dehyping launch ever, its a bit of a marmite thing like BotW.

I’m starting it next. I really feel like the arc of this game has turned from launch disappointment but it has really found its audience and I’m seeing more and more people talk about it with reverence. Excited to start it (played it for a couple hours at the PS4 launch but that’s it).

If I love BotW and Ghost of Tsushima (the two best open world games of last gen IMO), will I like this? Is there a sense of wonder and discovery?

The PS5 version is on sale for about €35 right now...

If you get past the 2 hours after the intro (4-6 hour mark) it picks up the pace quite sufficiently I would say.

Do not recommend this after a hard day of labor! :messenger_tears_of_joy:
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