Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance |OT| A Blade Forged In Platinum [LAW OF THE WILD]


Developer: Platinum Games
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and NOT PC
Release Dates:
NA: February 19th
JP/AU: February 21st (NOTE: Only the PS3 version is being released in Japan)
EU: February 22nd​
Frames: 60. Per second.

War. War never changes. Four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4 and the fall of the Sons of the Patriots, the world has fallen into chaos. Cyborg technology, formerly reserved for the best soldiers and the highest bidders is now commonplace, and PMC factions are more prevalent than ever. Players must guide cyborg ninja Raiden on a quest spanning the globe to take back what's rightfully his. Most of the action will come from using Raiden's signature High Frequency (or HF) Blade to cut what you will, at will. Your goals: Redemption. Revolution. Revengeance.




Producer Yuji Korekado said:
"It was obvious we had to go to Platinum, but it's still in the Metal Gear Solid timeline. The cutscenes are looked over by Kojima Productions and the script is written by us, so they should all resemble something very similar to what you'll have experienced in the past."
You heard that, folks. This game is 100% canon. No matter how much you deny it or insist otherwise, this game is a permanent part of the Metal Gear Solid timeline. Now that that's out of the way, let's actually talk about the story.

As mentioned before, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance takes place four years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Former child soldier-turned-spy-turned-cyborg ninja Raiden is forced into working for various Private Military Corps (or PMCs) both to support his family (it's like they say; a soldier only feels truly at home on the battlefield) and to quell his inner bloodlust that developed as a result of his harrowing past.

Our story begins in the African nation of Abkhazia, where Raiden has been assigned to protect the President, a man by the name of N'Mani. Things go awry however when a rival PMC group attacks their convoy, kills N'Mani, and cripples Raiden. After receiving an upgraded and updated cyborg body, Raiden swears
vengeance on his assailants and heads back to Abkhazia to finish what he started.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeances's characters are alligned with one of two large PMC factions: Maverick Security Counselling Ltd. or Desperado Enforcement LLC.

Raiden is the hero of the story and the player character. Four years ago he swore to hang up his sword for good and become a family man but has slipped back into the killing business due to the emergence of a bloodthirsty split personality, known as Jack the Ripper, due to his childhood on the battlefield. Boris Vyacheslavovich Popov is the head of Maverick SCL as well as Raiden's mentor and old friend. He acts as mission control during field missions, dispatching objectives and valuable tips over the codec. Kevin Washington (nicknamed "Kev-of-all-trades" due to his active role in Maverick) is the sarcastic, snarky half of Raiden's support team. His jobs in Maverick included briefing preparations, arms procurement, client negotiation, Human Resource management (HR), business development, accounting, and, during the events of Abkhazia, sales, on-site coordination, and advisor work. Seems to have an odd infatuation with coffee. Courtney Collins, who joined Maverick on recommendation from Kevin, serves as data analyst and allows Raiden to save his game via codec calls. Has an oddly clumsy disposition. Wilhelm Voigt, better known as Herr Doktor, is the R&D lead for the team, as well as the man who created Raiden's new body. Although he may seem obsessive to the point of creepiness, Raiden can purchase new upgrades and moves from him using the data files stored in cyborgs' left arms. Sunny Emmerich is Raiden's raison d'être. It was the selfless act of sacrificing himself to the Patriots in exchange for her freedom that caused him to become a cyborg in the first place, although it is unknown how she will play into the events of his revenge spree.

Jetstream Sam Rodriguez is the object of Radien's desire (in a totally non-sexual way). During their first encounter in Abkhazia, Sam sliced off Raiden's left arm and gouged out his eye, resulting in the failure of his mission and the emergence of his split personality. He seems to be the de-facto captain of the Winds of Destruction, the title given to the four heads of Desperado, and periodically shows up to give them missions and information regarding their foes. Fights using Muramasa, a blood-red HF Blade. Sundowner is the boisterous southern-accented field leader of the Winds of Destruction who is responsible of the death of President N'Mani. His custom matte trenchcoat conceals three pairs of fractal heat shields, which he can use to deflect attacks and protect himself. He fights using Bloodlust, a pair of machetes that can be combined into pincer shears. Monsoon is an enigmatic warrior who takes a personal interest in Raiden, and views their violent and bloodstained pasts and ruthlessness on the battlefield as a sign on kinship. Also notable for having the best battle theme in the series. Fights using Dystopia, a pair of tactical sai equipped with electromagnetic manipulators. Mistral is somewhat of a drifter, who lives for conflict and only feels content on the battlefield. She oversees the coup in Abkhazia and fights using L'Etranger, a series of Dwarf Gekko arms linked together to form a flexible pole arm. LQ-84i (or Bladewolf) used to be a prototype AI with the purpose of defending Abkhazia's freedom at all costs, but was hijacked and repurposed by Desperado into a weapon of destruction. After his defeat at the hands of Raiden, Bladewolf is reprogrammed by Herr Doktor to serve as a battlefield companion for Raiden, providing reconnaissance information and occasionally fighting alongside him.


FAQ said:
Is this game really 60 FPS?

Yes. It feels like 60 FPS because it is.

Are there any plans for a PC version right now?

Not as of yet, but buy the game to show Platinum there's a demand for a PC port.

How do I perform X move?

There's an in-game movelist, but the first video linked above also does a nice job of teaching you everything.

Is this game canon? I don't want it to be.

First of all; suck it up. Second of all; yes, it has been confirmed many times by Platinum and KojiPro staffers alike that this game is a 100% concrete part of the MGS canon, and no amount of whining or pretending is going to change that.

How do I get S-Ranks?

The game ranks you in five categories: damage taken, highest combo, time spent in battle, number of zandatsus (spine rips) performed, and BP accrued by slicing off limbs. Do well in each of those categories so that your score totals over 5000 (4000 for bosses) and you're golden.

How many stages does this game have?

Eight, numbered 00-07.

How many weapons are in this game?

This'll be spoiler tagged to minimize disaster:

-HF Blade (default)
-Wooden Sword (non-lethal)
-Stun Blade
-Armor Piercer
-HF Machete
-Snake Soul Wooden Sword (DLC)

What pre-order bonuses does this game have?

EB Games/GameStop: Grey Fox skin (note: included in all European retail copies), Fox Blade and art book
Best Buy: White Armor (can store more healing items)
Amazon/GAME: Inferno Armor (can store more grenades) and t-shirt
Wal-Mart: Instrumental OST

What's the difference between the two versions?

The PS3 version looks prettier, has uncompressed cutscenes and gets exclusive VR Mission DLC (Note: Only in NA. DLC is multiplat in other regions), but suffers from a bit of stuttering and one or two missing effects. The Xbox 360 version runs more smoothly but has noticable screen tearing at times, as well as missing out on the DLC.
And here are some impressions by our very own jett:

jett said:
My mostly spoiler-free final impressions:

This is just strange release, hard to say where to start. A failed KojiPro title salvaged by Platinum Games to the best of their ability under a limited amount of time. I'll make it easy on myself and jot down some bulletpoints:

-Combat is fucking awesome. As everyone knows it's parry/defense heavy, although once you get a certain ability it'd be fairly easy to go on a crazy rampage. There's a heavy variety of enemy types and they all patterns to exploit. Cutting them into hundreds of pieces and then stealing their life force never gets old. Oh and contrary to the demo, you can grab several cores consecutively, so far I've only managed two at once, don't know if three or more is possible. I haven't had the time to analyze the game completely. The downside is that you can't change weapons on the fly, you can't even enter the menu while moving, you have to be still. It's kind of a drag sometimes, especially when you get flying enemies and you have to change to the Sais(they function as DmC's angel grab). All in all it has a pretty fantastic feel and flow and there's a lot to extract out of this. Bosses are fucking awesome, I won't say anything else. Even the much derided final boss, I thought it was pretty great myself. :p

-The level design is pretty interesting for a game of this sort. It's not an "arena" game like a DMC title or Bayonetta even. All the levels are relatively big and wide for the genre with a lot of stealth opportunities(which I didn't bother, because, why would I :p). PG really did their best to introduce a Metal Gear feel to the game, I think they did an admirable job. There's a lot of stuff scattered and hidden in the levels. Items, upgrades, collectibles, etc. If you want that stuff you'll have to explore every nook and cranny to get 'em, thankfully they show in visor mode. Only problem is that VR missions are also collected this way, and they don't even show in your visor. Don't know what's up with that.

-Graphics are pretty good. 60fps goes a long way in elevating the game's assets. Certain places have a very "clean" look to them that reminded me of MGS2. There's a lot of awesome particle effects to be found in the game. Really, it just looks great to me, good use of great art design to offset the technological drawbacks that 60fps demands.

-Music, well, take it or leave it. It's speed metal/rock, with a lot of vocal tracks. It somehow fits the game, and some tracks are actually pretty cool. You get pumped up for sure. Just like a MGS title, the music dynamically changes depending on the situation.

-Story. All right, this is simply an unmitigated disaster. You'll either hate it or you'll find it unintentionally hilarious. Thankfully I'm in the second camp. If you cared about Raiden's plight in MGS2 and 4 you will not like what they have done here. :p This is some good ol' fashioned character assassination. The cutscenes are really fun though, they have a lot of flash and energy, they're really well-made. It's not boring, at least. You'll want to watch them once. Oh and there's a lot of them. All codec is optional, and by the way there's a lot of information revealed there regarding Raiden himself and even what goes on in the game. The story can be pretty disjointed, when you start a new chapters it feels like a cutscene is missing, you aren't quite sure what is going on. It's weird. Codecs sometimes fill in those blanks. Unfortunately they're not funny or entertaining like MGS3's. Your support team is fairly meh. At least it's all optional.

I guess that's about it. Overall it's a great hack 'n slash within the trappings of MGS. PG is to be commended for salvaging the title as much as they could. Once you reach the last third of the game you'll notice where they cut corners to release the game as soon as possible. The whole package isn't quite prefect due to its origins I guess, but it's still pretty fucking great. If you liked the demo you'll like this.

HUGE thanks to deim0s for all of the stunningly amazing art and graphics!


Blinded by the luminous glory that is David Bowie's physical manifestation.
The feel of 60FPS.

Can't wait, but it'll be Metal Grey Fox: Revengence for me instead of Metal Gear Raiden: Revengence.

This is what action games are about. Vanguish is one of my top shooter of this gen, and i have no doubt that this will take the best brawler spot. Only Bayonetta 2 could perhaps overtake that crown in 2013, but MGR is more my cup of tea (badass cyborg, can stealth a bit if choosen, MGS universe).


Blinded by the luminous glory that is David Bowie's physical manifestation.
So I'm actually thinking about pre-ordering now. Is Gamestop the only way to get the Grey Fox dlc or will it be released later on?
It'll probably be released later, but if you want it free/day-one in the US you have to pre-order at Gamestop. In EU, you don't have to deal with this bullshit.