Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: Review Thread

Nov 18, 2013

Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Release Dates:
NA February 13, 2015
EU February 13, 2015
AUS February 14, 2015
IGN: 9/10
VideoReview [Youtube]
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's intense boss battles, deep combat, and awesome loot will keep you busy for hours.
Just when you think the fight is over in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, the next challenger steps in and ups the level of competition for another satisfying round of combat and loot. Very few games can hook me in for 100 hours, but this installment adds enough new creatures, weapons, locations, and fighting moves to expand and reinvigorate my lust for the hunt.
Gamespot: 9/10 (Superb)
Big game hunting.
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate manages to expand upon the things that people love about the series, while simultaneously making concessions to those getting involved for the first time. It's an absolutely astonishing time-sink, but it rarely feels like a grind; when the game gets its hooks into you, you can expect to find yourself engrossed for at least 80 hours. Those who become truly invested can expect to find their in-game clock running into the hundreds of hours. Sure, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate isn't without some of the series' time-honoured idiosyncrasies, but it's the most streamlined and accessible game yet, and one that's hard not to truly obsess over.
Polygon: 8.5/10
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is far and away the best Game in the Series so far.
For as much praise as I've shared here, I still feel like I'm barely scratching the surface. I could go on for pages about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's massive roster of opponents — more than any previous game! — its challenging set piece battles, its fantastic crafted weapons and armor sets, its seemingly unending post-game and multiplayer progression systems.

I'm not going to lie and say that Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the fully modernized, next-gen experience I've always wanted from the series. But it is a much bigger and more self-aware step forward than I expected, and far and away the best Monster Hunter game so far.
GameInformer: 8.75/10
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate makes big strides to ease new players into its intimidating, decade-old gameplay formula. Expanded tutorial sections and online connectivity vastly improve the game’s playability. Cool new weapons, feline companions, and online play also improve upon the established framework. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s early optional tutorials succeed where my well-meaning friends’ past indoctrination attempts have failed. Even without a MH sensei always on hand to guide me, MH4U capably taught me the essentials. After a handful of hours, I understood the fundamentals
NintendoWorldReport: 8.5/10
Every man a king, every boss a final boss.
For newcomers, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the ideal starting place, with more accessible combat than ever, a vastly improved single-player experience, and some endlessly gentle tutorials. For veterans, the game’s less difficult introduction may prove less enjoyable at the outset, but some extremely fresh evolutionary steps ensure that those feelings are fleeting at best. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a great experience through and through – it just might take a little while to see that.
USGamer: 4.5/5
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is simply the most approachable and playable version of Capcom's action-RPG to date—but be warned, it still requires a hefty investment. If you're willing to take the leap, though, you'll soon understand why Monster Hunter has become such a phenomenon.
EGMNow: 8.5/10
Monsters in my Pocket.
While it often feels constrained by the platforms it currently calls home, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a fantastic adventure that provides a rich amount of depth and challenge for both solo and team players alike.
GodIsAGeek: 9/10
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is a superb entry in the often impenetrable series, which makes great use of its hardware, delivering enough new bells and whistles to appeal to old-timers, and a cracking sense of momentum and intrigue to draw newcomers in nicely. Bordering on home console in terms of pure grunt, it is a seriously impressive bit of work, a daring, winning combination of amusing plotlines and excellently methodical battle scenes. Highly recommended.
NintendoInsider: 9/10
With a righteous roar, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate propels you on the most breathtaking hunt to have ever graced the series. Capcom went back to the drawing board to address many of the criticisms that it has faced over the years, commendably delivering a wholesome adventure that is deserving of the hours that many will pour into it. Summary: Meticulously refined, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate resoundingly raises the bar for the series. Prepare to lose hours to its addictive nature, as there's still nothing quite like it.
DigitalSpy(UK): 5 stars (Out of 5)
Nothing short of stunning.
The fact that Monster Hunter 4 concentrates so sharply on improving an existing formula demonstrates just how strong the original idea is.
It makes for a game that feels more fluid and refined - the design team having shaved off any prior rough edges and smoothed over unwelcome quirks that could make the series irritating and difficult to love. Its high level of difficulty means that this remains a franchise not suited to everyone, but its sheer quality means it's infinitely deserving of being given a chance. Take the plunge and allow yourself to be absorbed by the ride - it's well worth it.
GamingTrend: 85/100
Monster Hunter 4 has a lot of repetition and grinding, but succeeds at capturing the thrill of the big game hunt like no other game can. If you’re looking for a long-term game with plenty of loot to grind, quests to beat and bosses to kill, this is your game.
Gaming-Age: A
So again, I’d highly urge you to check out Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate when it releases on February 13th. It’s easily the best Monster Hunter title to date, and well worth picking up both for Monster Hunter vets and newcomers. If you’re looking for a fun, portable, co-op and single player experience packed with content, look no further than Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
Bigger, better and more accessible than ever before - this will be the Monster Hunter to convert newcomers and keep the faithful happy, too.
If you're in any doubt, this is easily the best Monster Hunter so far, for veterans and newcomers alike. With it, I think Capcom has achieved exactly what the series has been aiming for since it started edging gently Westward: a perfect balance of Circus Maximus and just plain old circus. Get it. Stick with it. Buy yourself some thumb plasters.
Destructoid: 9/10
Where a monster can fart before killing you.
Characters are eccentric, the music is epic, and the monster designs are as amazing as ever. One moment players will be laughing at a line of dialogue, only to have their heart pounding moments later as they narrowly escape a Frenzied monster's devastating blow. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is about mastering a craft and being proud of it. So go ahead, be proud!
Wonderfully monstrous grind.
Fans will be pleased with the sweet new weapon additions and some new combat mechanics, while newcomers will find the suite of tutorials more than enough to get them started on this wonderful grind.
Other Reviews:

I gave it a 9 - Fokgames (Dutch)
I've played almost a hundred hours and made it to HR7, finished singleplayer.
- New mechanics (frenzy virus, climbing, mounting) are all great and make old fights feel fresh again. Fights are also more mobile and spectacular.
- 92 monsters total. It feels like there is no end to the content. I'm still fighting new monsters even now. Haven't even made it to G-rank where more await. Many monsters are old or 'subspecies', but as I said before the new mechanics make these fights still feel fresh.
- Singleplayer was an immense bore in 3U imo. 4U is way better. The NPC's are funnier, the story is more engaging and the fact that you travel through various towns makes you feel like you're on an adventure.
- Both new weapons are boss.
- I played with a regular 3DS XL. Combat is a little clunky without a second stick.
- Lobbies are limited to 4 players.
- No voice-chat at all and no keyboard during missions. Communication is essential for harder hunts, making this a pretty big negative.
A bit later than most sites, but here's my Dutch review: 88/100
Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate really lives up to its name, because it's the ultimate game to hunt for tons of unique and interesting monsters. The fact that this time there's a complete online co-op mode for 4 players, makes it a big recommendation for anyone who wants to hunt together with some friends. The amount of improvement in combat, gameplay, pacing and the more interesting intro make the game a lot more accessible for newcomers too, but of course it's still a very time consuming game that will give most players a lot of challenge.
My review:


Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate seems to be the best episode for the series so far (at least if you're not a TV-screen slave): content-wise is huge, the attention dedicated to the traditional element of the brand is still very high, new monsters and weapons are nice, while the new structure of the levels is 100% approved and in fact we hope they are here to stay (unlike the water levels of MHTri).
Under the technical point of view the game delivers, with good framerate, visual complexity and variety, and the game gives also sense to the new hardware revisions considering the improved load times, textures and the better camera controls.
So, unless you really care about your real life, don't miss this gem: once you'll start exploring Monster hunter 4 Ultimate world, it will be hard to quit it! - 9.5
I guess we really liked it!
- Staggering amount of content
- So many monsters and equipment
- Amazing Battle system
- Some frame-rate drops in multiplayer
ProJared Review:

He gave it a 9/10 and says it's his favorite MH.

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May 7, 2006
I've been staying away from the demos and import impressions until now, but this is my most anticipated game of the last two years. It seems tempting for many to judge it based on what they want it to be instead, so I'm glad the reviews were able to review it for what it actually is.


El Capitan Todd
Sep 2, 2011
did they brake the embargo? it should be still up until 6PM GMT ...
Btw, my review will be up later, and I'll post a short extract here. Hi agree with that Polygon headline, btw.
Dec 7, 2011
England, UK
Wasn't terribly excited. I played some of MH3U on the Wii U but never really got into it.
These scores, though, along with mention that it's a great way for new players to get into the series has me tempted now...
Oh shit, this or Majora?
May 26, 2013
Game is a perfect 10 in my books.

I really hope people get a taste of what this game holds out. It is truly a new and exciting genre that deserves more attention than anything released on current generation home consoles.


Junior Member
Aug 22, 2012
I put 500+ hours with MH3 on Wii. This game will kill me.

Only question is if I want to knock out some other games first or just jump right in...
May 23, 2014
Great scores, as expected. :p

I dunno how active I'll be in the community since I haven't participated one here, but in case I have time I hope to join you guys on hunting!
Mar 5, 2013
Couldn't give a shit about reviews personally because I'm a huge MH fan and was going to get it regardless BUT in saying that it's nice to see some good scores for it because hopefully more people will pick it up. The series deserves more sales.

Can't wait for Friday!
Jul 21, 2007
Bavaria, Germany
Those are some nice scores.

So, is this why we need tutorials? Just so that the gaming press can grok what the game is all about?
7/10? What is this, 2004? Actually I remember reviews being lower than that for the first game.
It's the usual.

(Whyyyyy must this be a 3DS exclusive. I cannot bring myself to buy a region-locked handheld, but I need me some MonHan loving ... badly. Arrrrgh. )
Jun 27, 2013
Should be enough to occupy myself until bloodletting in Bloodborne begin.

Those are some nice scores.

So, is this why we need tutorials? Just so that the gaming press can grok what the game is all about?

It's the usual.

(Whyyyyy must this be a 3DS exclusive. I cannot bring myself to buy a region-locked handheld, but I need me some MonHan loving ... badly. Arrrrgh. )
So players can get into the game better?


Volunteer Deputy Campaign Director, Obama for America '16
Jun 18, 2004
Those are some nice scores.

So, is this why we need tutorials? Just so that the gaming press can grok what the game is all about?

It's the usual.

(Whyyyyy must this be a 3DS exclusive. I cannot bring myself to buy a region-locked handheld, but I need me some MonHan loving ... badly. Arrrrgh. )
Feb 17, 2014
I played the first Monster Hunter on PS2. I hated it so much. It just didn't click with me and I gave up after only playing it for about three or four hours. I decided to pick up MH3U on the Wii U because there wasn't much out for the system. It was a bit better, but I still only put about 30 hours into it before moving on to something else.

These reviews so far. Man... This might be the one that gets me hooked. I was selfishly hoping that it would be awful, but I should have known better. Looks like that's another $40 on Friday.


Unconfirmed Member
Nov 8, 2005
Great to see it getting such high praise! Very well-deserved.

"More self aware" is quite an intelligent thing to say. MonHun knows what it is, what it's trying to be, where it stands, and who it's trying to please. But it has also picked up a lot of bulk over the span of so many installments. MH4U softens that bulk and makes it stomachable for newcomers, while not ruining anything for long time vets.

After a long hiatus since Tri on the Wii, and skipping MH4 in order to wait for a friend, this has been well worth the wait. Best, most robust entry yet by far.