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Need for Speed closed beta codes going out


Just got mine, there is NDA, so be careful about streaming, posting screens or videos.

Filesize is 19GB!
Still can't believe I missed this one, really loved NFS Underground way back then. Thank god there's still FIFA to be played.


Yeah, I was ill for a week and missed it.

If anyone has a key he wants to give me, I would be very happy :)


I received my code (UK).
I applied for both PS4 and Xbox One.
I ended up with a Xbox One code.

I would of preferred a PS4 code but oh well.
Did they fix the poor PS4 download speeds with the latest firmware update or something? It's only going to take me ~50 minutes to download.
Got my code for Australia.

but fuck me the 19gb file is shit, well doubt i would of played it tomorrow anyway but will check it out after watching College Football on Sunday afternoon.

This will do good for me with the BETA finishing on Tuesday for me. Then Uncharted collection coming out on Wednesday


I really hope I get into this. In the meantime I have been the surprisingly good NFS No Limits that just launched.

Edit: Checked my email, and my weekend plans have just changed.


Strange, I couldn't access the NDA link in the email, so we cant even say that we are in the beta? Pretty tight NDA then.

Yeah I couldn't either, but found it floating around elsewhere. If I'm reading it right that's the don'ts though? The email says don't post screenshots and stuff and that's on page 10. Someone who can read legal stuff better than me can probably clarify, because on the bottom of page 6 it says

You may disclose the information that is specifically identified in Addendum A and B, if any, on
online message boards, forums or other similar venues in accordance with the restrictions set forth
in Addendum A, Addendum B, and this Agreement. Said restrictions are to be applied no matter
whether the venue is open to the general public or with access that is regulated and/or restricted.

So I assume that means we can say what we can't talk about?


Got a code as well, sadly won't be able to try the beta, too busy this weekend.

Do you mind giving me your code, please? I got an X1 code and I'd like a PS4 code instead. I have both consoles so if I get a PS4 code, I'll pass on the X1 code to someone else. Thanks

Assuming you have a PS4 code.

Same goes to anyone with a PS4 code, if you don't want it or don't mind trading for an xbox 1 code, I'd greatly appreciate it.
my hope is that this game works smoothly as an always online thing

even for a beta this is the only chance I'll give EA to sell me on this reboot
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