New PS3 Exclusive Revealed Next Week On GTTV (Superbot's PS All-Stars)

Keighley's twitter;

“@geoffkeighley: As the tv guide listings say, yes, next Thurs on GTTV we are unveiling a huge new PS3 exclusive with first game footage. More soon!”
Surely he'd say if it was God of War. Thoughts, people? Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank title for the 10th anniversary? Evolution's PGR successor? A wizard being attacked by bees? PlayStation Battle Royale? WHO KNOWS.
GoW Ascension, LBP Karting or Sony's Smash Bros Melee?
BTW, Capcom is going to announce a new game next week in Famitsu. But being Capcom it can't be a PS3 exclusive.
I'm sure it will be something that will blow my mind and make me find religion and join the Peace Corps just like every other hyped announcement from Keighley.