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Next-Gen PS5 & XSX |OT| Console tEch threaD

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Once you get past a few gigs read/write, the most important thing is latency/parallelism; there's so much room for improvement there not just compared to current consoles and their HDDs, but compared to the PC space as is with even the fastest SSDs.

An optimised I/O + software stack with either decompression/compression hardware or a ram cache would obliterate anything we've seen yet, even if theoretical bandwidth is quite a bit lower.


Both PS1 and PS2 had DRE issues.
Dre you say?


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my experience with sony products has been really really bad. Both PS1 and PS2 had DRE issues. Especially the PS2. Thanks to the lawsuit, they fixed the PS2 but with the PS3, the YLOD didnt get a lawsuit so i literally had to throw away the $600 launch ps3 after two years.

PS4 didnt die on me, but both the base model and the pro are louder than a cheap hooker. Just to play death stranding late last year, i had to sit it on top of a laptop cooler, and had a tower fan lying sideways blowing air on the pro.

my gold headset snapped at the sides which again like the ylod and the pro fan noise, a very common issue that they dont fix for free.

i have replaced the original controllers three times now. the L3 and R3 buttons wore out after like 700 hours of destiny. bought a replacement and same thing. sent it in like three times before they refused to take it back. my pro controller works fine though.

my Xperia Z1s was one of the buggiest phones ive ever had.

if it wasnt for their first party games, i would be a bonafide sony hater.
My experience with all video game game systems ever has been pretty good.

Only two screw ups. PS1 screwed up until I did the upside down trick. I don't remember where I even heard the fix. It must have been at a game store, or a magazine had a reader mail section and someone mentioned it. And it fucking worked.

And like many people I got 360 RRoD. But surprisingly, it was a near launch system but it somehow survived until I think 2012!!! And vertical too! And I played it a lot.

All other systems A-ok.
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Man, I sure do wish we'd get some updated godfall info. Ffs

Some of you really should read a few pages before posting the exact same stuff as multiple others just a few pages earlier.


What if previous rumors of an already ready 8-9tf system held back from 2019 are true and Sony pulls a crazy stunt end of March... huge reveal show ending in "...available NOW!"

Would you guys be happy with that and get the new system faster or would you rather wait till later in the year in hopes that we get a 12tf machine to match XsX?
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"With plans for a holiday 2020 release, Playstation said to look out for more information about Godfall coming this spring."

Edit: I just saw it is quoting the blog post by playstation. https://blog.us.playstation.com/201...5-bringing-looter-slasher-action-to-next-gen/
Spring begins by the end of march. Hope they are talking about a State of Play. Fingers crossed.


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I'd put money on the PS5 event being on Feb 21, 2020. The same day TLOU 2 was supposed to release before the delay. Just seems like thats the replacement


I was thinking yesterday why the "insiders" have different TFs for either Xbox One Series X and PS5.
And I reached the follow guess....

MS and Sony probably shipped devkits with different clocks to developers, so it is totally possible one developer having the Xbox stronger than PS5 and another having PS5 stronger than Xbox... the same can say about the same power or close enough to say the same.

Why that? I can think in a lot of reasons:

- To track leaks... that way MS and Sony knows from which developer machine the info come.
- To try to despite the power of the console to the competition... so Sony and MS knows +- what their competition machine will be but not the final clock / power.

What do you guys thinks?
Or it's simply older devkits vs newer, updated ones.


That controller is 5GB/s max read and 4.4GB/s write. Where did 7.5GB/s comes from?

Dunno, but the linkedin image is the real news here, the tweeters addition aside. They're probably looking at the PCI-e bandwidth rather than the controller.
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I can't see MS releasing 12-16 launch titles unless most of them are smaller AA games. Hellblade 2 is early in development, Playground might be ready with Fable, The Initiative seems to in early development, Obsidian just released The Outer Worlds.

They could have a few 3rd party launch exclusives though

Basically how I feel about it, too. 16 is just way too high in terms of 1st-party launch titles; I think 5-8 is more doable with some of those being AA, though. For Sony, the only reason I'd shoot lower (3-5) is because they've been releasing AAA games pretty consistently even up to this year. Just a month or two ago it was Death Stranding, in a few more months it'll be TLOU2 and maybe Ghosts of Tsushima too. So their AAA efforts with current-gen are more saturated at this point which might mean a few less at PS5 launch, unless we're counting PS4 games that get a PS5 patch Day 1.

XSX-wise we already know it's gonna get Halo Infinite and most likely a new Forza, I think those are definites. PS5 I think they'll have a Day 1 patch for TLOU2, and it feels like Ghosts has been shifted to PS5 (just my hunch). A lot of people seem to think Horizon 2 could also be there Day 1 and a new Gran Turismo, but that's just speculation. Just like the Perfect Dark rumors (though I guess more substantial since the last PD was almost 15 years ago; bringing that back they'd pretty much have to soft-reboot the IP and redesign tons of things).

I think both systems are gonna have a nice chunk of 3rd-party launch exclusives though. They'll probably be timed. I'm still hoping XSX has at least one 1st-party that is genuine XSX-exclusive even if timed. Release it on other platforms like a year or two later like PC. Still not 100% sure about the cross-gen angle until they talk more about it; technically they already have Xcloud and Gamepass, XBO owners could just stream the games digitally and boom, cross-gen fulfilled. They don't need a native version to run locally on their platform IMHO.

uncharted cutsceneslast gen werent realtime. they were literally rendered on a render farm of 8 PS3s. there are pics of that set up out there.

regardless, the guy is simply saying that you will see a gap that big when going to next gen. he isnt insulting ps exclusives. of course her character model wont look that good in game, but then again, thats to be expected since thats the case this gen. Drake didnt look that good in game in U4 despite it being realtime, same with ellie and kratos. gamers who visit these boards know that games dont look as good in gameplay than they do in cutscenes. but next gen cutscenes should look that good. if not better than the hellblade 2 scenes.

ninja theory is good but not that good. their output on the ps3 was very impressive, but was topped by naughty dog, koji pro and ssm. hellblade 1's character model is impressive but not as impressive as character models in several sony first party titles or even gears of war 4. as impressive as hellblade 2 looks, i dont expect it to be THE best thing we will see next gen. there will be better looking games which is what that poster was saying in the first place.

TBF, Hellblade 1 had a super-low budget. Even less than, say, Shenmue III's and that game's budget is probably shy of $10 million. Given the budget, Hellblade accomplished a lot visually, though they had to sacrifice in other areas to do that.

I think we need to see what they can do with a AAA/AAAA-level budget before stating for sure where they can go in terms of visual wow-factor. That being said, companies like Naughty Dog are among the top of the industry when it comes to visual realism and technical prowess. MS will definitely be funding NT with bigger budgets so they can push their capabilities further, with time I can see their top-end stuff being highly competitive with Naughty Dog's, Guerrilla's, etc.
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I am talking about e16. Dunno where did he get that 7.5GB/s thing.

I believe they were just taking the PCI-e bandwidth, 2GB/s per lane times 4 minus overhead. They either didn't know that a controller can't always saturate its host bandwidth, or were overhyping it, so I removed the tweet and just put the image they shared.


I will laugh my tits off if it's 15TF vs 9.2TF. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee would literally melt T2 style

5923237-t-1000 feat durability (20).gif
You know what will be funny, if after all this 9.2TF boogaloo, PS is actually 15TF or more and Scarlett is 9.2TF......Now that would be a Neogaf "Clash of the Titan" moment, if I've ever anticipated one...….Would be absolute "Gunsmoke", relative to developments....

A fucking design that makes sense. High powered components need proper cooling. Plenty of room in this box to stick a decent sized fan that intakes the air from the bottom and exhausts it out the top.

Now can someone come up with a functional concept design for PS5 that takes into account the required cooling solution needed for these high powered components?
What if previous rumors of an already ready 8-9tf system held back from 2019 are true and Sony pulls a crazy stunt end of March... huge reveal show ending in "...available NOW!"

Would you guys be happy with that and get the new system faster or would you rather wait till later in the year in hopes that we get a 12tf machine to match XsX?

I love the Saturn and all but, yeah..."...available NOW!" didn't quite work out for them in the end.

Though real talk, maybe it could work nowadays because we've got social media now and stuff like Youtube and Twitch. Plus I think Sony would be wiser than to shut out all but four retail chains early on
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