Nintendo Switch Launch Thread: Now you're playing with power; HYBRID POWER!

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Even with some conflicted feelings on the system (especially with friend codes GAAAH), I'm still incredibly excited for it :) A powerful handheld with strong Nintendo support that can also function as a home console is so damn appealing for me, tomorrow can't come soon enough!
Anyone receiving tomorrow a japanese copy of Zelda so it can be confirmed that the japanese copy can be switch to english as well as the other way around?


I wonder if somebody else here in GAF will have the left joycon issue. It seems like is not that big of a deal anymore. Is the problem known to happen in the blue/red joycons as well? I have only seen reports of it happening in grey joycons.
Some quick thoughts and observations from a brief fiddle and setup:

The extra joy con sets don't come with an extra grip, this is kind of awkward, if you don't have Pro Controllers and don't have a friend you hate when attempting to use the joy cons as a traditional controllers. The Joy Cons in the console box do include this.

The Grip lacks a charge port which is a bit of a mixed opportunity. The Pro controllers can be plugged in to the USB ports to charge with the provided cables.

The only way to charge the Joy Cons seems to be connecting them to the console , which makes it hard to charge 2 sets.

The provided clip ons (they make it easier to press the button pads on the switch docking side) to use a single Joy Con sideways as a kind of controller is a bit odd and not something you're likely to be able to use unless you're in dock mode.

They don't have WPS support for the Wi-Fi setup. That kind of sucks.

The microSDXC patch is available and you'll be prompted to download it if you start it up with an SDXC card in like I did.

Console region is independent of accounts and can be set in settings.

Each console account is linked to its own Nintendo account. These accounts don't have to match regions with each other or the console. The eshop uses the region of the linked account when you use it.

If you have multiple joy con sets it's kind of hard to tell what belongs with what too but not sure what they could have done about this.

The Eshop interface is terrible , even by Nintendo standards, it's worse than the 3DS or the PSN store. You can only search by keyword or view new releases.

Otherwise everything seems functional and satisfactory.
I wonder if somebody else here in GAF will have the left joycon issue. It seems like is not that big of a deal anymore. Is the problem known to happen in the blue/red joycons as well? I have only seen reports of it happening in grey joycons.
I am having it from time to time, not frequently, but it is annoying when it does happen.
My Switch is in transit, currently in Denmark.


(and if it's not I'll probably unironically get the Wii U digital version anyway due to hype)
I'm gonna get it on the 8th or the 9th, that's the price to pay for the... lower price. But, to be honest I have so little time at home these days that I'll barely have the time to start a Zelda game :(
The eshops functional but there was nothing I wanted to buy. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to though.
Yeah I was just wondering as I'm getting the digital version of Zelda and my Switch is currently out for delivery. Hoping I could download it tonight before the potential network clog tomorrow. :D
So people are talking that you need to attach the joy-con to solve the issues. Can someone confirm it here?
Here's what folks on Reddit have said:
- Update fixed it for some people right away
- Others had to attach joycons and do a full restart after the day one update installed.
Folks with Best Buy pre-orders, what are you seeing?

I just got a message that my Switch will be ready to pick up on 3/3, but accessories still seem to be in a "Preparing" limbo. They still say 3/3, but what are the chances I actually get them tomorrow?
LKD as said her joy cons are functioning fine now since the update, as there been any more mentions to confirm it. Apparently, you also have to have the joy cons attache/reboot the system to apply the update.
Got mine an hour and a half ago with Zelda LE.

Console is charging but I went through a few things to check them out.

The Good

+Switch unit feels fantastic in hand. The first time I held the Wii U pad it just didnt feel as good as the new glossy finish would suggest, it felt light but also cheap. Switch feels like a decent tablet, just thicker.

+Joy con controllers are really nice to hold, they use a really good soft touch plastic which is kind of what I expected of them but it was still nice to know they felt as good as I expected to them too.

+UI is fast. Like really fast. Finding my WiFi connection, downloading the update, accessing eshop, navigating menus, its nothing like the Wii U which was ok but ponderous, this is snappy like you expect on a brand new tablet or phone. Whether updates remain as fast as more units go out is another story.

+Excellent quality screen. Not as sharp as newer phones or tablets but given this is a games machine, it is nice and bright, clear and has good punch.

+Positive lock on joycons when sliding them on and off. Havent Giantbombed them, they do click into place nicely.

+Joycon holder actually does feel rather nice as a controller.

The So So;

/ Joycon analogue sticks / gimbals. I expected better. Maybe its something I'll not notice in game, but first impressions when moving them about was that I was a bit surprised they didnt feel as smooth as I would have liked and the tension on them is definitely a lot lighter than I would have liked. Havent played enough of any games to really comment how noticable it is, but it was definitely the first thing I noticed.

/ Joycon buttons. A bit like the analogue sticks. The buttons felt a little bit....plasticky than I would have expected. Its hard to describe, they just dont feel as tactile as I would have expected.

The bad;

-Dock, pretty much everything about it. Its light, its just kind of a big piece of plastic. Which to be fair it is and all it does is act as a passthrough, but definitely feels on the cheap side, which puts the price of spare or extra docks in the 'Nintendo must be out of their mind' category.

-when docking console it isnt as reassuring as clicking the joycons etc in, it can move back and forth a bit and finding the placement is a bit cumbersome. Would have prefered some more soft mounting on the front side of the dock insert so the screen had something soft to slide down across, you can dock the Switch without the screen touching the front, you just have to be aware of it.


- personal hygiene of those at the launch event reminded me of being around when WoW launched. Seriously people, I dont like to be rude but honestly some of you need to shower more of something.....
I am having more and more issues with the wifi connection, anyone else here getting only a bad connection? Since I changed the docks position from the right to the left side of my TV I can't seem to be able to connect at all anymore.
I managed to replicate the joy con issue, but i had to get 6 meters away from the tv with a window behind me, put it behind my back and cover it with my other hand, anyone else?
I got Zelda and Bomberman retail and I got FAST and KOF '98 off the eShop.

I'm just setting the Switch up because I've got work in the morning, so I'm not really playing games so much as testing them out.

So far, it's a pretty cool little device. Especially in portable mode.
Thanks for the impressions! How is the sound quality through the speakers?
I didnt actually take notice, keeping in mind I didnt actually take notice means it probably wasnt amazing but it wasnt bad either. I will probably play in portable more than anything and all I did was update Zelda and the maybe 2 min of that I played was just with the system docked and my headphones plugged into the system as I will be gaming on my PC monitor.system is charging and Im outside having a smoke. I will get back to you on it.
For anyone that knows, how easy it is to pair joy-cons with a new system? I'm getting a grey system, my wife is getting neon, and we're also getting another set of colored joy-cons, so she can have red, and I'll have blue. Will it be easy to take her blue and sync it with my Switch for me to use?
Thanks for the impressions! How is the sound quality through the speakers?
Actually the sound quality is good. Its not particularly loud but it is clean and distortion free, I could distinctly hear multiple layers of audio in the soundtrack. I have spent about 5min just then just getting out into the the game world in Zelda and stuffed about the front of the cave you emerge from. Climbed some trees, rocks etc and just ran around in the grass. The speakers are capable of nice audio, the shuffles of running through the grass while birds and other ambient sounds played out was very distinct, I would say the audio is actually very good.

It of course does not sound as full as nice headphones or having a sound system capable of producing full bodied sound with authority, but the Switch speakers are definitely nice and clean with good detail.
I am on the way to work and I would much rather be standing in line for the midnight launch. Keep in mind I work with Disney alumni today.
I'm still waiting for mine to ship from Amazon but this is the most excited I've ever been for the launch of a new console. I absolutely love the concept of the Switch.


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The server configuration appears to not like my little experiment which was an SVG file with embedded audio (the Nintendo Switch click sound).

This is the image file (you can hear the audio if you visit the image link and allow scripts from unauthenticated sources).

The code for the audio was simply this:

<foreignObject width="560" height="349">
  <iframe xmlns=""
    width="560" height="349"
    frameborder="0" hidden="true" autoplay="true" repeat="false"></iframe>
I thought it could have been a neat gimmick, but I suppose it's good to know there isn't room for exploits with this.
Does the current Nintendo eShop money cards supposed to work with the Switch too? I want to buy a $20. in advance for Snipperclips and make sure that they work, Gamestop doesn't accept returns on these cards.
I'd like to share a little parody I wrote to pass the time...

’Twas the Night before Switchmas, when all through the house,
The excitement was ardent, not easy to douse.
I’d look out the window, and dash down the stairs,
In hopes that the UPS truck would be there.

My consoles were nestled all snug in their place,
And nary a cartridge was out of its case.
Most folks are asleep, but I’m still wide awake,
Non-gamers, these feelings are hard to relate!

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew like a flash,
Thank goodness the new Zelda’s not a rehash!

I blurted ‘thank you’ to the UPS driver,
And ran back inside such that neighbors nearby were
Rattled and flustered; what could cause such commotion?
Isn’t Daniel too old for such childlike emotion?

Yes, I may be too old, but some things never change.
And even though many would find this quite strange,
This new game from Nintendo, the best Zelda ever,
Is exactly why gaming’s my passion forever.

Time to don my green tunic, restore peace to Hyrule,
(It’s not easy to do this AND be in med school).
My sword is unsheathed; on my shoulder, my crossbow,
Now the long wait begins; that is, ‘till tomorrow…


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why are the joycons in the header white

nice op apart from that tho :p
The neon colors atop red was a bit too much I thought, at least in that size. Gray I found a bit dull, so that's why I went with white. Simple, easy to look at.

I perhaps could add a note saying that is only for artistic purposes so people don't get the impression white Joy-Cons will be available.
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