Official bitching about Hudson abandoning VC support. [VC/WiiWare = lost cause]

Christopher said:
Ok so they can alter Pokemon Snap with a really useless feature but don't touch any of their other games?
It's not really new functionality at all - There were Pokemon Snap 'stations' in TRU back int he day which would allow you to print off your pictures. It's essentially emulating that.

Now if they could emulate the memory card..
I'm double-dipping on Dynastic Hero entirely for the music--but that's because soundtracks are literally more than a third of what I care about in a game. I really do love game tunes.

This reasoning is also why I'm having difficulty justifying Zanac to myself. I don't know if I can manage to revert from the rock-awesome tunes of Super Star Soldier, Soldier Blade, Gate of Thunder, and Axelay to some NES stuff that doesn't sound too hot on YouTube. (Nothing against the NES--it has some excellent music to be found in such games as Dragon Quest IV.) But hey, if the impressions about Zanac come back really positive, I might still look into it. I'm going to have exactly 500 points left after TDH anyway.
Ranger X said:
Waaaa? Nintendo doesn't mess with the VC. (Well, at least here in America)
All N64 games so far are the best emulation out there. Completely shit on everything you can play on PC. It also shit on the true cartridge 'cause you can benefit from true image clarity tks to Component Cables and the upped resolution.
F-Zero X. Hey yo.

Iam Canadian said:
Erm...what? The emulation on Super Mario Bros. 3 seemed dead on to me.
He's probably thinking about the edges of the screen, which is actually a result of emulating too well.

It's like the funky SNES stereo sound all over again.
So there's no major gameplay differences between Dynastic Hero and Wonder Boy? I played Wonder Boy a bit on Gametap a while ago, and thought about getting it on the VC just so I could play it on my TV instead of my computer. But I might as well just go with the version with nifty CD music instead (plus I can feel nifty that I paid $8 for a rare game that people shell out tons for on eBay).

Hell, I've got 300 points. I should just buy 2000 more and go for Dynastic Hero, plus buy a couple of games that I never got around to buying when they were released (Dragon's Curse and Alien Soldier would fit nicely). I think that would finally take up all my blocks left, though.

With all of the 16-bit shooters on the virtual console, it would be easy to overlook this classic shooter from 1986. You might expect it to be too slow and primitive to be worth playing, based on the other NES shooters so far released. However, the folks at Compile were wizards and Zanac is an incredibly technically accomplished game. The game is even much faster than nearly any SNES shooter, with tons of enemies and bullets on screen without any slowdown.

Everything else about this game is incredible as well. This game does most things better than any other NES(or SNES for that matter) shmup and even some things, most notably the unique AI system, that no other shmup, except for its remake, ever even tried. Open up this link in a separate tab to start the soundtrack playing and then read on about why this game is so special.

Zanac manual said:
First it was probably a tiny dot. A few thousand years later, it grew
gigantic enough to cover the whole universe. The system created by an organic
intelligence body a long time agp was still active even after the organic
intelligence body perished. The system had a purpose: giving wisdom to those
who opened the icon properly, and giving punishment of ruin to those who
opened it improperly.

One day, someone opened the icon improperly. The system started operation and
startted attacking them. Then, they opened it properly. The icon ordered the
system to suspend the attack. The system however ignored this order and
became a slaughter device. The human beings who opened the icon fell into
crisis. The attack from the system overwhelmed the offensive power of the
human beings. When they were about to perish, there was one hope - the system
is basically a strategic machine and is equipped for fighting against a
multitude. If a single object confronts the system by itself, the system might
not be able to cope with it effectively.

It was a risky gamble, yet it was carried out in hope of success. They
produced the fighter model AFX-6502-ZANAC which took off to begin fighting
alone against the system.
(All typos in the original)


The basic controls for the game are A to use your special weapon and B to use your regular shot. There are no bombs in the game. Most of the time, when attacking you should be holding down both buttons, unlike in most shooters. However, you should be careful not to be shooting all of the time because..

manual said:
ZANAC uses ALC (Automativ Level of Difficulty Control function) which is
programmed by AI (Artificial intelligence). The strength and quantity of the
enemy changes according to the pattern of attack and player's skill level.
The place where the enemy appears also varies game by game. This feature is
unique to ZANAC. So playing ZANAC the fastest, most advanced space game, is
like playing a new game each time.
This system is what makes this game unique. Your actions modify the enemy level and adjust the difficulty. Not only that, the game is also semi-randomized. Moreover, the enemies do not come in the regular waves of most shooters. They come in groups of varying sizes and from all directions, making the action much more interesting than in a game like Gradius.

These pictures don't really capture the intensity of the action but they are the best I could find online.

Here is what the manual says about what determines the enemy level:

"The more weapons your ZANAC launches, the higher the enemy's level increases.
Avoid wasting weapons and hit the enemy with a single blow."
So the more carefully you play, the less of a threat you will face. The enemy's level also seems to increase based on what weapon you have and how many extra lives you have. Importantly, and non-obviously, the enemy level can be decreased by destroying SART recon planes or destroying a mid-level fortress before the timer runs out.


This game features the first incarnation of the Compile weapon system seen in nearly all of their later games. The biggest distinction from their later games is the weapons are not nearly as overpowered, unless you manage to get 7 to full strength-but that weapon can only be used for a limited time. You start out with weapon 0 and switch by collecting numbered powerups. Collecting consecutive numbers of the same type will power up your weapon, though not as quickly as in Compile's later games. I find 0 and 7 to be the most useful weapons. The shield, 2, is not as useful as you'd think since the AI will swarm you with enemies attacking from the sides.

Separately from this system, you can upgrade your main weapon by collecting POWER CHIPS(white circles). Useful secret: if there's a power chip in the box, you will collect the chip and not be hurt if you ram the box, even if it isn't fully destroyed.

Here are the manual's descriptions of all the weapons:

Fires into controlled directions. Fires forward if not controlled.

Shoots off slowly. Crushes enemy's weapons.

Shields ZANAC from the enemy's weapons. Powerless against the objects on the

Circulates around your fighter and destroys enemy's weapons, Powerless againt
the objects on the ground.

Vibrates left and right shortly after take-off. Survives sixty enemy's attacks
per weapon shot. Effective against the objects on the ground.

Climbs up slowly, and decelerates as it falls. Destroys enemy's weapons.
Effective against the objects on the ground.

Eliminates all the enemy's weapons in the air, including power chips.

Hits and penetrates every enemy's weapon and object on the ground. Only can be
activated for 200 seconds. The time is consumed only when you continue to
press the button.

Appears when you hit six icons on the ground. When you catch Enemy Eraser, you
can destroy all the objects in the air.

This game has tons of weird secrets. For example, if you reset the game thirteen times you open a level select. You can open a sound test by hitting start, select, A and B at the game over screen. There are also a number that can help you during play, such as some methods for powering up your weapons more quickly. You should go to a currently banned site to read about most of them, but you won't find there, or anywhere else, an explanation of the level warps, which are completely a mystery to me.

The graphics in this game may seem primitive, but I find them very well done on a formal level, with the way that the simple textures and colors are used to make abstract compositions. In some areas the game scrolls extremely fast and the background forms an impressive strobe effect.


This game does not have a rockin' style soundtrack like heard in the Soldier games, but I prefer it that way. The soundtrack, by the neglected Miyamo Shant a.k.a. Masatomo Miyamoto, should be loved by any fan of 8-bit music. Together with the graphics, I think there is a perfect 8-bit aesthetic to this game. There is not much more else I can say, so I offer again the link to the soundtrack medley. I urge you to listen to it.

About Compile

Before Zanac, Compile made several forgotten shooters and Lunar Pool. Starting with Zanac, they became one of the premier home shmup developers. They continued with The Guardian Legend and the Aleste series, which spanned MSX2, Genesis, and SNES. Their biggest hit was Puyo Puyo, created by Moo Niitani who was the director of Zanac. After they struck gold with Puyo, their shmup output almost entirely stopped. A series of financial blunders led them to need to sell the puyo franchise to Sega. A few years later in 2001 they went bankrupt. Their final game was Zanac X Zanac, a collection of all versions of Zanac together with a remake Zanac Neo.

The director of Zanac dressed as a Puyo Puyo character.

Around the time they stopped making shmups most of their shmup staff left for Raizing. This exodus did not include any of the original employees that worked on Zanac-they either disappeared or stayed until the end.

After Compile fell, a new company called Aiky was formed to hold their IP and develop puzzle games. Later, Idea Factory helped fund a company called Compile Heart, as an exmployee of which Moo Niitani made Takoron, to be released in the US as Octomania.

Another company formed from Compile's ashes was Milestone. I think the only Compile shooter any of those employees ever worked on was Zanac Neo.

Other Compile games on the VC so far are Lunar Pool, all versions of Puyo Puyo, Blazing Lazers, and both Crush pinball games, on which they did secret programming work(managing to sneak the 1up sound effect from Zanac into Alien Crush).

Here are some remixes from the Zanac Neo soundtrack. First, by Kou Hayashi:
00_-_title_virus_science_remix.mp3 - 4.65MB
05_-_main_theme_sawtooth_remix.mp3 - 4.76MB
and by Daisuke Nagata:
01_-_title_breaks_lose_a_past_mix.mp3 - 5.82MB

Modern shmup fans should be familiar with Hayashi and Nagata's talents from the soundtracks to all of Milestone's games.

Finally, a remix of the main theme by Katsumi Tanaka, a long time Compile employee who worked on Super Aleste/Space Megaforce:
22_-_zanac_01_-the_decade-.mp3 - 4.92MB

Try your luck helping ZANAC escape from the evil system.
Ranger X said:
What's up with this one?
I bought it and played one cup. Didn't notice anything. I'm curious.
Suffers from slowdown and frame-dropping in certain races, particularly when there are 15 cars or more. Still very playable, but certainly inferior to the cart version.
DavidDayton said:
So we get a port of a great game for $2 less? Whoo hoo!
It's a TurboCD game, so actually the same price. Upside seems to be the CD-quality music and a final boss that isn't stupidly insane; downside seems to be that the main character's design just looks kind of weird compared to Wonder Boy (and reading around some reviews, some people would say that they find the simpler tunes of Wonder Boy more fitting).

gray_fox224 said:
It tomm going to be the day when NA gets KOF '94...Please?
It'll be Zanac, Eternal Champions, and The Dynastic Hero. Be sure to check the VC thread every Friday; JSnake is here to let us know what's going up. :D (Or sometimes he'll just tell us what systems the games will be on.)


The Motorcycle That Wouldn't Slow Down
MoxManiac said:
Who's publishing Zanac? I wonder if this means we'll definitely get TGL in the future?
d4's just publishing what fci/pony canyon used to. finding/negotiating stuff that used to be published by broderbund could be a challenge.
Seeing all the praise, I guess I'll be getting Zanac after all. I'm mostly interested in that idea of the game changing depending on how much you keep shooting/wasting shots. And also it apparently has 12 levels, which is something I truly wish I could say of more shooters.
Jiggy37 said:
It's a TurboCD game, so actually the same price. Upside seems to be the CD-quality music and a final boss that isn't stupidly insane; downside seems to be that the main character's design just looks kind of weird compared to Wonder Boy (and reading around some reviews, some people would say that they find the simpler tunes of Wonder Boy more fitting).

It'll be Zanac, Eternal Champions, and The Dynastic Hero. Be sure to check the VC thread every Friday; JSnake is here to let us know what's going up. :D (Or sometimes he'll just tell us what systems the games will be on.)

I for one do not like this new trend, not at all, not one bit.

Dec. 3, 2007

Sometimes the Wii-kly Updates have a nice, unifying them. Sometimes they don't. This week we scoured the recesses of the classic games vault to come up with some interesting, if unrelated, gems. You can fight mechanized forces, battle with a bunch of fighters in the afterlife or play the role of a heroic regal bug. Like we said: Sometimes they don't.

Three new classic games go live at 9 a.m. Pacific time. Nintendo adds new games to the Wii™ Shop Channel every Monday. Wii™ owners with a high-speed Internet connection can redeem Wii Points™ to download the games. Wii Points can be purchased in the Wii Shop Channel or at retail outlets. This week's new games are:

ZANAC (NES®, 1 player, rated E for Everyone - Mild Fantasy Violence, 500 Wii Points): ZANAC is a vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up game that was released in November 1986. Take control of the state-of-the-art fighter, ZANAC, with the objective of destroying the bases of the mechanized enemy forces. Use your full array of regular weapons as well as eight special weapons to clear the 12 intense areas of the game. Be careful, though, as the game changes the degree of difficulty in real time based on how well you play. This ensures that it feels like you're experiencing a new game every time you play.

Eternal Champions™ (Sega Genesis, 1-2 players, rated T for Teen - Animated Blood, Animated Violence, 800 Wii Points): This 2-D fighting game introduces a cast of different characters that met untimely deaths in their lives on Earth. Now they have been given a chance to compete against each other, with the winner taking on the Eternal Champion, the ultimate fighter in the universe. The reward for defeating the Eternal Champion is a return to Earth for the opportunity to avenge death and restore balance to the universe. Choose from nine unique characters with a variety of fighting styles, and bring your best moves to defeat all comers in your quest to topple the Eternal Champion.

The Dynastic Hero (TurboGrafx16 CD-ROM, 1 player, rated E for Everyone - Comic Mischief, 800 Wii Points): The Dynastic Hero is an action RPG featuring a cast of insect characters. The story begins with the invasion of their peaceful homeland of Tarron by the evil Drilkor Empire. Rushing to the insects' aid is Dyna, the prince of Beetras. Take control of Dyna as he battles through action-filled stages. Equip weapons and items to vanquish the relentless foes, and acquire special items that enable you to brave the journey across the perilous desert or open sea. But it's not just all action. Correctly answer multiple-choice quizzes, and play the ocarina to find the right melody to open doors. Plus, there are countless traps and other puzzles packed into this fun game to keep you entertained and ensure you continue coming back for more.

For more information about Wii, please visit
OMG eternal champions :lol

This game has one of those boxarts that I will never forget, I use to see it all the time when I use to rent games from a local video store, this is classic gaming with a twist :lol
Companion Cube said:
Dynastic Hero looks kinda interesting and it's sparking my interest in TG!

Besides Bomberman and the shooters, what are the better TG games that I should look into?
The Bonk games. Bonk's Revenge is usually considered the best if you don't care about going out of order.

Devil's Crush is one of the best pinball games ever.

Neutopia and Neutopia II are pretty great (original) The Legend of Zelda clones.

Chew Man Fu's a nice little puzzler, but there's not too much different levels...

Dungeon Explorer's like Gauntlet but with up to 5 people, so if you have friends who'd like to play it's awesome.

New Adventure Island is, well, Adventure Island.

Bloody Wolf's a pretty cool Contra-esque game.
ZANAC!!! Awesome, I've been waiting for this. My fav shooter, and great soundtrack. I forget the code, but i think if you hold A+B while hitting start you get a different ship. Oh yeah, and in the beginning of every level, you can always fly through the middle block without shooting it for a triple laser. Take every invulnerable opportunity to fly though blocks if you need a triple

Time to get an arcade stick.
Dungeon Explorer is so much better than Gauntlet, loose plot and an overworld as well as well structured dungeons and what not, the only real complaints is that there is too little lives playing multiplayer, its very very hard and that you can't level up by killing monsters, just gain items.

Iam Canadian

and have the worst user name EVER
Ranger X said:
You think the TG-16 version is better or worse? (well, i bought the Genny one already anyways so...)
Can't say for sure, since I haven't tried The Dynastic Hero yet. It really all depends on how much you value the enhanced music, really. If you're like me (or Jiggy) and consider great music a big selling point, then it might be worth it. Otherwise, it probably wouldn't be worth it, especially since I'll bet the CD version eats up a lot more memory.
I'd go with Wonderboy if only for the better emulation. I *really* want to play through Neutopia 1-2 again, but the blurry resolution output makes it hurt my eyes. :/

Couldn't finish Dragon's Curse either... hopefully SEGA adds SMS support soon so I can stomach it.
jarrod said:
I'd go with Wonderboy if only for the better emulation. I *really* want to play through Neutopia 1-2 again, but the blurry resolution output makes it hurt my eyes. :/

Couldn't finish Dragon's Curse either... hopefully SEGA adds SMS support soon so I can stomach it.
I must be the only person that doesn't really notice this at all... is it more apparent on an HD set or something?
Zanac! That was the last game I expected. The game is awesome, but was always super hard for me-- on the other hand, this is the first I've read of the AI system. Sounds like it counts how many shots your taking and adjusts the difficulty based on that?