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Official Football•Soccer•Fútbol Thread 2008/2009

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Welcome back to a brand new season of the global game here on NeoGAF. It's been a busy Summer with the Euros and MLS, but I'm sure by now everyone is ready for it all to start up again. The transfer market has been a little slow so far, but that'll pick up soon, too. Focus tends to be on the Premier League, though discussion of any and every league worldwide is welcome here.

The NeoGAF football thread is always in fashion, so sack up, post away, and get stuck in. Don't lose your head and try to not complain too much. What could possibly go wrong? Of course, no one here has an agenda, and you can always check the map if you get lost. So here's to another season of heroes, villains, broken hearts, big laughs, and sexy football.


English Premier League: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Manchester United

Italian Serie A: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Inter Milan

Spanish La Liga: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Real Madrid

German Bundesliga: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Bayern Munich

Major League Soccer: Fixtures • Standings • Defending MLS Cup Champions: Houston Dynamo • Defending Supporter's Shield Winners: DC United

Dutch Eredivisie: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: PSV

Scottish Premier League: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Celtic

French Ligue 1: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Olympique Lyonnais

Portuguese Super Liga: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Porto

Norwegian Tippeliga: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: SK Brann

Coca-Cola Championship: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: West Bromwich Albion FC

Primera División de Argentina: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: River Plate

Swedish Allsvenskan: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: IFK Göteborg[/QUOTE]

Champions League: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: Manchester United

UEFA Cup: Fixtures • Table • Defending Champions: FC Zenit

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics: Fixtures and Tables • Defending Champions: Argentina




Xpert Eleven
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Fantasy Premier League
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Prediction League
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[B]Yazan [/B][+1] 	    GT: Yazan88         PSN: Rossoneri88         FC: 5343 1330 3951 7460
[B]Fowler [/B][+8]	    GT: STEVE H0LT      PSN: Steve Holt          FC: 3711 8824 4881 7762
[B]Osorio [/B][-5] 	    GT: Chickengrease
[B]Karakand [/B][-8]	    GT: Pantaberde
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[b]Ryck[/b] [-8]	    GT: Ryck007		PSN: Ryck007
[b]Frenck[/b] [?]	    GT: Frenck
[b]woodchuck[/b] [?]	    GT: Dr Tim Whatley
[b]velvet_nitemare[/b][-8] GT: velvet_n1temare PSN: velvet_nitemare     FC: 8828 8952 1096 8463 
[B]psycho_snake[/B]                            PSN: Turkish89
[b]h0pper[/b] [-8]	    GT: primalforza	PSN: cpcArsenal
[B]Kinan[/b] [+1]				PSN: Kinan
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[b]Sol..[/b]		    GT: AFridgeToFar
[b]ChrisGoldstein[/b][-5]  GT: AndresON777
[b]Batongen[/b]	    GT: gamercyb	                         FC: 0153 8609 0876 8784
[b]mozfan12[/b][?]	    GT: moz27		PSN: mcsnake12
[b]thedisgruntledgamer[/b] GT: xx UniqueGT xx
[b]Magicked[/b]	    GT: magicked
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[b]bean breath[/b] [-8]    GT: eight quid

* The number in the brackets lists time zone relative to GMT
* If you'd like your information added or removed, just post something in the thread to let me know

Special thanks to h0pper (banners), MrPing1000 (lifted some info from last year's thread), Karakand (for being an OP maestro), Cedeo (help with the fantasy info), and everyone else on the Football thread that helped put this together. If anything in the OP needs to be altered or changed, just let me know. :D




It's here. :eek:

Awesome job, Cornballer. May this thread be even larger and more fun than the last one. The 16th can't come soon enough.
07/08 Roll call.(100+ posts)

Mama Smurf 7,511
hadareud 6,577
Cornballer 6,082
Karakand 4,390
h0pper 3,436
QVT 3,310
psycho_snake 3,208
Wes 2,938
SupahBlah 2,713
Steroyd 2,692
Osorio 2,348
Yazan 2,019
Cedeo 1,362
Manager 1,231
Lakitu 1,224
Falch 1,210
Ryck 1,071
Shinobi 1,041
velvet_nitemare 966
Blablurn 924
Ghost 893
Scum 863
gigapower 851
MrPing1000 834
Frenck 797
celestial body 716
Ronok 572
DSWii60 569
Outdoor Miner 496
MrSardonic 441
Batongen 422
GHG 408
bean breath 382
WrikaWrek 375
avaya 334
ElyrionX 314
kaizoku 280
liquid_gears 280
Tanned Greyface 261
stotch 244
woodchuck 241
Fowler 228
norinrad21 221
speedpop 221
The Friendly Monster 219
Opus Angelorum 202
colinisation 186
Zapages 176
the disgruntled gamer 171
jamesinclair 162
gollumsluvslave 160
Eeikod 159
=GabrielKnight= 156
Izzy 149
nitewulf 146
Hooker 138
sw26 136
FuturusX 133
Mecha_Infantry 131
sneaky77 124
Leonsito 118
bud 117
Kinan 111
mozfan12 100


Fair-weather, with pride!
I can't find the thread anymore. Damn site and it's useless interfaces.
Sweetness. Good work Cornballero.

Just wrapped up the Fire game yesterday (saw it on delay), Nyarko is developing into a stud, what a nice goal.

Am I crazy for still wanting Hamlett to be fired? I haven't witnessed an impressive, quality victory since we visited NY. That was 3 MONTHS AGO!!!

Oh yeah and gogo my adopted EPL team for this season, it's uh...

*checks post history*



Nice OP :) I entered the Fantasy League btw. Here's the transfer gossip:


Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is on the brink of signing Liverpool's £16m-rated midfielder Xabi Alonso. (Daily Star)

Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp will make a £9m swoop for Spurs' Younes Kaboul and Reading's Nicky Shorey this week. (The Sun)

Real Madrid's Robinho says he wants to sign for Chelsea, who are still chasing a £27m deal for the Brazilian. (Daily Star)

Aston Villa midfielder Gareth Barry's hopes of completing his £18m move to Liverpool now lie in the hands of the Anfield club's American owners. (Daily Star)

Fulham have stunned Everton by slicing £4m off their valuation of Andrew Johnson - they will not pay more than £8m after his medical showed signs of an old knee injury. (Daily Mail)

But Everton will give Fulham 48 hours to seal a £13m deal for the striker - or order him to return to Goodison Park. (Daily Express)

Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy reckons Cristiano Ronaldo will stay at Manchester United for at least another year. (Daily Mirror)

Birmingham expect to complete the loan signing of Spartak Moscow's former Arsenal striker Quincy Owusu-Abeyie today. (The Sun)

Manchester City boss Mark Hughes wants to sign Marseille striker Djibril Cisse on loan. (Daily Mirror)

David Nugent is set to declare war on Portsmouth by refusing to join Championship side Ipswich in a £5m deal. (The Sun)

Blackburn are making a shock move for Lens French midfielder Julien Sable, 27, though Chievo Verona are also keen on a £1.5m deal. (Daily Mirror)

Coventry are close to signing striker Clinton Morrison and defender Stephen Wright on Bosman free transfers. (The Sun)

West Ham have quashed reports striker Dean Ashton will be sold to another Premier League club this summer. (Daily Telegraph)

Celtic are close to signing the Barcelona midfielder Marc Crosas, but reports of a £2m fee appear premature. (Independent)


Premier League bosses have drafted new plans to take clubs around the world, with five mini-tournaments taking place from January 2010 worth £5m plus to each team. (Daily Mirror)

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley has a week to decide whether he wants to sell the club for £260m to Indian billionaire Anil Ambani. (The Sun)

Luiz Felipe Scolari reckons Chelsea misfit Nicolas Anelka has a big part to play for the club this term after a successful pre-season campaign. (Various)

Roy Keane will open talks on a new contract at Sunderland at the end of August. (Daily Mirror)

Paul Scharner has a £6m 'price clause' in his new contract with Wigan, in case a big club comes in for his services. (Daily Mirror)

Didier Drogba will miss the first two games of Chelsea's season as he is still struggling for fitness after a knee injury. (The Sun)

Sunderland striker Kenwyne Jones will undergo exploratory knee surgery today that could rule him out for most of the season. (Daily Mail)

Former Burnley boss Steve Cotterill has landed a seven-week stint as manager of Minnesota Thunder. (Daily Mail)


Emmanuel Adebayor, who appeared to want to leave Arsenal during the summer before signing a new deal, was booed by fans during their friendly against Real Madrid, until he scored the winner from the penalty spot. And then kissed the club's badge. (Various)


Gals will never win a game again in 2008. Book it.

City will win the UEFA Cup and get relegated in the same season. Book it.


And 27 to Serie A, can't wait. This season will be awesome (even if we play in the UEFA cup and finish 15th in Serie A).
Nice OP.

So if anyone wants to make any predictions about this year then now is the time. :D

Stoke, Hull and West Brom will go down. Shinawatra will get sent down. The top four will finish in the same positions (Despite 'it 's our year' etc) and the Champions League will remain in England.

I can't think of too much right now.


The Translator
excellent work Cornballer

feels strange to post in a new, small thread. We have some serious posting to do.


very nice OP! 2008/2009 will be great... the start is promising. My mighty HSV has just won the Emirates CUP!!! :D

and bye bye van der vaart... for 15mio € to Real Madrid. Thanks for 3 beautiful years...

I heard we (HSV) want to sign Roman Pawljutschenko, not bad, not bad at all... we need a good striker.


Okay, I'll bite.

Goin' down:
Stoke City
Hull City

Top of the table:
1. Chelsea
2. Manchester United
3. Liverpool
4. Everton
5. Arsenal
6. Tottenham


Champions League: Inter Milan

full disclosure: I'm a Chelsea fan. I believe we've got the depth this season (especially in midfield lulz), but who knows.


It's too early to predict, but let's do it:) I will probably change some places after the transfer market closes.

1. Chelsea
2. Arsenal
3. Man U
4. Tottenham
5. Liverpool
6. Man City
7. Everton

Serie A (optimistic, I know:) )

1. Milan
2. Fiorentina
3. Inter
4. Juventus
5. Roma
6. Napoli
7. Sampdoria
8. Udinese

La liga

1. Barcelona
2. Valencia
3. Real Madrid
4. Villareal

CL: Inter
Uefa Cup: Milan


Great new thread, nice

City set to sign midfielder

Mark Hughes is poised to strengthed his Manchester City team with the signing of Moroccan midfielder Michael Chretien.
The Eastlands club are reported to have made a £4 million offer for the international, who currently plys his trade for Nancy in France.


He looks really good, here against Blackburn:

Moroccan father, French mother. Young, confident, (obviously/hopefully) good at both defending and attacking. Seems like a good catch, hopefully it's true. Can play both as right winger and defender.


Yazan said:
It's too early to predict, but let's do it:) I will probably change some places after the transfer market closes.

1. Chelsea
2. Arsenal
3. Man U
4. Tottenham
5. Liverpool
6. Man City
7. Everton

Why have thou betrayed me? Why?


Manager said:
Great new thread, nice



He looks really good, here against Blackburn:

Mexican father, French mother. Young, confident, (obviously/hopefully) good at both defending and attacking. Seems like a good catch, hopefully it's true. Can play both as right winger and defender.

You mean Moroccan, right? Otherwise it's pretty weird for a French Mexican player to play for the North African Morocco.


Chili Con Carnage!
Guess what! Kieron Dyer Broke his leg again!

He's broken the same leg 3 times in 18 months! What a dick! Go Dyer! w000!
Ghost said:
Guess what! Kieron Dyer Broke his leg again!

He's broken the same leg 3 times in 18 months! What a dick! Go Dyer! w000!


Dyer, historically unfortunate with injuries during his career, has been a rare and expensive commodity at Upton Park costing £2 million per appearance so far.


I seriously don't know what to think about these type of players, on one level it is completely unfortunate but then maybe they in the wrong sport and are simply not up to scratch. These type of players also seem to have big confidence issues which I don't think stem from their injuries but their personalities.


hadareud said:
I'm afraid I am going to have to ban you

Sorry man, nothing against the Gunners. Go out and grab a solid defensive midfielder it's a different story, morning glory.

At this point in the summer, we all no nuss'ing anyway.


Excellent OP.

As soon as I have some time I'll give an update on Dutch football in general, and PSV in particular.


Arsenal have made an approach to sign Xabi Alonso but put off by the £18m price tag.

\o/ New thread, new season soon. :D

I'll more than likely change these predictions when various transfers have been made.

1. Manchester United
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. Arsenal
5. Portsmouth

I can easily see it changing though.

Scolari's Chelsea may not click. Ronaldo might leave. Torres might break his leg on the first game of the season. Arsenal's lack of replacing Flamini, improving their defence and the possible loss of mercenary Adebayor could harm them. I see Portsmouth improving more than Spurs who might have a new decent goalkeeper but lack a defence and other than Modric a midfield.



Prem Prediction:

1. United
2. Chelsea
3. Liverpool
4. The Mighty Hotspurs
5. The Arse
6. Everton

Hull, Stoke and Bolton to go down.

La Liga is going to be very tight between Madrid, Barca and Villarreal. It's almost too close to call, although if I had to pick I'd go with Barca, simply because I have full faith that in Guardiola's ability to right the wrongs of the last couple of seasons.

Inter will probably win the Italian league once again, with Roma and Juventus the closest challengers. If Milan buy a decent goalkeeper and defender then they might have a chance, but with Kalac or Abbiati between the sticks they have no chance.
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